Europa ist alarmiert, wegen dem Chaos in Albanien – „State Caputure“

Wir berichten schon laenger ueber diesen gescheiterten Staat, wo dumme kriminelle Banden, das Land zerstoeren.

Im Chaos von Albanien und den Hunderten von Unfugs EU (etc.) Delegationen, welche seit Jahren ohne Resultat abreisen und nur ihre Profil Neurose befriedigen, will nun auch Barroso nach Tirana kommen (angeblich, wurde die Visite kurzfristig annulliert). Die von niemanden gewaehlte EU Aussenministerin: Catherine Ashton, darf auch was zum Thema sagen. Eine Art Selbst Beschaeftigungs Therapie, der Nonsens EU Diplomaten und immer ohne Resultate, weil niemand diese Gestalten noch ernst nimmt. Warum Europa, Deutschland solche Diplomaten und Politiker braucht, ist sowieso nicht zu verstehen, wenn man schon vor 10 Jahren nur negative Resultate hat und diese Albanischen Gestalten auch noch mit Milliarden finanziert u.a. mit unsinnigen Wasser Projekten von Berlinwasser und der KfW. Ohne Rechtsstaat, sollte man meinen, gibt man Kriminellen auch kein Geld und das ohne Projekt Kontrollen. Genau dort wo die Deutschen Firmen ihre Gelder sinnlos verpulverten, wurde nur die uebelste Mafia angesiedelt und eine Legende von Bau Ruinen, kriminellem Landraub und einer extreme Umweld- und Tourismus Zerstoerung finanziert.

Es ist halt sehr schwierig, mit Albanischen Politikern zu sprechen, welche Strohdumm und primitiv kriminell sind. Solche Gestalten, verstehen nur Eines: nach 2004 muss seit langem ein Familien Einreise Verbot, fuer Kriminelle Politiker verhaengt werden.

18 May 2011 / 21:34
Albania Opposition Leader Calls for Popular Revolt

Opposition leader Edi Rama has called for popular revolts against the government after the Electoral Commission controversially overturned his victory in the race for Tirana mayor.

/en/file/show/KQZ 011.JPG

18 May 2011 / 12:38
Albanian Opposition Supporters Clash with Police

Hundreds of Socialist Party supporters, including two dozens MPs, clashed with police in Tirana on Wednesday, accusing the ruling party of illegally overturning the election results in the capital.

Arvizu: CEC was wrong
18/05/2011 20:55

Arvizu: CEC was wrong

US ambassador Alexander Arvizu declared that the Central Election Commission should have announced a preliminary result instead of acting as Zonal Election Commission.

During an interview for OraNews, Arvizu addressed strong messages to CEC and Prime Minister Berisha, declaring that they should announce the preliminary result first and then continuing with the complaints. And for Arvizu, the preliminary result is known.

“I am relieved that the vote counting ended, and it appeared to be very accurate. That’s why it is a pleasure to see that result. Certainly, we know that the preliminary results were not official, but we all know what that preliminary result was. I hoped that this would have created the basis on which everything else would have proceeded towards the end. Many people at that time described these as very good elections. But most important is that the Albanian people won”, Arvizu declared.

“The governing coalition said that they had won more votes in country scale. I think that they were happy for taking seven of eleven Municipal Units. At least I think that they have taken seven of eleven Municipal Units”, he added.

“The Socialists, not only did they keep most of the biggest cities that they already had, but they added even more. I think that these elections made both parties legally say that they had achievements. It is unfortunate that we are on the current situation today”, the ambassador declared.

Mr. Arvizu also added: “We must be sincere, this is a difficult situation. Many people feel frustrated and emotional. It is important that both parties do whatever they can within the legal limits. This includes the Election Code and other legal measures. The problem is that the Election Code itself has had different interpretations. But most important is that everyone must stay calm. No one wants to see anybody hurt, might they be peaceful protesters, people passing by or police officers”.

“If people try to remain within the legal limits, and if they try to look beyond the elections, I think that the result will be good”, the US ambassador emphasized.

