Prominenter Regierungs Politiker – Besnik Mustafaj – bestätigt die Wahrheit der wikileaks cables

Man muss die Peinlichkeit der wikeleaks cables, über die dumme und kriminelle Kaste der Albanischen Politiker und Regierung nicht extra bestätigen. Wir bringen und brachten vor Jahren noch viele weitere Details und Fakten, auf der ältesetn Albanien Website und noch viele andere Namen, inklusive NATO, BKA, BND Papiere und viele Zeugen. Wir zitierten aus Gesprächen mit höchst rangigen Leuten, aus dem Sicherheits Bereich, bereits vor sehr vielen Jahren.

Das vollkommen verrottete System der dummen Politiker in Albanien, welche schon den UN Embargo Bruch vor über 16 Jahren organisierten, ist in der Welt einmalig, genauso wie die noch dümmere Zerstörung der Albanischen Umwelt und des Tourismus, durch vagabundiertende Verbrecher Clans, welche überall Grundstücke besetzen, Bäume umschlagen und abfackeln und die Küste zubetoniert haben mit irgendwelche Hirnlos Beton Bauten.

Mustafaj: Wikileaks cables, true


Mustafaj: Wikileaks cables, true

The former Foreign Minister, Besnik Mustafaj declared in Top Channel’s program “Top Story” that the materials published by Wikileaks are true and should not be seen as distortion of facts. 

He underlined that after he read the cables that mentioned him, all of them resulted true.

“It is an arsenal of materials that should be seen very carefully by everyone. The reports of a diplomat, whether American or Albanian, the diplomatic report has two parts. One that reports facts which he is not allowed inventing. And for his opinions is has his own responsibility”, declared Mustafaj.

“After reading the cables that involved my name, I never saw my speech being distorted. I consider this as a very serious damage for the political class. This is a mirror that is never 100% true to reality, but the essence is always the same”, Mustafaj declared.

„Secret Service law undermines democracy“
05/09/2011 21:20



Secret Service law undermines democracy

The case of the State Secret Service has been a concern not only for the US Embassy in Tirana.

This concern was raised in Brussels, in NATO-s headquarters. A cable shows the dialogue between the US ambassador in NATO and the Albanian ambassador.

The latter was asked to give the message that the passing of this law would undermine democracy in Albania.

US: Berisha wants Secret Service Control

A cable classified as “secret” sent to the US Department of State, expresses the concern of the US Embassy in Tirana for Berisha’s attempts to control the Albanian Secret Service, also including the stance of the President Bamir Topi for this draft law.

The cable sent on 27 January 2010 says that this law turns the Information Service into a political instrument for the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha for intimidating political rivals.

Such amends would change the cooperation with other institutions, including ours, by damaging the international confidence in Albania’s opportunities for monitoring the Guatanamo prisoners that have arrived or that will arrive in the country.

The cable continues with the concern that the US Embassy and EU legal experts have expressed for this law that opens way to abuses.

By analyzing the Berisha’s past relations with the Secret Services, the cable underlines that it is not the first time when the Berisha government tries to control the Secret Service for giving it another role, while the Secret Service is one of the only institutions that has been able to preserve its independence, despite its unpleasant relations with the Prime Minister.

The cable continues to list Berisha’s attempts in 2006, when he proposed the law for merging the Secret Service with the Interior Ministry, but he withdrew this request after an intensive opposition by the international community. In 2006, Berisha orchestrated an unsuccessful campaign for discharging the Secret Service Director, Bahri Shqiri, with whom he didn’t have good relations. According to the consultation law, they are supposed to meet once a year, but they have never faced each other for many years.

Shaqiri has only sent a copy of the yearly report to the Prime Minister.

After failing to discharge Shaqiri, the Prime Minister has tried to weaken the Secret Service by giving more rights and privileges to other agencies and also by decreasing its funds.

The cable also mentions a meeting of Ambassador Withers with the President Bamir Topi, saying that the head of the Albanian state has expressed his deep concern for this law that reminded him the frightening communist institution, the State Security Service.

Quoting many other sources, the US Embassy says that these are clear attempts by Prime Minister Berisha for taking under control the remaining independent institutions.

The same sources have declared that Bahri Shaqiri, a friend of the US government, is a professional figure whose chances are to leave his duty for being replaced by someone handpicked by Berisha. This would create a negative effect to the employees of the Albanian Secret Service, many of whom are trained by the United States and who will be replaced by other inexperienced people.

