US: Xhemal Gjunkshi General Commander, corrupted – and Adrian Fullani over the construction Mafia in 2006

 Colonel Xhemal Gjunksh, is born in Peskopje, famoust city in the mountain, for criminals and stupid people – like the Neanderthaler, from Tropoje with Salih Berisha!

US: General Commander, corrupted
03/09/2011 15:25

US: General Commander, corrupted

A shocking cable that the US Ambassador John Withers has sent to the State Department on November 2008 connects the current General Commander, Colonel Xhemal Gjunkshi with a corruptive scheme in the Albanian Army.

The cable reveals that Colonel Gjunkshi, then Commander of the Commando Regiment, has been accused by a group of Albanian officers of taking bribes for choosing Albanian soldiers that would be assigned in foreign peacekeeping missions, mainly in Iraq.

The US Embassy cable says that the bribe that a military officer had to pay for going to Iraq was 7000 USD, almost half of his total payment for the six months service.

The group of officers that accused Colonel Gjunkshi has notified the Albanian government through a confidential letter.

In this letter, the current General Commander is not only accused of taking bribes for assigning the commando troops in foreign missions, but also of being involved in other corruptive schemes.

As the cable reveals, the officers have even threatened of sending the letter to the prestigious newspaper New York Times, which was very popular during that time in Albania, due to some investigations made on the Gerdeci case.

The US Embassy writes that the practice of taking bribes is not something new for the Albanian Army, and its consequences are that in the foreign missions are also participating untrained people.

The US Embassy has been very concerned by this wide bribe scheme in the army, and the ambassador Withers writes in this document sent to Washington that he would raise this concern to high rank government officials.

The former commander of the Commando Regiment, Colonel Xhemal Gjunkshi was promoted as the General Commander of the Albanian Army only a few weeks ago.

“Berisha’s son order for Gerdec”
The Wikileaks cable of 20 June 2008 reveals important and previously unknown details for the tragedy of Gerdec, which the US Embassy has secured a…
The ceremony of initiation of the peacekeeping contingent ‘EAGLE 4’ training that will depart in combat mission to Kandahar, Afghanistan

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Monday, 15 August 2011 14:56

General Gjunkshi: Your participation in the mission shows a serious commitment to the state and Armed Forces to act as worthy partners alongside to NATO


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altIt took part on Monday in the premises of the Special Forces Battalion, at the Land Forces Command, in Zall Herr, the ceremony of initiation of the peacekeeping contingent ‘Eagle 4’ training. The team composed by 80 special forces of the Albanian Armed Forces, who will depart on a combat mission to Kandahar, Afghanistan in January 2012, will be trained with specific methods by U.S. forces. The ceremony of this training initiation, attended the Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Ekrem Spahiu, Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Xhemal Gjunkshi, United States Defence Attaché the accredited in Tirana, Commander Glen Brown, senior officials of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff, representatives of the ODC and U.S. Embassy.

2006, warnte bereits der Zentralbank Chef Adrian Fullani, vor der Geldwäsche der Bau Industrie, welche auch den Banken Sektor gefährden würde. Heute sind 30% aller Kredite Not Leidend im Bau Geschäft, und über 50% der Kredite der Baufirmen und Bau Management Firmen. Prominetste Beschlagnahme von Immobilien von über 500.000 € Prinz Leku, wo wohl auch die Raiffeisenbank Bauten finanzierte (mit gefälschten Dokumenten), wie die American Bank of Albanien, mit ihren Profi Gangster aus den USA, wie Collier und der American Camber of Commerz in Tirana.

