Die Zerstörung der Süd Albanischen Küste geht weiter: die Drymades Küste

Die übelsten Verbrecher rund um Salih Berisha wie immer, welche Alles zubetonieren.

Der Strand von Dhermi wurde mit Samir Mane von der “Sala” Mafia privatisiert 

Der Kerl ist genauso dumm, denn warum wird auch hier an der See Seite, Alles zubetoniert und alle Bäume und Sträucher in Taliban Idioten Manier zerstört. Niemand macht sowas in der Welt, was aber von den Ignoranten einer Dumm Mafia ignoriert wird.

Mit den Videos

Dhermi, (Drymades, Himara Region) between natural beauty and destruction

Look at those videos, before in 2010, everything natural and in 2012 the differences, the big changes how are divided Mafia plots, see whose investments are shown, with the camera of a sportsman parachute, in Long Beach „Perivolo“ in Dhrymades, the Himara Region.

Look at how this summer 2012, the Concessions of Mafia provided by The Himara Counsil Municipality and the Government of Albania, have become a reality. The Sand Beach Drymades, is transformed in the sidewalks and kiosks.

See how they are transformed Dhermi, in a few years, in an administrative center, disrupting also balance the religious and ethnic composition of himariotes.


Helleni & Costandine Church in Drymades, is crushed by cement manufacturing plant

Helleni & Costandine Church in Drymades, is crushed by cement manufacturing plant
Mafia is conquering the Orthodox churches, besides the great land that people with power, robbed and then, build hotels that still not completed, are sold. This is the worst picture that is happening in the Himara Region and specifically, the Orthodox Church in Drymades Helleni & Costandini. From the picture, which is seen by anyone who passes the national road for Himara can imagine „spiritual distress“ who have occupied the premises of the Church, in which every week, made ​​services for the communityIn 2009

Discovering Albania’s Drymades Beach


The clear water of the Ionian Sea and the surrounding white rocks make the southern Albanian beach a nice getaway.

Text and photos by Sami Neza for Southeast European Times in Tirana — 07/07/09



photoA local restaurant, overlooking the beach, has a wide seafood menu.

„Close your eyes and imagine being amidst the green of olives, lemon and orange trees and their coolness, while the magic of the blue sea spreads before your eyes; the scent fills your lungs. Now, open your eyes, you are in Drymades [oak tree] Beach,“ reads a guidebook.

Leaving Tirana at about 8am, I packed the car and headed towards the Ionian Sea.

After driving for about two hours, I made a pit stop in Orikum, a small coastal town near the city of Vlora. Orikum, which took its name from the ancient city of Oricum located on its outskirts, was an important military base for Julius Caesar and the Roman Army.

Leaving Orikum, I made my way up to Llogara, the national park located about 1,100m above sea level.

There are spots up in the pine forests of Llogara where tourists can scope out the beautiful Dhermi coast below, and what seems like an endless blue sea.

After about a three-hour drive, I pulled into the village of Dhermi, chock-full of white houses and citrus shrubs.


photoThe shore is surrounded by cottages.

A bus line runs from Tirana to Dhermi, and a ticket costs about 7 euros. I spent about 30 euros driving, so the bus is a cheap mode of transportation.

The quiet Drymades Beach is about 5km-long, and is usually pretty empty, even during the peak tourist season. Past the white rocks and thick sand, the sea is clear. The shore is surrounded by cottages, and a luxury hotel, which costs about 25 euros per night.

A local restaurant, nestled close to the cottages, has a wide seafood menu — bass, octopus, cuttlefish and squid.

Samir Mane, baut solche Anlagen dort, mit Geldern von der EBRD Mafia, welche ihre Projekte sowieso nie kontrolliert, weil sie geschmiert werden.

Shopping centre in Albania opens with EBRD support


Tirana, November 25, 2011 NOA/R.Bulku – The largest shopping centre in Albania – Tirana East Gate, built with the support of the EBRD funding, was inaugurated today in the presence of the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha. Fabio Serri, Head of the EBRD Office in Tirana attended the ceremony to mark the opening of the new shopping mall.

Developed by a leading real estate developer in Albania, Balfin Group, Tirana East Gate will address the high demand for modern shopping centres, generate greater competition and promote high-quality standards in the Albanian retail sector.

Conveniently located 5 kilometres south-east of the Albanian capital, in Lundër, Farka county, the new family-oriented shopping and entertainment centre will also contribute to the modernisation of Tirana’s suburban area.

The EBRD financed the construction of Tirana East Gate with a €10 million senior loan and a mezzanine loan of €7 million in 2009, at a time when the availability of long-term financing was and remains limited. German bank DEG also provided a €10 million senior loan.

“The EBRD is pleased to be a part of this project. Tirana East Gate will become a new landmark for local residents and city visitors and will underpin further development of the Albanian capital, ” said Fabio Serri, Head of the EBRD Tirana Resident Office.

“The Balfin Group is delighted and honoured that financial support has been secured from the EBRD together with DEG. The Banks confidence in committing substantial finance confirms the unique opportunity that TEG presents in a dramatically undersupplied market. The new state of the art Shopping Mall will become a symbol of prosperity and a new landmark which will forge the way for future internal and overseas investment and promote confidence in the economic future and prosperity of the newly emerging Albania”, – said Samir Mane President of Balfin.

Since the beginning of its operations in Albania the EBRD has committed €665 million in various sectors of the country’s economy, mobilising additional investments of more than €1. 3 billion.


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Restaurant owner Lorenc Gjukuria captured the spirit of Drymades by reciting an old Albanian adage „Close to the sea, close to the king“.

There is a beach bar between the sand and the surrounding woods, built above an old communist bunker and appropriately called „Ekzotic“ (exotic). Drinks at the bar can be pricey, about six euros.

There is plenty to do at the resort, such as jet skiing, parasailing and fishing.

For those searching for night life, there is a village not far off, about 3km, which offers a slew of pubs and dance clubs, and where beachgoers let loose until the early morning hours. http://setimes.com/cocoon/setimes/xhtml/en_GB/features/setimes/features/2009/07/07/feature-01

Die Staatskontrolle wirft dem Ex-Buergermeister Vasil Ballano, Betrug mit Faelschungen mit Grundstuecks Urkunden vor, was System konform ist, weil fast nie einer bestraft wird, die Vermoegen nicht eingezogen werden und ebenso illegale Bauten nicht abgerissen werden.

KLSH kallëzim penal ish-kryetarit të Bashkisë Himarë dhe ish-drejtorit e Urbanistikës

Kontrolli i Lartë i Shtetit kallëzon në Prokurori, ish-kryetarin e Bashkisë së Himarës, Vasil Bollano, edhe ish- Drejtorin e

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