The cable concludes with the comment:

“For this reason, the international community has only a few days to warn the Albanian government for the danger of this law”. Mit Vorsatz, hat Salih Berisha und seine kriminelle Bande, die Polizei ruiniert! Man muss das ja nicht mehr kommentieren, was klar war, als Lulzim Basha Innenminister wurde. Das hinter den Polizisten Morden in Durres, mit Dritan Dajti, viel mehr steckt, ist total bekannt. Die gesamte Mafia Prominenz in Durres, war mit Dritan Dajti verbunden, also auch der Polizei Apparat, was jedem bekannt ist in Durres, seit dem Mord an Polizei Präsident Gani Malushi in 2004, wo die Partner und Kollegen beim Mord, die Söhne des Paten von Durres „Spartak Braho“, identisch mit der Nard – Lefter Koca Mafia (Schwager von Agron – Armando Duka).

Partei übergreifend und Dritan Dajti (der gesuchte Mörder), war ja ein Unter Capo bei Sokol Kociu, was der ja selbst im TV sagte. Dritan Dajti, steht vor Gericht, als Mörder der 4 hohen Polizisten von Durres am 9. August 2009.


4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen ( 1 2 3 4) 


Engste Verbindungen sind zu den Gangsters rund um die Skrapari Bande, gut dokumentiert, u.a. zu den Ex-Staatssekretär Eduard Belegu, oder zu dem Super Mafia Boss in Tirana: Tan Lepuri, der auch als Chauffeur der Gangster Braut und Ehefrau von Ilir Meta: Monika Monika Kryemadhi, diente! Wir berichteten schon vor Jahren, über diese Gangster Braut.

USA: Kulicaj, crime connections
02/09/2011 15:10


USA: Kulicaj, crime connections

The promotion of Hysni Burgaj as General Chief of the Albanian Police and the changes he undertook only one week after taking duty, by replacing almost every police chief in Albania, has been treated in a US Embassy cable that was published on Wikileaks.

“The surprising changes in the Police show that he is untouchable”, says the title of the cable sent on 25 November 2009, referring to the promotion of Agron Kulicaj. The sudden changes in the police, even to that of the Albanian Border, have been criticized by international donators, such as PAMECA, which had trained the police agents that were discharged.

Some of the donators believe that the changes were in full accordance with the rules, but they expressed their concern for the Director of Intelligence, Agron Kulicaj, who remained immune to Burgaj’s changes. Quoting other sources, the US Embassy says that Mr. Kulicaj is corrupted and the international donators had refused to help the Albanian Police when he was on charge.

The writer of this cable underlines that Ambassador Withers has expressed his concern for the corruption in the highest ranks of the Albanian Police, including even the Interior Minsiter Lulzim Basha, quoting the concerns of ICITAP regarding Mr. Kulicaj and the Police Chief, Hysni Burgaj. But Burgaj had declared that Kulicaj had strong ties with the Prime Minister Berisha, and every attempt for removing or transferring him should come from the Prime Minister himself.

The cable has other scandalous details, if they are true, for high rank police leaders such as Mr. Kulicaj.

“We have reasons to believe, same as other US Intelligence Agencies, that Kulicaj’s corruptive practices are known by now, but there are voices in the Police who say that Kulicaj himself has helped Dritan Dajti to escape from the Police operations that aimed to arrest him.”

Quoting sources from the Albanian Police, the US Embassy has transmitted their concern for Kulicaj to the US State Department, saying that the police undertook the operation for arresting Dritan Dajti in August, exactly when Kulicaj were outside Albania, leaving him no chances to help him escape”.

The concluding comment of ambassador Withers in this cable shows the difficult position of the Police Chief in front of his dependent Agron Kulicaj:

“Burgaj declared that he has his own problems with Kulicaj and others who have been suspected for corruption and connections with the organized crime. Mr. Burgaj has been intimidated by Kulicaj, since he has close relations to the Prime Minister, as his former bodyguard. Burgaj suggested that the concerns of the US Embassy for Kulicaj should be presented to the Prime Minister Berisha, who is the only one who can decide where his former bodyguard should work”.

 Original Dokumente über Albanien bei wikeleaks, wo im Moment die Website nicht funktioniert.