Classified By: Charge d'Affaires Steven Zate 
for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 
1.  (SBU)  Albania's Central Bank Governor, Ardian Fullani, became the first high-ranking GoA official to state what many analysts have assumed for years: Albania's booming construction industry is driven, in part, by "dirty money." 
In his annual report to Parliament's Committee on the Economy, Fullani noted the continuing expansion of the economy (5.5 percent growth in 2005), low inflation (3 percent) and shrinking budget deficits as evidence of 
Albania's positive economic development.  He expressed concern, however, over perceived overheating in the real estate market, opining that prices were rising at a much faster clip than construction costs.  He said that the demand for developed real estate was based on remittances (nearly 
USD 1.1 billion in 2005) and illegal activities, the flows of which were neither easy to track nor predict.  He added that the share of money laundering financing construction projects had reached such levels that interdiction of such flows could endanger the entire economy. 
2.  (SBU) Currently, construction accounts for roughly ten percent of GDP, but is a growing sector and is perceived as an engine for the economy.  Fullani contended that more careful scrutiny of the sector was needed because nearly 80 percent of collateral in private banks was based on real 
estate and construction.  Should the real estate bubble burst, Fullani said, the even faster growing financial sector would be damaged.  (Loan volume increased 74 percent last year).
3.  (C) Several major builders we have spoken to are furious at Fullani's statements, claiming that it is not appropriate for him to comment on their sector.  They also contend that there is no proof of a money laundering link to the construction industry, and that even if there is, it is wrong 
to smear the entire industry if a few builders are facilitating money laundering.  Builders and construction material suppliers we have talked to are anxious due to what they contend is a liquidity crunch -- banks are unable to release loan proceeds because the local property registration 
offices are unable to provide information to the banks on land titles in a reasonable or timely manner.  This, they claim, combined with a delay in the construction permitting process -- due mainly to political squabbling -- have caused a slow-down in the industry. 
4.  (C)  COMMENT:  Fullani's comments are remarkable in that he explicitly linked the health of the Albanian economy at least partially with cash flow from money laundering.  The reaction of the builders, while understandable, is probably only correct in the sense that estimates of money laundering 
flows (as well as remittances) are very difficult to prove, much less attribute to one sector.  In our opinion, remittances probably finance the vast majority of small,usually unregulated, single family homes that have come to dominate the suburban landscape around Tirana, Durres and other urban centers in the last decade.  There are real questions, however, whether the source of funding for the many hotel, restaurant, cafe and service station projects -- many of which appear to be based on no fathomable business plan and are often vacant -- is hard-earned, smart money. Fullani is expected to address the full Parliament in a few 
days and may have more to say on this issue. 

money laundering and the albanian mafia: SHIS Reports 2010



 Ein kriminelles Enterprise der Amerikaner und andere NATO Politiker, braucht keine Staat, wo Justiz, oder Institutionen funktionieren.

Gut bekannt auch den Bundeswehr Offizieren vor Ort: Zitat aus 2005: in Anwesenheit eines Albanischen Offiziiers: „gewissen Politiker wollen keine Funktion des Staates, damit man im weissen Loch in Europa, ohne Justiz seine Geschäfte machen kann“

4. Ein spezieller Fokus sollte jetzt auf Albanien gerichtet werden, welches derzeit in eine Mischung aus US Flugzeugträger und Mafia Drehkreuz auf europäischem Boden transformiert wird. Die EU sollte den Schwerpunkt auf Albanien legen, mit dem Ziel, es 2014 bereit für den Weg zum EU Beitrittsprozess zu haben und dazu, die autonome Region Kosovo zu integrieren. Albanische Infrastruktur, albanisches Erziehungswesen, albanisches Rechtswesen, usw. müssen 2014 das durchschnittliche Niveau der ganzen Region erreichen. Es ist Zeit für die EU, der Tatsache ins Auge zu sehen, dass Albanien im nächsten Jahrzehnt Teil der EU sein wird und dass es einen Schlüssel für die Stabilisierung der Region darstellt. Das bedeutet, dies muss eine EU Priorität für die Region werden anstatt einem ‚Relikt’, was es jetzt über ein Jahrzehnt war.

5. Ein langsamer, aber effektiver Prozess der Umwandlung der serbisch, albanisch und kroatisch sprechenden Regionen von Bosnien, Montenegro, Mazedonien und Kosovo sollte zum Ende dieses Jahrzehnts begonnen werden. Durch die Verwendung nur eines Bruchteils der Gelder, mit denen die Region jedes Jahr den EU-Haushalt und den der Mitgliedsländer belastet, wird ein ‚Umsiedlungs-Fond’ geschaffen. ………..

Wem so eine Politik zu tollkühn, zu politisch inkorrekt klingt, der sollte im Juni 2009 nicht für Newropeans stimmen. Aber wer, im Gegenteil, der Ansicht ist, dass die Zeit reif dafür ist, dass auf der Ebene der EU eine wirkliche Führung in Erscheinung tritt, die fähig ist, komplexe Herausforderungen wie diese auf innovative Art und Weise in Angriff zu nehmen, mit einer wirklich gemeinsamen europäischen Vision und dabei immer ausgehend von den Interessen der Menschen und nicht den „verbrieften“ Interessen der verschiedenen Mafia- und Nicht-EU-Gruppen, für den ist Newropeans die richtige politische Wahl.

