Clandestine laws and Government decisions – Wird die Ernährung verbessert?

 Clandestine laws and Government decisions

Clandestine laws and Government decisions

The government is not transparent about the decisions they take, although this is a rule set by the Albanian Constitution, which provides that all laws and normative acts that come out of the Council of Ministers or other state institutions, enter in act only after being published on the Official Book. 

But the Council of Ministers has not published 112 of 1081 decisions taken during 2010, and their implementation has not started yet. The same happens with the Ministerial Instructions, with the Ministry of Education having the biggest number of unpublished decisions, 14 out of 34. 

The Center for Public Information has monitored all decisions and instructions given by the Council of Ministers and states that the transparency has declined, leaving more space to the abuses.

Die UN, finanzierte schon vor über 10 Jahren, die Jod Anreicherung in Salz, denn speziell in Nord Albanien, gibt es kein Jod im Wasser, was enorm die Gehirn Entwicklung bereits bei Babys behindert. Dann kann man Vieles verstehen, warum diese Leute so bescheuert sind und wie Idioten, sich auch nicht weiter bilden wollen. Vitamine werden ihnen auch nicht helfen, denn die künstlichen Vitamine und Zusatz Stoffe, sind vollkommen unsinnig.

Bread with vitamins from January 2012

Bread with vitamins from January 2012

By January, all flour factories will launch in the market only flour that will be enriched with folic acid, zinc, vitamins B6 and B12. 

The Food Control Authority will focus in 20 big factories in the country that cover 60% of the market, even small capacity factories.

“There are three types of different tests that can verify if the flour has been enriched. One is tested in the border, through an acid that verifies if the flour is fortified. The fortification level, based on the requests of the law, will be held in local labs or the central one. The Albanian flour is prepared for bread right in the factory. All elements are added when it is processed”, says Rezart Kthupi, from the Food Control Authority.

This was a request of the Ministry of Health and the WHO, aiming to increase the anemic numbers, since 30% of the population results anemic due to bad nurturing. 

According to the Public Health Institution, 19% of the children younger than 5 years of age have insufficient growth, overweight or other problems. The Albanians consume 360 grams per day, and the increase of micro-substances has a lower cost than taking these vitamins separately.

The experts calculate that anemic treatment in Albania costs 20 million USD, for the lack of iron. The cost for enriching flour with these substances is 1 million per year. Our country has 194 flour factories that will be obliged to add these micro-substances to the flour.

Genc Juka Rechts!

Premier Berisha attends inauguration of National Food Authority with the new Chef: Genc Juka

Genc Juka
Genc Juka, left with Salih Berisha

Shadows of scandals with the invalids


Shadows of scandals with the invalids

The Association of Blind Persons and that of Tetraplegic Persons filed a suit at the prosecution for abuses with the lists of persons that the government compensates for the electric power. 

According to them, the list of people to whom the government pays 80% of the bills has more than 10.000 names that benefit in an abusive way. Among them there are famous names, private companies, people who have lost their lives, etc.

The State Social Service, where these under privileged people are equipped with the respective certification say that they have an investigation undergoing for the lists that come from local units. They don’t exclude the possibility of falsifications.

“The file comes from the Local Units, and then goes to the Commission. I cannot speak with competency about the falsifications, and I cannot exclude them”, says Leonard Strazimi, from the Cash Payments Directory.

“The representatives of the Associations of People with Disabilities counts 15.000 persons, while there are 25.000 persons who benefit from the electrical energy compensation. Such abuses have been noted even in fuel reimbursement.”

Das viele Albaner degeneriert sind, (wie alte Alpen Bewohner Familien auch) ist Nichts Neues. Ebenso sind sehr Viele auch Farben blind, und dürften keinen Führerschein besitzen. Deshalb fälscht man sich einen.

Deaf born babies 

Deaf born babies

Deafness is one of the most frequent birth anomalies in our country. The first study was made by an Italian organization, in the four main maternity hospitals. The study went on for two years and a half, resulting with 34.000 births of deaf babies. 

Specialists say that the causes are many, but among them is the parent’s negligence for getting to the problem in time. 

“70% of these birth defects are caused by genetic disorders, but some are also caused by several infections that the mother has during pregnancy. There are also medicaments that can cause this defect. The parents cannot believe that the newborn child might have a hearing problem, and they neglect the visit with the doctor for a long time. They often go there when it is too late”, says Daniela Nika, coordinator of the project.

The health minister, Petrit Vasili, underlined that they will continue with this initiative for helping the babies and their families who face this problem.

“The battle is own only if we have the diagnosis on the right time. Adding the expert personnel is very important, and this challenge with continue, there will be no turning back. We will demand for the respective premises and make them available”, Vasili declared.

This three year long project included the training of the medical personnel and the preparation of the materials for a quick diagnosis.

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