Wir haben vor einem Jahr, schon auf die Verbindung von Agron Kulicaj, mit den Polizisten Morden hingewiesen, das hohe Polizei Offiziere darin verwickelt sind, die Prominenz der Durres sogenannten Geschäftsleuten und Agron Kulicaj, der den Treibstoff schmuggel und Betrug ebenso organisiert, wie Dritan Prifti outete.

Heute machte der Ex-Minister Dritan Prifti seine Aussagen bei der General Staatsanwaltschaft, über den Treibstoff Schmuggel von Italien in den Kosovo durch den 2.höchsten Polizisten in Albanien: Agron Kulicaj und Ex-Chef Leibwächter von Salih Berisha! Es wurden weitere Dokumente und Beweise übergeben, wo bereits Etliches an Unterlagen beschlagnahmt wurde. Normal Geschäft von kriminellen Banden, welche im Polizei Dienst sind und eine Art Tradition! Und weil die Staatsanwaltschaft, in die Regierung hinein ebenso ermittelt, boykottierte die DP Partei, in Fiere den Besuch des Staats Präsidenten Bamir Topi. Im Geiste der Parlaments Präsidentin Topalli eben, welche eine stroh dumme Betrügerin ist, wie Andere ebenso im Klientel Apparat der PD!

Unsere Meinung zu dem Fall Dritan Prifti und Agron Kulicaj! Dritan Prifti ist ein kluger Mensch, einer der wenigen klugen Politiker sogar, aber auch so eine Art Berufs Betrüger. In diesen Kreisen erfährt man ungeheuer Viel, so das die Sache mit Agron Kulicaj, sogar sehr typisch ist, weil ja auch die Firmen ARMO usw.. wie bekannt in diese Betrugs Schmuggel Ringe um das Albanische Öl, Auslands Importe seit 20 Jahren verwickelt ist und es eine Politische Tradition ist, was auch der Weltbank gut bekannt ist, wie das läuft. Es gehört zu den Standard Betrugs Geschäften der Albaner Politischen Mafia.

15 Tetor 2010 – 13:32 | Shqiperi

Kontrabanda e naftës Prifti: Kam provat, do jetë hetimi i dekadës
Kontrabanda e naftës Prifti: Kam provat, do jetë hetimi i dekadësTIRANE- Ish-ministri i Ekonomisë, Tregtisë dhe Energjetikës, Dritan Prifti i përgjigjet thirrjes së prokurorisë dhe paraqitet pranë prokurorëve të njësisë Task-Force për të dhënë dëshminë e tij për kontrabandën e naftës së papërpunuar ose siç njihet ndryshe, ‘virxhine’.


Rund um Agim Pepa, das Fake Opfer für den Mord am Polizei Präsidenten Gani Malushi, weil direkt wichtige Fatos Nano Freunde, die wirklichen Drahtzieher sind und waren.

Bereits aus 2004, über die Spartak Braho Geschichten.

wikileaks: Seit Jahren bekannt: die Salih Berisha Regierung ist ein krimineller Idioten Club

Alles seit langem bekannt, nicht nur durch die Salih Berisha Regierung ist stroh dumm, primitiv und hoch kriminell (Albanian government’s poor administrative capacities), wo dann die Frage auftritt, über die kriminellen Orgien und Falsch Informationen des Lobby Vereines DAW (Deutsch Albanische Wirtschafts Verein), was man als gezielten Betrug richtig bewerten muss und Mafiösen Auftreten, mit Partner der Albaner Mafia. Der Visa Skandal lässt grüssen.

Wikileaks: SHBA dyshime per Agron Kuliçaj. Burgaj: Ka lidhje me Berishën

Agron KulicajEmërimi Hysni Burgaj si Drejtor i Përgjithshëm i Policisë Shqiptare përfshi ndryshimet që ai ndërmori vetëm një javë pas marrjes së detyrës, të pothuajse të gjithë shefave të…

Sep 2 2011 / Lexo me Teper »

Die Regierung lebt von einer immer mehr peinlichen Lügen und PR Show, wo man längst pleite ist und praktisch nicht einmal in der Lage war, die Bonus Zahlungen und Spesen für die Polizei Einsätze zuzahlen.

Schlimmer wie Gaddafi und noch viel schlimmer wie Leute wie Mubarak, Saddam und Kollegen.

