Abfall Beseitigung in Albanien? ein mehr wie undurchsichtiges Geschäft

Man will die Auto Friedhoefe beseitigen, welche aufgegebene Ersatzteil Geschaefte sind, wo die Inhaber, ins Ausland auswanderten.

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Law for old cars casts shadows of scandal


Law for old cars casts shadows of scandal

The Albanian government passed the draft for managing and integrating the waste materials, despite the opposition’s strong objections.

The essence of this law is to allow the import of waste materials for recycling them. A few days later, the Parliament passed a normative act for closing until October 7th the car graveyard businesses located by national roads.

The government argued that the car graveyards pollute the environment. The opposition objected again, saying that there is no reason to use urgency for this act.

If the owners will not remove their materials from the graveyards situated by the national roads, the government will use the army to seize the materials. But where will these scrap materials go, who will buy and sell them?

For this there is no official information yet, since the official deadline has not expired. After an investigation, Top Channel discovered that parallel with the planning of the law for importing waste materials and the normative act for seizing old cars, the government has continued to build the implants where these waste materials will be processed.

A dozens of meters away from the Xhafezotaj overpass, on the right of the Tirana-Durres road, recently was built an implant where has started the processing of old cars. The guards of this object confirmed that the implant was built by the Scholz Company.

A research at the National Center of Business Registration resulted that the Scholz Company was registered on 25 April 2008, located in Shkoder and property of Branisllav Pejovich and Rado Brajovich.

NCBR also shows that the activity of this company is “Collecting, processing, recycling, transiting, transporting and exporting solid and voluminous materials made of metal”.

The license for this activity was taken by the German Company Scholz AG, centered in Essigen, Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany, while the Albanian branch is called Scholz LTD Albania.

According to the calculations, Albania has 100.000 tons of waste materials from the old cars. The government passed a normative act for seizing them, if they will not move until October 7th. An implant like Scholz will have a processing power of 10.000 tons per month, which means that for 100.000 tons, this company will have raw material only for 10 months.

But where will these companies find the legal raw materials for their activity? The answer might be on the article 49 of the law that passed a few days ago, saying:

“It is allowed to import in the country safe urban wastes that will be used as raw materials for the processing industry in Albania, when the domestic raw material is now sufficient”.

Scholz AG, to which the Scholz LTD Albania is subsidiary, is partner of the C.I.O.S GROUP that collects scrap metals and urban waste materials. This company has its centers in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Albania.

The locals say that another plant is being built some meters away from the Scholz Plant, which will melt car batteries, lead and colored metals that will come out of the processing of old cars, and which will be melted into zinc and lead molds, an extremely poisonous technological process.

The processing power of the implant will be three times bigger than all the new and old batteries in our country. The government’s movement for importing and seizing old cars has been in parallel with the construction of waste processing businesses, whose work depends from this law.

There is no information if the cars that will be seized will end up at this plant or if among the imported waste materials there will be old cars from other countries. What the official documents show is that the waste recycling businesses, especially for their import and export, have been registered in Albania before the law was passed.


Kommentar: „Xhafezotaj“ ist eine neue Ortschaft, welche total von Verbrechern kontrolliert wird, wie so Vieles im Raum Shiak und an der Autobahn sowieso. Wenn man das schon liesst. Eine Deutsche Firma, lässt sich in Skhoder registrieren, wo der Rechtsstaat immer schon Null war. Shiak und die Mafia rund um Morde an Deutschen, korrupte Diplomaten, die Deutsche Visa Mafia und ein BKA Bericht.

Car graveyards to be removed until October 7th

After October 7th, the Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense will start working for removing all business subjects that collect old vehicles and their parts near national roads.

The Deputy Minister of Environment, Taulant Bino declared at the Environment Commission that there are 290 such businesses in Albania, most of them without environment permits.

“The 290 locations are problematic as regards the environment quality and road safety. They must leave the national roads, but this transfer will surely be made through regular requests and under some conditions. They must take permission from the local and environmental authorities, or the car graveyards will be removed after the 1 month deadline, maybe even with the help of other ministries”, Bino declared.

