Die Amerikaner, sprechen ihre Zweifel aus, an der Tirana Kommunalwahl und der Profi Mafiosi Salih Berisha, wird abgedankt

Countryman: Doubts on the elections for Tirana
17/07/2011 09:10

Countryman: Doubts on the elections for Tirana

A few days after the Electoral College ruled against the Socialist Party appeal for the local elections in Tirana, there is a reaction from the United States of America.

During an interview for Voice of America, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Thomas Countryman declared that the United States of America have doubts on the vote counting process for the Municipality of Tirana.

“We have doubts on the way the counting process was performed for the biggest Municipality, that of the Albanian capital, Tirana. We have doubts on the legal base of the decision that was taken for counting a specific category of ballots. We had these doubts when this decision was taken, and we still have them now. We appriciate the fact that the opposition proceeded the appeals through legal channels, as the Albanian Constitution provides. We also value the fact that the Electoral College gave its decisions and the process is about to end”, Countryman declared.

“The duty of the United States is not to express judgments on both given decisions of this prolonged counting process. We feel the obligation to help Albania overcome this, in order to guarantee that the next elections will be clear, credible and above all, based on clear rules that were assigned before the elections. We are ready to do this in cooperation with the European Union. The biggest issue today is if the opposition leaders are ready to do this. From 2009 to 2011, they were not”, he emphasized.

Although 2011 elections were better than those held in 2009, Countryman says that the Albanian people lost an opportunity, and this started with the general elections of 2009.

“Albania didn’t lose this opportunity on May 2011, but during the two years between 2009 and 2011, because the greatest attention was focused on both parties and their leaders, on their battle between each other, and not on what could give Albania a stronger and more credible electoral process. It is time to change this, and we expect both parties to plan new electoral rules, with the help of the European Union and the United States of America. They must plan new rules that serve to the people and to specific parties. The instruments for achieving this are there. There is the Commission of Venice and ODIHR. If both parties are ready to accept an active role of these two institutions, then I see no reason why we should not realize a clearer electoral code”, Countryman added.

As for the US role in this process, Countryman said that there will be help and advises, but not mediators, because the two leading gentlemen, as he called the Albanian opposing leaders, are not able to speak politely with each other, and this is not the role of the international community.

“Albania has a Constitution. In all democratic societies, the Constitutions and the institutions deriving from it guarantee an honest political process. The international community cannot replace the Constitution. We cannot help to create a situation in which mature politicians of rival parties speak to each other with politeness, sitting in the same room and making compromises that might be recommended by the international community. And as I said, this would include the new electoral laws. I deeply respect Mr. Rama and the dignifying way in which he managed the difficult situation. The international community can help, but the evaluation and the resolution must come from inside Albania. These are the opportunities that were lost in the last two years, and this is the way someone, as leader of the government or the opposition, should change the political behavior in the two years to come, in order to fulfill the requests of the people”, Countryman declared.


Kommentar: Natürlich hat die Neanderthaler Bande, des Salih Berisha, Tausende von Stimmen gefakt, indem das Geburtsdatum etwas geändert wurde und man so doppel wählen konnte in Tirana. Vize-Innenminister Poni, aus prominenter Mafia Familie soll das organisiert haben. enge Verwandte von Poni, wurden u.a. als Grundstücks Direktor von Vlore verhaftet, wegen Dokumenten Fälschung rund um Grundstücke.

Eines der Dumm Geschwätze von Salih Berisha, was die Fakten beweisen. 2011, überall wird illegal gebaut, besetzt und man hofft auf Legalisierung, weil man gefälschte Verkaufts Urkunden produziert, was zum Geschäft gehört.

Berisha wird der „Gaddafi von Europa“ genannt, und wird in Kürze zum Rücktritt von der EU aufgefordert, wo der US Botschafter sich ebenso jedem Treffen verweigert. Miroslav Lajcak, der wohl beste Mann Europas für den Balkan, verweigerte sich einem Salih Berisha, wie es weiter gehen wird vor ca. 2 Monaten, denn auch der kriminelle Hintergrund von Edi Rama und seiner Schrott Partei SP, wie die Mafia Partei LSI sind von der EU nicht akzeptiert. Berisha, ist ein Steinzeit Kommunist und hat noch nie etwas mit Demokratie im Sinne gehabt. Seine verbrecherischen Umtriebe sind ein Non-Stop Skandal wie seine Justiz Sabotage mit Enklein Alibejaj.

