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No medicaments in hospitals


No medicaments in hospitals

The biggest hospital centre in Albania, there where most of the citizens go for a better cure, has not medicaments for its patients.

Because no one can find medicine in the pavilions, the patient relatives have to run to pharmacies and provide the medicine they need.

Parents say they have to buy even syringes or catheters for patients who suffer kidney illnesses, since the hospitals cannot offer even the auxiliary medicaments, let alone expensive ones.

Hospital leaders admit that there are many medicaments that are missing, but they say it’s a problem of tender procedures.

“I don’t think that we don’t have syringes in the paediatric areas. I am a doctor and my pavilion has had syringes. There are expensive medicaments that we have to buy in a very short time. They will be ready in our hospital. I guarantee you that the basic medicaments exist in all services. There are small medicines that are missing due to the tender procedures, and this has happened every year”, declared Besim Boci, vice director of the Tirana University Hospital Centre.

This is the usual justification, but there are medicines missing in every time of the year, mainly due to the lack of funds, since the pharmaceutical companies don’t provide medicine due to the debts created by the hospital.

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