The opposition MPs declared that this act should be implemented, because this way will be identified the cars that stand in these car graveyards, 25% of which might be unregistered and could have been used for criminal purposes.

“The media have been saying that these car graveyards will be cleaned within one month, but people must be clear that this doesn’t solve the problem”, declared the Socialist MP, Blendi Klosi.

Only around Tirana there are 63 car graveyards that cannot find a place where to transfer. If their owners will not move, the army will be involved to seize all their materials.

Belgium, Germany and Sweden are complaining at the European Commission for the increasing number of asylum seekers from Albania and other Balkan countries that benefited from the visa free regime.

This has obliged the commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom to ask the Interior Ministers of Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia information about the measures that they take for preventing this phenomenon.

“I want to draw your attention about the recent figures collected by the alarm system and ask you to take the necessary measures. The data collected by the end of summer and the beginning of September indicate that some countries have a significant increase of asylum seekers, more specifically in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland”, says Malmstrom.

The commissioner’s letter has alarming data attached. Sweden reports that during August, the asylum seekers with Albanian nationality have increased with 163%, compared to the other months.

On the same position is Bosnia, while this tendency in Montenegro and Serbia has decreased.

In Germany there is a 50% increase of Albanian asylum seekers during August, in Belgium 36%.

“I would be grateful to receive from you, before the Ministerial Forum of Ohrid, an answer with a list of the measures that have been taken and those that are expected to be implemented”, says the letter secured by Top Channel.

The Forum of the Interior Ministers EU-Balkan will be held on October 3rd and 4th, in Ohrid. Besides this, the Commissioner Malmstrom invites all regional officials to an urgent meeting with the General Director of the European Commission.

The Spokesperson of the EC, Michele Cercone , declared for Top Channel that if the Balkan countries will not react on time, then the visa liberalization is in danger.

On May 2011, the Commission proposes a security law for the member countries that enabled the temporary visa suspension in case of abuses.


Nishani: more Albanian asylum seekers in EU

Nishani: more Albanian asylum seekers in EU The Interior Minister, Bujar Nishani, during an interview for Top-Channel, admitted that in the recent months there was an increase of people from Albania who have asked asylum in EU countries. He announced that this situation will be analyzed with seriousness, expressing his conviction that the growth of asylum seekers from Albania does not endanger the visa liberalization process.

“In the last months, for the first time, there have been Albanian citizens who have asked economic asylum in the EU Countries. This is a process that will be analyzed by all institutions. The Interior Ministry will meet with other institutions for analyzing this group of citizens. There will be a media campaign for raising awareness, and I believe that Albania is not only endangered for the visa regime, but it is mentioned as one of the countries that has respected this process thoroughly”, Nishani declared.

The Interior Minister participated at the forum of Interior Ministers in Ohrid, where Macedonia signed an agreement with Serbia for free movement of their citizens. Nishani warned that this agreement will be signed even with Albania soon.

“We are ready, and there has also been interest from Montenegro and Macedonia. Albania fulfills all conditions, now that there are the electronic and biometric identity cards. We are negotiating”, Nishani declared.

The Interior Ministers of Kosovo and Macedonia have also discussed for free movement. They have agreed that this agreement would be signed after the Kosovo citizens would be equipped with biometric documents. http://www.scholz-recycling.de/unternehmen.html

Enver Hoxha System im kriminellsten Terror Staat der Welt des Salih Berisha mit einer Klientel Mafia Polizei aus Tropoje aktiv

 Experts oppose import of waste materials
23/09/2011 21:10


Experts oppose import of waste materials

The environmental experts, although they haven’t opposed the principle of waste management, have clearly declared that this law is inapplicable on terrain.

What makes this law more dangerous for the country is the import of foreign waste materials and the businesses that will manage it.

Environmental experts think that Customs in Albania do not have the necessary means and that the current waste management in the country has not started yet.

