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Wenn man direkt bei der Hafen Einfahrt ein Hotel hat, spart man sich den Begleichschutz von Polizisten, welche man immer neu schmieren muss. Uraltes System, seit Herkuran Hoxha, Dash Gjoka bestens bekannt, wie höchste Polizei Offiziere auch einem erklärten noch unter Berisha und Flamur Noka. Schmuggel aller Art und Drogen übernimmt man erst in Shiak, oder eben noch näher. Deshalb will jeder Verbrecher Clan, ein Hotel, oder Lokal in der Nähe des Hafens, oder seit 20 Jahren in der Rruga Taulantia, früher auch Golem, Pista Illyria usw.

4 kg Heroin diesmal was sehr wenig ist, mehr ein Trinkgeld im Transport

Durrës/ Gjendet ‘pronari’ i heroinës së kapur në port, zbardhen detajet…
Postuar më: 17 December 2017 14:24
Foto 1 nga 3

Për drogën e kapur në një kamion në portin e Durrësit dalin detaje të reja, në lidhje me personat e përfshirë në gjetjen dhe tregtimin e lëndës narkotike.

Pas identifikimit të drejtuesit të kamionit, Drilon Istrefi është zbuluar dhe bashkëpunëtori I tij, i cili mendohet se ka gjetur dhe heroinën.


Porto Roman Hafen, uralter von der Mafia kontrollierte Hafen, wurde ein Schmuggler Boot dingfest gemacht, welcher Drogen Transporte nach Montenegro durchführte. Wo war die Polizei seit 3 Jahren? Nicht existent, nur sporadisch besser heute.

Skafi me drogë i shpëton policisë së Durrësit, kapen dy trafikantë. I ‘tradhtoi’ Fuoristrada
Postuar më: 17 December 2017 16:50

Një skaf i ngarkuar me drogë ka arritur t’i shpëtojë policisë së Durrësit dhe të vijojë itinerarin e tij drejt Malit të Zi. Sipas të dhënave të para, skafi me drogë u ngarkua dhe u nis nga Porto Romano. Por policia arritur të arrestojë dy persona, njëri nga Vlora, tjetri nga Lushnja. Të arrestuarit në flagrancë janë Albert Dedej dhe Orjol Brokaj.

Dy personat u arrestuan në flagrancë në automjetin ‘Fuoristradë’, e cila ngeci në rërë pas nisjes së skafit me drogë. Brokaj drejtonte mjetin “Fuoristradë”, ndërsa Dedej ishte shoferi i furgonit që transportoi drogën. Sot në mëngjes policia ka nxjerre Fuoristradën nga rëra.



Von: admin http://news.albania.de/2013/01/30/porto-romana-damir-fazllic-und-die-mafia-geschafte-der-familie-salih-berisha-rund-um-ein-gas-monopol/comment-page-1/#comment-45070 Sat, 09 Mar 2013 17:12:14 +0000 http://news.albania.de/2013/01/30/porto-romana-damir-fazllic-und-die-mafia-geschafte-der-familie-salih-berisha-rund-um-ein-gas-monopol/#comment-45070 peinlich diese Regierung um Land Diebtahl zuerklären
Die gesamte Politik ändert sich, weil man mit diesen Gangster Truppen nicht mehr weiter kommt.

Speech of Premier Berisha at meeting of DP Parliamentary group

During a news conference today I just informed the opinion on two major problems. As you are aware of, a constant reaction has been going on non-stop on Damir Fazlic, his links with the government and the favors he has obtained. Everything is understandable in the context of freedom of expression and the contradictions between the government and the opposition. It is normal up to this point and reaction can continuo for as long as is the willingness of everyone.

But, there are two things that have not ever happened in this country since the blackest days of the dictatorship. One of the main prosecutors of the General Prosecution Office, Tirana deputy Prosecutor who by coincidence is an aunts son of the Prosecutor General on October 8 ordered two top police officers to detain and escort the foreign citizen, businessman Damir Fazlic.

According to statement in writing of two police officers, the Director of Tirana Border Police and Tirana Inspector, prosecutors Zamir Shtylla from the General Prosecution Office and Eni Mazreku from Tirana Prosecution Office have asked these two police officers by phone, without an order in writing, to escort Citizen Damir Fazlic to the Prosecution Office. Naturally, the police didnt accept to execute this order. The police cannot execute orders by phone and the law foresees the cases when the person in question is under investigation.

If such a thing had happened to my cruelest enemy I would feel 100 times ashamed. It happened to a person I know and whom I positively assess. I am not aware of any evil-doing on his part. Secondly, the prosecution office has ordered to sequester and freeze Fazlic assets in Albania in violation of the law because a judge is needed. And the reason for doing this was that criminal Erjon Isufi, the brother in law of Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha was member of his companies boards.

Erjon Isufi has not been a partner or co-owner of Damir Fazlic, but an employee on payment for a year or so in Mr. Fazlic Company until he left. Because Mr. Isufi assets are also frozen, the order also extends even where enemy of the people Isufi is board member. Thus, there are violated two fundamental principles of this country and of the Constitution of this country. Therefore, I have decided to demand an international investigation. The foreign investigators from friendly countries will join the group of investigators to bring the truth to light, not to defend Fazlic because this person does not need my help or yours. He is a free citizen who is his own master.

I am not doing this even for myself because this is the first charge made on Fazlic. There is no other charge against him in the three countries he lives: USA, England and Bosnia.

It is indispensable that an international investigation confirms whether Damir Fazlic, because of acquaintance and friendly relation with Sali Berisha, has benefited even a single penny from the public funds and if so then I have given billions to him. He used to have full integrity not to demand any favor at all. Hence, this is indispensable because abuse through lobby is important and we should not ignore it. If this person had favors because of support, then the Albanians should know about this.

Secondly, the Albanians should be aware of another fact: Damir Fazlic has exercised private activity in this country and in these private activities it should be confirmed whether he has taken one meter land from the public sector then it is the same thing what I said about public money.

Thirdly, one of his crimes is for buying land in Porto Romano, on private basis. Let us make the problem transparent. I inherited a concession contract from my predecessor Fatos Nano that had given the right to a group to build an energy park, pumping station etc. I fulfill the contracts whether you like it or not the state is a state- and have cancelled only one contract that I couldnt accept because it carried inequality. The other side began to exert pressure claiming it had the exclusive right. To tell the truth, Fatos Nano had not given the exclusive right. I spend 1/3 of the day with businessmen. One of my absolute phrases is that, I do not accept exclusive right. I explain to them not to misunderstand me because we are a small and undeveloped country; we want to develop quickly because exclusive rights keep one hostage. This gentleman makes efforts and blackmail for exclusive right. I inform him he will not get exclusive right.

My interest is that ships of 100 thousand tons, 50 thousand tons come, it has a lower cost. And he saw the wall that could not be broken.