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Die haben nicht einmal eine Telefon Nummer, weil das auch Journalisten versuchten, aber auch Gary Kokolary.

Letër e Kokalarit për Frank Wisner: Privatizimi i Albpetrolit si i ARMO-s?
Article | 1 tetor, 2012 – 07:47

Vetro frank wisner rezart Taci
Frank Wisner
Patton Boggs
This Reuters report claims that Patton Boggs has rated Vetro Energy as the best firm to buy Albpetrol.
I assume you were involved with this „rating“ process, so perhaps you can help me with something. I’ve been scratching my head because I’ve been looking for info on Vetro Energy, and I seem to keep coming up with more questions than answers. About two weeks ago there didn’t appear to be any Vetro Energy website, which I found odd for a company that’s purportedly going to make a billion dollar investment Albpetrol. Then, when I looked on Friday, I did find a Vetro Energy web address but there was no pertinent information about the company because the web site was under construction. Still kind of odd, don’t you think? Then alas, yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, a Vetro Energy website ( vetroenergy.com ) pops up which contains a lot of what to me looks like mumbo jumbo. The only news on the site is about Albpetrol, which strikes me as somewhat strange that a company that seems to be able to throw billion dollar investments around like potato chips doesn’t have more going on for itself. And frankly, Frank, the relationship between entities that are supposed to have some form of energy sector involvement (which in my opinion, given the magnitude of the proposed Albpetrol acquisition, looks flimsy at best) seem to have a tenuous relationship with Vetro Silk Road, and the principals and management look to me like a hastily cobbled together mishmosh that really doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me. But then again, that’s just me, and what do I know? So maybe you can shed some light on this for me. You know what light is, don’t you Frank?

You have to excuse me for being a bit cynical Frank, but Patton Boggs also handled the ARMO privatization, and we all know how that turned out. Or do we?

So Frank, let’s try to cut through all the b.s. Just tell me, and more important, tell the people of Albania (since that’s who you’re supposed to be working for), where in the world, if anywhere, does Vetro Energy, or Vetro Silk Road, or Silk Road Equity, operate legitimate oil production facilities and what is the total daily production? And while you’re at it, throw in an audited financial statement that can substantiate that any one of the entities that’s breathing on this deal can make a $1 billion investment in Albania. This would provide indisputable evidence that Vetro is a bona fide bidder and silence those who believe this is just another Berisha scam.

By the way Frank, I spoke with another banking regulator regarding American Chartered Bank, and, based on that conversation, I’m 100% convinced that ACB by itself cannot issue a $100 million financial commitment to back up a deal in Albania using its own balance sheet. Just in case he calls, I gave the regulator your name. Maybe you can explain the nature of the ACB guarantee to him.

All the best.

Gary Kokalari
P.S. Below is a screenshot of Vetro Energy’s contact page from its website. Kind of strange, but you’ll note that this company that’s supposed to be offering over $1 billion to buy Albpetrol doesn’t have a phone number on its contact page or anywhere else on the site. Are they trying to save money to pay for Albpetrol?