“When I say that we are not ready to import one meter cube of waste materials, not garbage, because the entire world suffers from the garbage problem, I relate it to the fact that the Albanian Customs cannot tell which ones are the right equipments. Today is time of internal combustion technologies. When you have secured this technology, then you can import waste materials”, declared the environmentalist Sazan Guri.

“It is a luxury to have such equipments, when we haven’t resolved other issues yet. By knowing the quantity of waste materials that is produced in Albania, it raises another question. Where will this big quantity of waste materials be placed? This project cannot be realized”, says the specialist Zamir Dedej.



UNICEF, eine der vielen Unfugs NGO, der UN, vollkommen korrupt und inkompetent, zur Situation der Kinder in Albanien!

Noch schlimmer, die Betrugs, Drogen, Geldwaesche Organisation des Georg Soros, zu Chaos in Albanien, was von den Privatisierungs Verbrechern, der Drogen Gangs rund um Mark Rich des Georg Soros und seiner Partner, wie DAAD, Steinmeier, Joschka Fischer an vordester Front zu verantworten ist. Allgemein bekannt!

Der General Direktor für die Legalisierung von Grundstücken, hat den Tirana Chef entlassen, u.a. wegen Manipulationen und nicht legaler Arbeit. Peinlich ist, das Ferdinand Shehu, schon aus identischen Gründen in 2010, als Direktor im Innenministerium entlassen wurde.

Noch peinlicher ist es, das Shaban Memia der General Direktor selbst, mehrfach schon wegen Korruption und gefälschten Dokumenten entlassen wurde, aber als Berisha kriminelles Subrakt, erneut auf diesem Posten seit 2010 ist. Er besitzt zig Villen in Albanien, darunter schon vor 10 Jahren eine Villa in Mali e Robit.

Oft sind die Hintergründe falsch, was durchsickert. Oft hat in Wahrheit eine Mafiöse Gruppe, mehr Geld bezahlt an Salih Berisha und Co. für diese Position.


Peinlicherweise, wurde Ferdinand Shehu, schon in 2010, aus den selben Gründen entlassen. Meistens werden die Regierungs Ganoven nur versetzt, weil man im Club der Kriminellen, das Land ausplündert.
Legalizimet, shkarkohet kreu i Tiranës Ferdinand Shehu

SHKRUAN: Sabina Veizaj 10-12-2010 12:36

Shkarkohet kreu i legalizimeve të Tiranës. Burimet konfidenciale kanë bërë të ditur për ‘MAPO” se vendin e tij e ka zënë nëndrejtoresha e këtij institucioni, ndërsa vetë Shehu ka marrë postin e saj.

Procesi i ngadaltë i legalizimeve, problemet e mospërfundimit në kohë të të gjithë dosjeve për t’u drejtuar në hipotekë, mospagimi i faturave financiare, ka bërë që të shkarkohet nga posti i Drejtorit të Përgjithshëm të Agjencisë së Legalizimit dhe Urbanizimit për Tiranën, Ferdinand Shehu. Sipas burimeve konfidenciale, pranë ALUIZNIT mësohet se Shehu është shkarkuar nga posti i drejtorit, duke u realizuar një lëvizje në post brenda institucionit. Ai pas shkarkimit, sipas të njëjtave burime, ka marrë postin e zv.drejtorit dhe zv.drejtoresha është emëruar në postin e Kreut të ALUIZNI-t Tiranë. Arsyeja e këtyre lëvizjeve ka ardhur si rezultat i procesit të ngadalë të legalizimeve në kryeqytet dhe rrethina. Sipas burimeve në ALUIZNI, edhe për kryeqytetin brenda vijës së verdhë nuk ka mbaruar ende azhornimi i dosjeve dhe mbetet periferia pa nisur ende procedurat administrative për legalizim. Në të njëjtën kohë, nuk ka nisur ende pagesa e faturave fundore për parcelat e pronarëve për legalizim, ndërsa është vonuar edhe pagesa e taksës infrastrukturore. Nisur nga sa më sipër, gjithashtu edhe nga ankesat e qytetarëve, për vonesa dhe probleme në rrugën drejt të qenit pronarë të ligjshëm të banesave të ndërtuara për të jetuar ka ardhur si rezultat shkarkimi i përgjegjësit kryesor, drejtorit të ALUIZNI-t Tiranë, Ferdinand Shehu. Lajmi konfirmohet nga burime të ndryshme brenda këtij institucioni, ndërsa vetë, Shehu i kontaktuar me telefon nuk jep asnjë sqarim për sa ka ndodhur. Procesi i legalizimit të zonave informale si në kryeqytet, ashtu edhe në gjithë vendin si një proces tejet me rëndësi është një shtyllë e rëndësishme e premtimeve qeveritare, që synohet të përfundohet para zgjedhjeve vendore të majit 2011. Në këtë kontekst, procesi i legalizimeve merr edhe atributin elektoral, pasi qeveria nuk mund të pretendojë votat e zonave informale pa përmbushur premtimin për legalizim, jetësor për këta banorë. Përsa i përket kryeqytetit, listat e fundit për dosjet e azhornuara për legalizimin e parcelave ndërtimore me synim pagesën e faturave financiare ka qenë data 20 nëntor. Në këtë datë janë shpallur 928 dosje. Këto dosje të përgatitura i përkasin 11 njësive bashkiake të Tiranës.