Franck Biancheri
Präsident der Newropeans
Cannes – Frankreich

Übersetzt vom Englischen Christel Hahn: European Union – the betrayal of elites – Kosovo-Serbia-Bosnia-Balkans: A Political trap… (NM 03/03/2008)



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  1. BuckZiesMutter sagt:

    Der US Botschafter Arvizu, kommentiert nicht die wikileaks Veröffentlichungen.

  2. luka sagt:

    Anscheinend geht es um viel Immobilien, wo sich das Militär weigert, zu unterschreiben.

    C O N F I D E N T I A L TIRANA 000602


    E.O. 12958: DECL: 09/03/2019

    REF: IIR 311241Z AUG 04

    Classified By: Charge d’Affaires Deborah Jones for reasons 1.4 (b) and

    ¶1. (U) On September 2, President Topi’s office announced
    several dismissals and appointments in the top ranks of the
    military. Current commander of Naval Command Captain Kristaq
    Gerveni was appointed Deputy Chief of the General Staff
    (DCHOD), a position that has been vacant since July, when
    previous DCHOD BG Dushku was appointed Commander of the
    multinational Southeast Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG). Rear
    Admiral Kudret Cela was appointed to replace Gerveni as
    commander of Naval Command. Brigadier General Vladimir
    Qiriazi was dismissed as commander of Logistics Command and
    appointed deputy commander of Joint Forces Command. No
    appointment was made to replace Qiriazi at Logistics Command.

    ¶2. (C) In the press release, President Topi claims to have
    made these appointments at the request of the Minister of
    Defense. Several of Post’s contacts in the Ministry of
    Defense (MoD), including Chief of the General Staff (CHOD) BG
    Maksim Malaj, have told Post they had no previous knowledge
    of the reshuffle. Indeed, BG Malaj expressed his outrage
    that he was not consulted on any of these appointments.
    While the President is Commander and Chief of the Albanian
    Armed Forces (AAF) and has the right to dismiss and appoint
    whomever he wants, it is unusual that he would do so without
    consulting the military at all.
    ¶3. (C) Several aspects of the appointments cause concern.
    First, Captain Gerveni is filling a position usually filled
    by a Brigadier General (Rear Admiral) or higher. While a
    very able officer and supportive of reform, Gerveni was not
    on this year’s list for promotion. (Note. There are
    unconfirmed rumors that he is being rewarded for his
    successful negotiations with the Government of Greece over
    the demarcation of the shared sea border. The agreement is
    believed to have helped convince Greece to ratify Albania’s
    NATO membership. End Note.) Gerveni will be commanding a
    Naval Commander (Rear Admiral Cela) who outranks him.
    Admiral Cela has not had a command position since
    approximately five years ago, when he was dismissed from this
    same position for unknown reasons (speculation revolved
    around disputes over illegal construction or property
    disputes – see reftel).

    ¶4. (C) Most disconcerting, BG Qiriazi’s reassignment is an
    obvious demotion to a position normally filled by a colonel
    in a command that is likely to be dissolved in the near
    future. Several sources in the MoD, including the CHOD, have
    speculated that the demotion is punishment over a property
    dispute. The property, in downtown Tirana, is home to the
    Dinamo Soccer Stadium and is owned by the military. Sources
    claim that someone close to the Prime Minister, President
    and/or Minister is seeking to buy this property, but that
    Qiriazi has refused to sign papers deeding the property to
    private hands.


    ¶5. (C) As commander of Logistics Command, Qiriazi’s support
    for demilitarization will be missed. However, more
    concerning is the lack of transparency in these appointments,
    their possible punitive nature and potential links to
    corruption. Unfortunately, it is still common practice
    throughout the Albanian Government for appointment decisions
    at every level to be made unilaterally from the top without
    consultation, a practice which inhibits the development of a
    professional cadre of civil servants and military officers.

  3. Zogaj Leku sagt:

    Im Militär gibt es viele Jahre, ein hochrangiges Komitee, was Beförderungen beschliesst etc.

    Alles wurden eiliminiert. IN der Dumm Gesellschaft von Clans, wurden nun willkürlich einfach Offiziere entlassen, ohne jede Konferenz und Absprachen und ohne Grund.