“I can say that it would have been better if the Central Election Commission announced the preliminary official result, even as a head start. This would have been a very useful step, because it would have enabled the following challenges and issues to be solved in a easier way, including the mater of counting or not the votes that were mistakenly inserted in the wrong ballot boxes”, he underlined.

“Another problem, by what I was able to understand, is that Tirana is unique in the country. In the sense that only the Capital does not have its own Zonal Election Commission. It seems like the Central Election Commission functions as a Zonal Commission for Tirana. Most of the experts I have been discussing with, think that this is not a good Idea, because the Central Election Commission loses its central mission, the central function”, Arvizu declared.

“However, this is the Election Code; there are gaps, but it makes a solid base on which the elections can be held. I think that this also highlights the critical significance of overcoming these elections and concentrating on reforms for next elections, including the Election Code reforms. I think that both parties have taken many lessons from these elections. Some of them must be put into practice”, the ambassador added.

Arvizu, Sequi and Wolfarth in action

Diplomats meet President, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader

Der aktuelle Streit in Tirana, wegen Wahl Betrug: nun soll bei dem Profi Kriminellen Arben Ristani, (gefeuert wegen Korruption auch als Justizminister zuvor) mit 22 Stimmen Lulzim Basha in Tirana gewonnen haben: Deshalb gab es Schlaegereien gestern.

Sprengstoff Anschlag, gegen das Haus des neue gewaehlten Buergermeisters von Maliqi (bei Korce): Gezim Topciu. 1 Kilo Sprengstoff, spricht fuer eine sehr deutliche Sprache.
Maliq, eksploziv në shtëpinë e kryebashkiakut

Gezim Topciu
Tritol banesës së kryebashkiakut të Maliqit, policia shpjegon ngjarjen




Tritol banesës së kryebashkiakut të Maliqit, policia shpjegon ngjarjen

KORÇE – Policia e Korçës doli me një deklaratë para medias në lidhje me sasinë e eksplozivit të gjetur në banesën e kryetarit të Bashkisë së Maliqit.
“Sot ne dt 18.05.2011 ne oret e drekes eshte marre njoftim se ne banesen e shtetasit Gezim Topciu 44 vjec lindur dhe banues ne Maliq me detyre Kryetar i Bashkise se Maliqit, eshte gjetur ne stiven e drureve ne oborrin e kesaj banese nje fitil 20 cm si dhe nje sasi prej 1 kg lende e dyshuar si perzjerje e nitratit me naften te vendosura ne nje pako te mbeshtjelle me leter plastike te bardhe”, theksoi policia.
Sipas saj, menjehere pas marrjes se ketij informacioni forcat e policise kane shkuar ne banesen e Kryebashkiakut dhe eshte konstatuar se: dy puntore te cilet Kryebashkiaku i kishte punesuar per prerjen e drureve ne oborrin e baneses se ketij te fundit, ne mes te stives se drureve kane verejtur sasine e lendeve te siperpermendura te cilat jane marre per ekzaminim.
Ne lidhje me kete situate u kryhen veprimet e para hetimore dhe strukturat e policise po punojne per percaktimin e kohes dhe qellimin e vendosjes se kesaj sasie lende te dyshuar si nje perzjerje nitrati me naften si dhe per sqarimin e plote te situates se ndodhur.

Der beruechtigte Mafia Boss und extrem dumm: Taulant Balla, bei der gestrigen Schlaegerei mit der Polizei. Bekannt auch als SP Abgeordneter fuer uebelste Beleidungen, Schlaegereien gegen Journalisten, welche ueber seine gefaelschten Diplome etc. berichteten, was schon vor Jahren zu Interventionen des US Botschafters Withers fuehrte.

Të përdhunosh ligjin, të ndezësh luftën

Deputeti socialist Taulant Balla mes forcave të policisë

Teil II am 20.Mai


Trouble in Tirana
Albania on the brink

May 19th 2011, 15:43 by T.J.

THE great hope was that Albania’s local elections on May 8th would deliver a clear result, in one single bound freeing the country from what Albert Rakipi, head of the Albanian Institute for International Studies, described as the “tyranny of the status quo”. It has turned out to be a forlorn hope. Edi Rama (pictured), head of the opposition Socialist Party, has called for a general revolt against the government of Sali Berisha. Today Albania stands on the brink.