3 Responses to “Prominenter Regierungs Politiker – Besnik Mustafaj – bestätigt die Wahrheit der wikileaks cables”

  1. Insider sagt:

    Agron Kulicaj padit Sajmir Tahirin
    13/09/2011 20:40

    Agron Kulicaj padit Sajmir Tahirin
    Nëndrejtori i përgjithshëm i Policisë së Shtetit, Agron Kulicaj ka paditur deputetin socialist Sajmir Tahiri për shpifje.

    Përmes një njoftimi për shtyp, Policia e Shtetit ka sqaruar se padia ka të bëjë me akuzat e Tahirit mbi kontrabandën e minerareve.

    “Përgënjeshtrojmë akuzat e deputetit socialist Sajmir Tahiri për kontrabandën e mineraleve. Nëndrejtori Agron Kulicaj drejton me sukses departamentin e luftës kundër krimit”, thuhet në njoftimin zyrtar.

    Akuzat ndaj Kulicajt, Tahiri i bëri në seancën parlamentare të së martës, ku replikoi ashpër me ministrin e Ekonomisë, Nasip Naco lidhur me koncesionet minerare dhe kontrabandën e mineraleve.

    “Komanda e korrupsionit kalon nga Roland Keta, kryetar i bashkisë dhe kryetar i PD në Bulqizë. Vëllai i tij ka katër licensa. Vetë Ruli kontrollon një rrjet licensash që punon për të në Bulqizë. Rrjeti shkon deri tek të paprekshmit, ata pranë kryeministrit, si Agron Kulicaj. Kontrabanda niset që nga Bulqiza dhe shkon në Kinë dhe ndiqet nga Kristo Rodi”, deklaroi Tahiri.

    Kulicaj, dikur truprojë e kryeministrit Sali Berisha, akuzohet nga Partia Socialiste edhe për përfshirje në kontrabandën e derivateve të naftës.

    Ndërsa në një kabllogram të publikuar nga Wikileaks, ai konsiderohej nga ambasada amerikane në Tiranë si person i lidhur me krimin e organizuar.

    Në kabllogram thuhet se drejtori i përgjithshëm i Policisë së Shtetit, Hysni Burgaj është ankuar disa herë për Kulicaj, por nuk ka mundur ta lëvizë për shkak të mbështetjes së tij nga kryeministri Berisha.

  2. Sarah_HrNje sagt:

    Mustafaj, über den Verrat des Kastrioti Islami, der wohl erpressbar ist. Kastrioti Islami gehörte zu den Alt Kommunisten, die noch Franz Josef Strauss empfingen und gehört zu einem grossen Clan, wesweger er sehr leicht ins Parlament kommt.

    28 Qershor, 2012 Flash / Opinione | nga AMA-News
    Mustafaj konfirmon Ama-News për “Kaçin e zi” të Berishës
    Besnik Mustafaj, ish- ministër i Jashtëm, në një analizë të gjatë, publikuar nga gazeta Panorama, shpjegon se si Sali Berisha e ka përdorur Kastriot Islamin si “Kalë Troje” brenda opozitës. Ne kete menyre ish ministri i Jashtem konfirmon tezen e agjencise AMA News te hedhur prej me shume se nje viti me fakte se si Kastriot Islami mashtroi Edi Ramen per ndryshimet Kushtetuese, shkoi tek Meta dhe e genjeu per marifetet gjoja ne kurriz te tij duke e afruar me Berishen dhe pergatiti fshehurazi ne nje dreke speciale ne Dajt me vlere 500 mije euro Kodin e ri elektoral duke futur perseri ne kurth Partine Socialiste.

    Mustafaj niset nga fjala e Berishës në Asamblenë Parlamentare të Këshillit të Europës, ku foli se sa mirë i ka marrëdhëniet me opozitën, ndërkohë që si përfaqësues të opozitës kishte Kastriot Islamin, që në fakt nuk ishte i votuari i opozitës, por i zgjedhuri i pushtetit për të qenë opozitë.

    Mustafaj i rikthehet shënimeve që ka mbajtur më 24 dhjetor të vitit të shkuar, në vigjilje të Krishtlindjeve, pikërisht për votimin që i bëri mazhoranca emrit të Kastriot Islamit për të qenë pjesë e delegacionit të Asamblesë Parlamentare të Këshillit të Europës.