    Mehr Hirn hat nun mal ein Arben Imani, oder so ein Berg Indianer wie Colonel Xhemal Gjunksh,, braucht man nun nicht mehr.

    siehe Entlassung sogar von Kudret Cela, der eine Sonderstellung, lt. Präsidenten Dekret aus 2001 hat und 29 Jahre im Militär ist.

    im Irak sind die Ganoven wegen Diebstahl und Korruption rausgeworfen worden und in Afghanistan gab es Tode, wohl auch wegen Diebstahl bei der Einheimischen Bevölkerung.

  4. admin sagt:

    Xhemal Gjunshki

    Aus dem Militär unehrenhaft entlassen, der Bruder des des Generalstabs Chef Xhemal Gjunshki, wurde als Koch nach Afghanistan entsandt, Ebenso Viele, welche keine Schulbildung hatten, zu dumm für jede Art von Kompetenz, aber aus Nord Albanien, dafür, wie der Generalstabs Chef. Bis 7.000 € kann man im Monat dort verdienen, + die Möglichkeit von Drogen Impoerten.

    Das man sich in den NATO Stäben, mit solchen Gestalten blamiert, ist solchen Albaner Offizieren egal, denn 1996 gab es schon das erste Deutsch-Albanische Militär Manöver, was im selben Chaos praktisch unterging, wenn Idioten Offiziere waren aus Tropoje.

    Biologisch gesehen, sind das extrem dumme Menschen, weil es wie die UN und WHO feststellte, dort in Tropoje, Thehti, Kukes, Burrel und Co. kein Jod im Wasser gibt, noch Salz von der Küste vor Jahren zu kaufen gab. Jod ist entscheidend für die Gehirn Entwicklung im Baby Alter, weswegen die Alle auf dem Niveau von 3-jährigen Kindern sind, Sprachen können, aber ansonsten nie etwas verstehen und sich die Schulzeugnisse kaufen. Erst ab ca. 1998, wurde deshalb über die UNHCR, Salz produziert mit Jod Beigabe. Also vor 1998, ist es dramatisch! Die Albaner sagen: “Menschen ohne Kultur” gemeint ist: dümmer wie Tiere. .

    9 Prill, 2012 Sociale | nga AMA-News
    Imami e Gjunshki përcjellin Komandot 7 mijë eurosh
    Imami dhe Gjunkshi kane anashkaluar akuzat e fundit per shkeljen e Kushtetutes, duke nisur ne Afganistan 22 Komando qe kane paguar nga 5-7 mije euro per person. Madje ka dhe nga ata pa shkolle te mesme dhe me diploma tefalsifikuara, por agjencia nuk po i zbardh emrat per momentin per shkak te sigurise dhe etikes. Burime te besueshme bejne me dije se disa prej tyre nuk plotesojne kriteret profesionale, por vetem ato politike dhe te tarafit, sic ishte rasti i vellait te Gjunkshit qe eshte kuzhinier ne Afganistan, me grupin e ushtarakeve qe u sulmuan nje muaj me pare.

    U zhvillua sot ceremonia e përcjelljes së kontigjentit të 20 paqeruajtës në Afganistan. Kontigjenti i një toge prej 22 vetash shkon në Afganistan në përbërje të kontigjentit turk, që do të veprojë në Kabul.
    Ky kontigjent është pjesë e policisë ushtarake i cili shkon në Afganistan pas një trajnimi paradislokues. I pranishëm në këtë ceremoni, Ministri i Mbrojtjes Arben Imami u shpreh i vendosur në përmirësimin e Forcave të Armatosura.

    Në përcjelljen e kontigjentit 22 paqeruajtes ishin edhe shefi i Shtabit të Përgjithshëm, gjeneral major Xhemal Gjunkshi, si dhe drejtues dhe ushtarakë të tjerë të lartë të Ministrisë së Mbrojtjes dhe Shtabit të Përgjithshëm të FA-së.

  5. BuckZiesMutter sagt:

    Wie die Parlaments Kontrolle feststellt, werden Grundstücke vollkommen undurchsichtig verkauft, weit unter Markt Wert! Verantwortlich der General Stabs Chef: Gjunkshi und seine Nord Albanische Banditen, was im übrigen schon der in 2012 entlassene Admiral Kudret Cela ebenso behauptete aber bestritten wurde.