The next few days will tell whether cool heads prevail or if the country slips into serious unrest and, potentially, violence. This morning opposition supporters blocked the main Tirana to Durres highway, while protests broke out in Tirana and several other towns.

Much of the background to the election is in a piece I wrote on the day of the poll. I quoted Mr Rakipi comparing the race to run Tirana to the battle of Stalingrad. This quote is now looking rather prescient.

The immediate problem is that there was no clear victor on May 8th. The Socialists took most of Albania’s major towns, but Tirana is in question. Such is the level of distrust in the system that the election count was televised. In Tirana 249,184 people voted; Mr Rama, who is running for a fourth term as mayor, won by just ten votes.

Yesterday the central election commission said there would be a recount. This has increased the chances of Lulzim Basha, the candidate of Mr Berisha’s ruling party, taking Tirana. The Socialists claim this is a ruse designed to deny them victory.

The confusion arose because in Tirana there were four ballot boxes, covering the mayoral vote as well as municipal councillors. Some ballot papers inevitably found their way into the wrong boxes. The question of whether they should be considered valid is ambiguous; there are strong arguments on both sides. „Nobody has the right to deny the will of the citizens that exercised their right to vote,“ says Mr Basha. It seems a reasonable point. On the other hand the electoral code and precedent seem clear: the votes should not be counted.

Albania has been paralysed since a general election in 2009 that the Socialists say was stolen by Mr Berisha. Unsurprisingly the latest development has triggered fury among their ranks. Mr Rama said: “We should do everything with body and soul to stop the government, and the revolt brewing inside every Albanian should spill into the streets.” Gramoz Ruci, a senior party official, said that the Socialists would lead a “popular revolt”.

I asked Erion Veliaj, Mr Rama’s right-hand man, whether a call for an uprising might not be a big risk. A Socialist-led demonstration in February went seriously wrong when four people were killed by Republican Guards shooting from inside the government building. Mr Veliaj replied: „[After] forging the paperwork live on television [Mr Berisha] is about to now strip our title and declare his guy the winner in an attempt to throw Edi on the street. You tell me what we are supposed to do“.

Huge pressure is being applied to both sides from abroad. Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign-policy chief, appealed yesterday for „all political leaders…not to put lives of citizens at risk.” José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, has cancelled a planned visit to Tirana on Saturday. He presumably intended to congratulate Albanians on their election and to announce that the country’s stalled EU integration process was now back on track. So much for that. As one European diplomat sighed, “20 years after communism, they seem unable to hold elections which meet basic European criteria.”

This morning Mr Veliaj says that a legal appeal against the planned recount in Tirana will be mounted, but with protests and roadblocks under way, things already look dicey. If Mr Basha is declared the winner he will be hard to dislodge, regardless of any appeal—and the same goes for Mr Rama.

As one source from Tirana wrote to me overnight: “It seems we are entering into a new cycle of political conflict.” What a tragedy for Albanians.

Die renomierte Zeitung der economist, aber auch CNN wird heute zitiert, das Albanien ein gescheiteter Staat ist.

Durres Idiot Mafia Boss: Gazmir Bizgha in action! 10 National Strassen wurden blockiert und mit 100 Anhaengern seines Mafia Clans, blockiert der beruechtigte Durres Mafia Gazmir Bizhga, Partner des Mafia Bosses Agim Hoxha, Vangjush Dako, und des Gjoka Clans, die Autobahn.

Gewählt wurde auch der SP Partei Vorsitzende von Durres Gazmir Bizhga, ein besonders übler Mafiosi der mit seinen Geldwäsche Geschäften wie Edi Rama in Tirana die Stadt und die Strände ruiniert.

ALBANIANS are voting in local elections today. Unless the polls end in violence, this is unlikely to get the pulses of international news editors racing. For Albania, however, this is a big deal. Albert Rakipi, head of the Albanian Institute for International Studies, goes as far as to compare the poll—particularly the fight for Tirana, the capital—to the battle of Stalingrad [paywall]. (Albania-watchers can follow Balkan Insight‘s live blogof proceedings today.)