Ferdinand Shehu, hatte die Legalisierung des Frangajt Palastes in Tirana verhindert, einem weiteren Betrugs Geschäft der Salih Berisha Mafia. Entlassen wurde er nun auch weil er angeblich früher den Geheimdienst arbeitete.

SKANDALI/ Si u shkarkua kreu i ALUZNI-t për pallatin e Sandrit…

Ajo që ka ndodhur sot me drejtorin e ALUIZNI-t (agjencia e legalizimeve të ndërtimeve pa leje) në Tiranë është një ngjarje e rëndë. Ferdinand Shehu, të cilin e kishin More…

Auf jeden Fall, ist die Presse, ziemlich unfreundlich gerade bei Fatmir Mediu, dem Profi korrupten Minister und uralt Deppen aus dem Hause des Salih Berisha. Nun wird er „Lord des Abfalles“ genannt mit seinen Mafia Geschäften ständig nun mit der Italienischen Abfall Mafia und wie Ilir Meta: Frankenstein!

: 7 Tetor, 2011

| nga AMA-News


“Kuvendi Civil”: Mediu “Zoti i Plehrave”

Në një konferencë për shtyp “Kuvendi Civil” ka bërë përgjegjës për importin e plehrave ministrin e Mjedisit Fatmir Mediun. Sipas tyre nga “Zoti i Luftës” Mediu është kthyer në “Zoti i Plehrave”. Ky është Ministër Frankeshtajni shqiptar, vetë dora e zezë e ferrit njerëzor.

Nuk i mjaftoi gjëma me 26 jetë në Gërdec, por kërkon që së bashku me dorën e mafias italiane të marrë dhe jetët e atyre pak shqiptarëve të mbetur që po vdesin nga varfëria. Ti themi ndal kësaj plehre Ministër Oborri, për hir të shëndetit tonë, por dhe të familjes së tij, jo vetë atij.

Do të mbahet mend si plehra numër 55 e Shqipërisë, ose “Fatmir Plehra”. Ky njeri ka humbur përgjegjshmërinë dhe ndjenjat njerëzore dhe nuk loton për ne, por për Krokodilin. Ta ndalim sa nuk është vonë, ta hedhim në “koshin e plehrave”! Kur të shihni këtë person ruani veten dhe shokun. Kujdes! Mediu vret”, thuhet ne komunikaten per shtyp te Kuvendit Civil.

update 3.3.2012 Albanien macht munter weiter in der total Vernichtung der Flüsse, Seen, Küste

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  1. BuckZiesMutter sagt:

    Direkt bei der Mafia, wird also diese Schrott Verwertung eröffent, wobei es eine uralte Schrott Verwertung und Alt Stahl Handel dort seit Jahren an der Autobahn Kreuzung gibt.