See no evil – EU approach is failing the Albanian people


Today @ 11:49 CET

EUOBSERVER / COMMENT – They say his „emergency“ luggage was packed. Someone from enlargement commissioner Stefan Fuele’s close entourage added that if he had gone to Tirana the next day as planned he would have yelled at Prime Minister Sali Berisha: „Enough – you have to retreat!“

It was 21 January 2011 and the republican guard had just shot dead on live TV four unarmed protesters in an anti-government and anti-corruption rally in the capital city of Albania.

Albanian protests – four people were shot dead. Nobody has been found guilty from the government side (Photo: Nikolaj Nielsen)

Fuele never took that flight. Instead Catherine Ashton, in need of some kind of success for her newborn European External Action Service, sent her special envoy Miroslav Lajcak.

The Albanian leader, in his first meeting with the Slovak former foreign minister said „Please tell me what to do and I will do as you say.“ But Lajcak, during three rounds of talks, said nothing and did nothing of substance and went home.

He returned to Brussels with the same idea that eurocrats had about Albania all along – that both Berisha and the leader of the opposition, Edi Rama, are not credible and that the EU should leave them at it.

Or, as Fuele recently said in the EU parliament: „The door remains open … It is your choice. It is absolutely your choice. It is not me who wants to enter the EU.“

What is the current political situation in Albania like? A few examples tell the story.

In 2008, 26 people died in a blast at an ammunition depot. After three years of work, a judicial enquiry has not found anybody guilty. The then minister of defence, responsible for military facilities, is now minister of environment.

Albanian protests – four people were shot dead. Nobody has been found guilty from the government side

A few weeks before the 21 January shootings, our deputy prime minister was captured on camera offering €700,000 in a dodgy deal to our minister of economy.

The minister of interior – in office at the time of the killings and implicated in the vanishing of €220 million back when he was minister of transport – is the new mayor of Tirana. Just one person – a protestor – has so far been found guilty for his part in the events. The international community has long forgotten about calls for justice.

And the election? The incumbent stole Rama’s narrow victory – in full sight of the EU and the US.

There is more to Albania than this – just look at the European Commission’s progress reports on the massive change taking place here in the past few years.

But during this whole turbulent period the only things to come out of the EU institutions are „we have taken note“ and „we are following closely … [sometimes] with concern“.

I hope never again to hear these expressions.

Brussels still has time to speak the truth on Albania and to put pressure on the ruling elite to do its job.

Nobody is asking for French jets to hurl missiles at Berisha’s degraded regime. But – and I choose my words carefully –we should not let him become a mini-Gaddafi in Europe by closing our eyes to his abuses in the name of a fake stability.

A regime which shoots protesters, fakes elections, neglects reforms and allows top politicians to merrily steal the country’s money is not in our national interest and not in the EU’s interest either.

It is a regime destined to create a black hole in the western Balkans and to leave the people of Albania on the crossroads of EU integration for decades to come.

The author is the Brussels correspondent for Albanian and Macedonian national TV, Alsat M


Fakt ist ebenso, das die Salih Berisha – Josefina Topalli sogar Gesetzes Abstimmungen im Parlament fälschen, was bewiesen ist, vor ca. 10 Tagen: die Abgeordneten Berg Albaner aus der Geistig zurückgebliebenen Region MAT – Diber, waren über 100 km weit entfernt von Tirana, als abgestimmt wurde, was durch TV und Foto Reportagen, ebenso bewiesen ist.

Das Mafia Parlament in Tirana, fälscht mit Josefina Topalli sogar Gesetzes Abstimmungen

Nur 69 Abgeordnete waren anwesend, wo dann Josefina Topalli und die Berisha Partei 73 Stimmen daraus machten.

10.7.2011: Der Mafia Regierung des Salih Berisha, geht das Geld aus und die Touristen fliehen

Tirana gedenckt dem merkwürdigen Verschwinden des Präsidenten Hubschraubers, vor 5 Jahren mit Gramoz Pasko und den identischen Toden, welche im Mai 2002, auf Grund von KFOR Befehlen (CIA besser gesagt) nicht landen durften mit einem Ärzte Team, bei den Terroristen Camp von Peskopje, um das Leben des Profi Verbrechers Josef Limprecht zu retten, der sich US Botschafter nannte. Gramoz Pashko, Ur Gestein der „Demokratischen Revolution“ und in allen Regierungen tätig, starb wie Limprecht den angeblichen Herztod, denn Paschko, sollte nach einem Herz Infarkt nach Italien geflogen werden. Eine Suche nach dem verschwundenen Helikopter, fand nie statt, in der Adria.