Normal political life in Albania has been on hold for almost two years. In June 2009 Sali Berisha, the leader of the Democratic Party, won a narrow victory in the polls which enabled him to scrape together a governing coalition with his erstwhile foe Ilir Meta, who had broken away from the Socialist Party. However, Edi Rama, the mayor of Tirana and leader of the Socialists, claimed that Mr Berisha had stolen the election.

Ever since Albanian politics has rolled from crisis to crisis. The Socialists boycotted parliament for a while, hunger strikers camped outside Mr Berisha’s office and, most dramatically, on January 21st an opposition rally went dramatically wrong. Four people were killed when the Republican Guard, inside a government building, opened fire. The Socialists called murder; Mr Berisha said the protestors had been trying to launch a coup with guns disguised as umbrellas and pens.

In 2009 Albania joined NATO, and in December its citizens became members of the coveted club of people from non-EU countries who can travel inside Europe’s 25-member Schengen zone without a visa. So all this is pretty embarrassing for Albania. The political turmoil has damaged its EU accession process, and Brussels will be closely watching today’s election proceedings.

If the coalition led by Mr Berisha does well, the prime minister may well decide to go for an early general election. That, says Mr Rakipi, would be “a moral and political victory over the opposition’s claims of vote-rigging” in 2009. But if the Socialist-led coalition does well that would bolster it in its own demand for early elections.

The key battleground is Tirana. Here Mr Rama is seeking a fourth term as mayor. He is opposed by one Lulzim Basha, a close aide to Mr Berisha and his family who has held various ministerial posts, including foreign affairs, transport and telecommunications and the interior. In 2007 he was investigated for corruption; the case was dropped in 2009.

According to Mr Rakipi, what Albania needs is a clear-cut victory by one side or the other. Otherwise, he says, “we will continue to live under the tyranny of the status quo that we have seen in the past two years.”

Mr Berisha is more phlegmatic. In an interview (in French) in Le Monde he says victory would be “very good” but defeat would not be fatal. Asked about Albania’s EU accession process, he replies:

The process is unstoppable, but it must be entirely based on merit, not on a climate. Now the climate is not so warm with regard to enlargement, even without any blockage. 86% of Albanians are for integration. I find them very wise. For a small nation like mine, the European Union is almost a heaven on earth. Every step we take favours freedom, living conditions and income. Imagine: Twenty years ago we had 60,000 bunkers in Albania. Now there are 60,000 villas!

On Friday, Mr Rama told an election rally that “Sali [Berisha] is not the prime minister of Albania, but only the representative of a government turned into a regime, who talks about you but only thinks of himself.”

Mr Rakipi is surely right that it is important to end the stalemate. But that may not happen today. Will Albanians believe what they have been promised, by both sides—pledges that include everything from building trams to tax cuts to creating 300,000 new jobs? Probably not, although Albanians, of all the people in the western Balkans, are by far the most optimistic. Let’s hope today’s battle of Stalingrad ends without casualties and breaks the country’s political deadlock.

(Photo credit: Tim Judah)


Rama Appeals to U.S. and EU not to Let Albania Alone
TIRANA – Socialist Party (SP) leader Edi Rama called on Albania’s international partners, United States, European Union, and OSCE not to leave Albania alone in these…
Hazir Gashi, Gazmir Bizhga und Lefter Koca die Berufs Verbrecher aus Durres im Albanischen Parlament

Die OSCE Wahl Kommission, kritisiert die Auszaehlung, weil nicht sachgemaess und auch teilweise ohne Basis eines Gesetzes! Dies zur Mafia Regierung des Pyschopaten: Salih Berisha


zbulon hilenë e KQZ

RAPORTI I ODIHR <br> zbulon hilenë e KQZ

Dje misioni vëzhgues i OSBE/ODIHR ka lëshuar një raport mbi zhvillimet e periudhës pas-elektorale në Shqipëri, që përfshin ditët prej 10 majit e gjer…