    Nun heisst es plötzlich, das es andere Ausl. Firmen machen.

    Warum für die Eröffnung privater Firmen, unbedingt eines Premier Minister benötigt, weiss Gott und der Teufel.
    Car dismantling plant

    Prime Minister Berisha inaugurated the new car dismantling plant and metal processing machineries for old vehicles.

    The media had discovered some weeks ago that this plant has a much higher capacity than what the Albanian market offers, which means that the raw materials will come from import.

    “Everything in this plant is dismantled, packed and removed away. The water has the processing implant and is as clean as the water that we drink. I invite environmental experts to visit the plant and inspect the excellent standards. This is an international giant company and has its branches in the US, the Scandinavian Peninsula and all around the world. I think that this is a good investment for the Albanian environment, in order to save it from the car skeletons spread throughout the country”, Berisha declared in the inauguration ceremony.


  2. Gjoka sagt:

    8 Nëntor, 2011 Ekonomi | nga AMA-News
    Berisha inaguron fabrikën e serbëve, u bëri “dhuratë” ligjin e plehrave
    Scholz AG, kompania mëmë e Scholz LTD Albania, është partnere e kompanisë C.I.O.S GROUP, e cila merret me grumbullimin e skrapeve dhe të mbeturinave urbane. Ajo ka qendrat e saj në Serbi, Bosnje-Hercegovine, Kroaci dhe tani dhe në Shqipëri.

    Kryeministri Berisha përuroi sot fabrikën e disa biznesmenëve serb në Xhafzotaj, të cilët do të merren me shkrirjen e skrapit. Kompania Scholz është regjistruar që në 25 prill 2008 me qendër në Shkodër dhe pronarë Branisllav Pejoviç dhe Rado Brajoviç. Objekt i aktivitetit të këtij subjekti është “grumbullimi, përpunimi, riciklimi, tranzitimi, transporti, eksporti i mbetjeve të ngurta dhe të vëllimshme me përmbajtje metalore”. Scholz AG, kompania mëmë e Scholz LTD Albania, është partnere e kompanisë C.I.O.S GROUP, e cila merret me grumbullimin e skrapeve dhe të mbeturinave urbane. Ajo ka qendrat e saj në Serbi, Bosnje-Hercegovinë, Kroaci dhe Shqipëri. Filiali që ka ndërtuar në Shqipëri quhet Scholz LTD Albania.

    Problemi i këtij impianti është sigurimi i lëndës së parë. Për të ndihmuar këtë biznes Berisha dhe Olldashi shpallën një fushatë për largimin e varrezave të makinave nga rrugët kryesore, duke i kërcënuar se do t’i çonin për t’i shkrirë për skrap. Ata po ashtu i kanë hapur rrugë në ligjin e ri të plehrave në nenin 49 ku thuhet: “Lejohet të importohen në vend mbeturina urbane të parrezikshme, të cilat mund të përdoren si lëndë e parë për industrinë përpunuese në vend, kur ajo nuk plotësohet me nevojat e mbeturinave që prodhohen në vend”.

    Banorët lokale tregojnë edhe për ndërtimin e një tjetër fabrike disa metra me larg asaj të Scholz, e cila do të merret me shkrirjen e baterive të makinave, plumbit dhe metaleve me ngjyrë qe do te dalin nga perpunimi i makinave te vjetra dhe do t’i shkrije ne kallepe zinku e plumbi, një proces teknologjik tejet helmues.

    Besohet se fuqia e instaluar ne impiant te do te jete sa trefishi i te gjithe akumulatoreve e baterive qe ka vendi yne te reja e te vjetra. Levizja e qeverise per te hartuar kuadrin ligjor per importin e mbeturinave dhe sekuestrimin e makinave te vjetra, ka qene paralele me punen për ndërtimin e bizneseve, puna e të cileve varet nga ky ligj./tema