Der National Guard Chef: Ndrea Prendi, erpresste damals die Piloten Vangjel Condi und Demush Hebe, trotz defekten und schlecht reparierten Hubschraubers, den langen Weg über die Adria anzutreten, um Gramoz Pasko ins Krankenhaus nach Italien zubringen. Die selben Piloten, damals Mitte Mai 2002, welche zur Rettung des US Botschafters Josef Limprecht nicht landen durften, mit dem Ärzte Team. Es gibt viel zu vertuschen im Balkan, vor allem auch Alles rund um die Liquidierung des US Botschafters.

26 Janar, 2012 Aktualitet / Speciale | nga AMA-News
Dyshimi/Ndrea Prendi u dha urdhër pilotëve të helikopterit që u aksidentua me Pashkon në bord

politikani Gramoz Pashko, djali i tij Rubens Pashko dy pilotët Vangjel Çondi e Demush Heba, asistenti i fluturimit Qemal Koni, si dhe mjeku reanimator Sander Baloj.

Tirana Municipality, Basha takes oath
25/07/2011 13:30

Tirana Municipality, Basha takes oath

After winning his mandate with many controversies when the Central Election Commission opened the ballot boxes, and with several appeals at the Electoral College, Lulzim Basha took today the oath as the new Mayor of Tirana. The oath text was read by the new Head of the Municipal Council, Njazi Kosovrasti. Basha concluded his speech with the phrase: “I do solemnly swear, God may help you!“

Speaking as Mayor of Tirana, Basha declared that Tirana is starting today a new road for its reconstruction, in order to fulfill with success the promised mission.

“Things will not change within 24 hours. The change is not easy, but if we cooperate, we will be efficient”, Basha declared.

Opposition councilors were also present in the ceremony.

The new Head of the Tirana City Council

The new Tirana City Council gathered today, where the majority and opposition members took their oath for the new duty.

The name proposed by the majority, Njazi Kosovrasti, was elected as head of the City Council with 28 votes in favor and 27 opposition votes against, the candidacy of which was Mimoza Hafizi. After a second voting, the members also elected the new Vice President of the Municipal Council, Zamir Ndroqi, with 29 votes, taking also the vote of a left-centered councilor.

The meeting of the City Council started with the verification of the Councilors‘ mandates, but also with debates regarding the instructions presented by the Interior Ministry, which was opposed by the opposition.

Socialist suits at Court

The Socialist Party filed two law suits at the General Prosecution, regarding the voters’ lists and the elections result.

According to SP experts there have been noted at least 21,000 duplicated names in the voters’ lists, 5300 of which only in Tirana. The Socialists divide the duplications in two groups.

According to the Socialists, there are clear duplications, showing the same person voting twice, and also hidden duplications.

Countryman: Doubts on Tirana

A few days after the Electoral College ruled against the Socialist Party appeal for the local elections in Tirana, there is a reaction from the United States of America.

During an interview for Voice of America, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Thomas Countryman declared that the United States of America have doubts on the vote counting process for the Municipality of Tirana.

EU: Electoral College did not remove the shadows of doubt

After USA, the European Union declared that the Electoral College did not remove the shadows of doubt in the elections for the Tirana Municipality, which deepened the crisis and political polarization.

Tom Countryman, wirft der Regierung Wahlbetrug in Tirana vor
Die Wahlen wurden korrekt durchgefuehrt, aber in Tirana, wurde das Ergebniss durch die Regierung und gegen die Gesetze manipuliert

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  1. BuckZiesMutter sagt:

    Custom Tax removal approved
    18/07/2011 16:25

    The Parliamentary Commission of Economy approved the law that removes the custom fees over used cars, and replaces it with an annual service tax, which, according to the government, will reduce the fiscal burden.

    “The owner of a car that was produced 9 years ago pays today 10,000 ALL per year. With this system they will pay 7,000 ALL, if the car consumes diesel, and 5500 if it consumes petrol”, declared Deputy Minister of Finances, Alfred Rrushaj.

    The Deputy Minister declared that the Customs Fee will be removed even to those cars that have entered Albania after January 1st 2011, but with one condition:

    “All cars that have entered Albania before the enactment of this law, but they will file the documentation after the enactment, will benefit from another formula”, Rrushaj declared.

    The new package removes the circulation and registration tax, but in exchange, the government will increase fuel taxes by 7 ALL.

    “In order to establish a greater balance, those who consume or use the infrastructure more than the others will have to pay more taxes”, the Deputy Minister declared.

    The beer excise for domestic producers will be removed from 30 ALL to 10 and 12 ALL per liter. The custom fees for the import of inward processing raw materials and clothes will be totally removed.

    The new tax is expected to enter in act in September 1st, and the total effect on the budget will be neutral, according to the government.