Nachdem Wahl Debakel der Georg Soros – Steinmeier Verbrecher Partei SP, G99, LSI in Albanien, wird dagegen protestiert, das die Internationale Wahl Kommission der OSCE, in Fiere wegen Manipulationen der Fiere Mafia ein Mandat aberkannt bekommt. Diese hier aufgezeigten Ganoven sind über die FES Aktivitäten und der kriminellen Deutschen Diplomaten direkte gesponserte Partner von Steinmeier und der SPD – FES!  Auch der Mafia Lobby Verein DAW (Deutsch Albanische Wirtschafts Gesellschaft e.V.) der Steinmeier Truppe, hat nun die besten Geschäfts Möglichkeiten wieder, weil die Lefter Koca Partei LSI, das Transport- und Energie Ministerium erhält, wo man dann seine Bestechungs Phantasien wieder voll ausleben kann, mit Hilfe der GTZ Berufs Verbrecher vor Ort.

Neue Anschlaege, Tode, Sprengungen von Lokalen! Mal wieder rund um die Zementfabrik bei Fushne-Kruje

20 Maj 2011 – 09:30 | Shqiperi
Fushë Krujë, eksploziv urës së Bardharit, të çonte te fabrika e çimentos
Fushë Krujë, eksploziv urës së Bardharit, të çonte te fabrika e çimentosTIRANE- Një sasi eksplozivi i është vendosur urës së Bardharit që lidh fabrikën e çimentos me akset e tjera në Fushë Krujë.Shpërthimi ka ndodhur në orët e vota të natës, rreth orës 02. 30 minuta të mëngjesit të sotëm. Policia konfirmon se shpërthimi i urës ka motiv konkurencën, ndërsa ka nisur punën për zbardhjen e autorëve.Nga shpërthimi ura ka pësuar dëmtime të rënda, ndërsa banesave përreth i janë thyer xhamat.

Ish-kryetari i komunës së Kasharit, Alfred Sulaj

Pranga ish-kryekomunarit

Ish-kryekomunari i Kasharit, Alfred Sulaj, i arrestuar në 2007-n për falsifikim dokumentesh…

Rund um Grundstuecks Urkunden Faelschungen laufen unveraendert zig Prozesse, wir hier um den Ex-Buergermeister von Kashari: Alfred Sulaj.

4 Responses to “Europa ist alarmiert, wegen dem Chaos in Albanien – „State Caputure“”

  1. Balkansurfer sagt:

    PM Berisha receives delegation from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

    Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today the delegation from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung headed by Mr. Willibold Frehner.

    PM Berisha expressed grateful thanks to Mr. Frehner for the contribution that the Konrad Adenauer Foundation has made – already present with its field office in Albania- has made for the consolidation of the democratic institutions in the country.

    The prime minister acquainted further the members of the delegation with the reforms the government of Albania has undertaken during the recent years as well as its achievements, the economic development of the country, the creation of a favorable environment for the business and investments and fight against crime and corruption.

    Mr. Frehner expressed to the prime minister his positive assessment of Albania development in the course of the recent years in all aspects. Expressing his pleasure at the up to now cooperation with the government of Albania, Mr. Frehner voiced to PM Berisha the readiness of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to promote further this cooperation in many fields.

    PM Berisha also spoke about Albania May 8 local elections held in line with a consensual legal framework and in respect of the international standards for free and fair elections.


  2. nena sagt:

    Eine Schande ohne Ende, sind Albanische Politiker, welche oft nur sehr dumme Gestalten sind, welche Null Respekt vor Eigentum und Gesetzen haben.


    In an unprecedented gesture, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso cancelled a trip to Albania, a country entangled a new row over voting. High-ranking Commission officials told EurActiv that patience with the EU hopeful was wearing thin in Brussels circles.

    Tension in the wake of 8 May mayoral elections (see ‚Background‘), closely watched by the European Union, prompted Barroso to cancel his trip to Albania, part of a wider Balkan tour.

    The latest developments appear to be a sad repeat of the situation following national elections held on 28 June 2009, which saw the opposition socialists refuse to accept the results and accuse the government of corruption and vote fraud (see EurActiv LinksDossier on EU-Albania relations).

    High-ranking Commission officials told EurActiv that they they were losing patience with Albania and that the country was gambling with its historic chance to chart a course towards EU membership.

    Natasha Butler, spokesperson for Enlargement Commissioner Å tefan Füle, admitted that a „lack of political maturity“ had characterised recent developments in the Western Balkans, citing Albania but also Kosovo and Macedonia.

    In Kosovo, several officials have openly voiced anti-European messages, in particular against EU law enforcement mission EULEX. In Macedonia, Albanian parties recently questioned the Ohrid Agreement, on the basis of which the international community saved the small landlocked country from violence and chaos in 2001.

    Officially, spokespersons said that Barroso would visit the country when the political climate was more congenial to discussing EU matters.

    Asked by EurActiv to reveal whether Barroso had abruptly cancelled a visit on other occasions, his spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said she could not recall such a case.

    EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday urged politicians in Albania to remain calm and warned them „not to put lives at risk“.

    After an opposition party called for an uprising amid an election row, Ashton said that a narrow poll result in mayoral elections in the capital, Tirana, meant „both sides need to reach out, overcome differences and find solutions“.

    „Developments today have shown the fragility of the political situation,“ she added in a statement.

  3. free sagt:

    The Coalition for Citizens, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sali Berisha has actually won 140.000 additional votes, compared to the Coalition for the Future, led by Mr. Edi Rama at national level.
    In percentage, at national level, the Coalition for Citizens, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, has received 17% additional votes, compared to the Coalition for the Future led by Mr. Rama.
    The Alliance for Citizens has won 173 communes, while the Alliance for the Future has won 103 communes; the Alliance for the Citizens has won 38 municipalities, whereas the Alliance for the Future has won 37 municipalities. In these municipalities, the Coalition for Citizens led by Mr. Berisha has 43 000 more votes than the coalition of Mr. Rama.
    The result of 2007 elections has utterly changed in Tirana. If in 2007, from 11 municipalities in total, 9 were in favour of Mr. Rama and 2 for Mr. Berisha, while in the local elections of 8th of May 2011, the Alliance under the leadership of Mr. Berisha has won 7 Local Administrative Units (mini- municipalities) and the Alliance under the leadership of Mr. Rama has won 4 Local Administrative Units (mini-municipalities).
    In 2007, Mr. Rama had 27.000 additional votes than the Democratic Party, led by Mr. Berisha.
    In 2011 this result has changed. The result is very narrow between the two candidates: Mr Basha and Mr. Rama.
    This is the biggest defeat of the SP since 1992 at national level. The victory of the coalition under the leadership of Mr. Berisha with 140.000 additional votes is even deeper than the victory of Premier Berisha in 2009.
    The democratic candidate for municipality of Tirana, Mr. Lulzim Basha has constantly stated during this period that he will accept the final result and he is going to congratulate his political opponent in case of victory.
    Contrary to the laws and Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Rama requires that the preliminary results should be announced as final, while in the meantime there are still uncounted votes. His claim that the uncounted votes for the candidate for the Municipality of Tirana are found in the box for the head of the Local Administrative Units (mini- municipality) or that of the Municipality Council of Tirana, are not to be counted, is ungrounded.
    The Electoral Code, in article 117 defines clearly when the vote is invalid. What Mr. Rama states is not in compliance with any of the points of this article.
    As in 2009, when Mr. Rama did not recognize the election result, because he lost them, even this time he did not accept the result and he calls for popular revolt.
    The 8 May elections were the most transparent ones, ever.
    Mr. Rama has besieged the CEC to prevent the counting of the uncounted votes.
    After the counting of uncounted votes , who mistakenly were thrown into other boxes within the same center, the Central Election Commission declared the winner Mr. Luzim Basha in Tirana for the local elections with 81 votes in the lead against opposition leader Mr Edi Rama.
    The Albanian people spoke through their votes on 8 May in the most civilised way. They punished Mr. Rama with their vote, with minus 140.00 votes or 17% less compared to the coalition of Mr. Berisha. This is the reason that Mr. Rama has decided to revenge against every Albanian.