Efraim Diveroli, erhielt nun in den USA, für das Albanische Munitions Betrugs Geschäft, mindestens 5 Jahre Haft

Der Albanische Mafia Müll Minister: Fatmir Mediu, uralte Erfahrung auch im Treibstoff Schmuggel nach Serbien, während dem UN Embargo, ist laut allen Beteiligten der Haupt Verantwortliche auch für den Munition Betrug, neben den Amerikaner. 30 Millionen $ Bestechungsgeld hat Fatmir Mediu erhalten und nur seine Immunität der Albanischen Mafia Regierung schützt ihn.

Haupt Verantwortlicher für die Gerdec Kathastrophe, mit 29 Toden. Sein US CIA Partner, wurde nun verurteilt.

Mehr Info über Hintergründe


Fatmir Mediu
Der verantwortliche Verteidigungs Minister Fatmir Mediu, mit Luxus Auto: Heute unverändert angeklagt, aber wieder als vollkommen korrupte und auch sehr dumme Person, wieder Minister. Auch der entlassene General Stabs Chef, bezeugte vor Gericht, das Minister Fatmir Mediu, ein enger alter Freund von Salih Berisha, der Architekt dieser hoch kriminellen Konstruktionen ist. Diese kriminellen Konstruktionen bestanden aber schon durch die Amerikaner inklusive dem Drogen Handel im Jahre 2000 mindestens und mit Sicherheit auch davor. Schon im Jahre 1998, liefen Schiffe aus Durres aus, in Richtung USA, welche mit Waffen und Munition Container beladen waren. vor allem waren es Chinesische AK-47, Chinesische Munition, Granatwerfer und auch Raketen, welche in unglaublicher Zahl in Albanischen Munitions Depots lagerten.

Andere Geschäfte, rund um das US Militär und tief immer mit dem Drogenhandel verbunden.

“Camorra-ähnliche Oligarchen-Kaste” der Albanischen Politiker aus Standard.at

Wie die Graphic Recht zeigt, sind vor allem Sejdiu Bajrush, Menduh Thaci die Orts Vertreter der Organisierten Kriminalität im Raum Tetova und Kumanova.Hinzu kommt Ali Ahmeti.

PS: Es ist üblich in diesen Kreisen, das durchaus das Familien Oberhaupt Sejdiu Bajrush, nun Mord Aufträge gibt, weil man auch noch seinen Sohn angegriffen hat, denn nach deren Vorstellung, hat man Nichts Ehrenrühriges gemacht, sondern man ist in diesen Kreisen ein absoluter Ehrenmann. Niemand frägt bei den Albanischen Politikern und Mafia Bossen, wie auch an bei den Albaner Verwandten der Italienischen Mafia “Nadrangheta”, oder “Sacro Corona Unita”, woher das Geld kommt. Das ist Business, zur Ehre der Familie und wird gerne von Balkan Politikern zelebriert.
Deutsche Politiker und die Hamburger Kosovo Bordell Mafia
Die Deutsche Bundeswehr und vor allem Offiziere, haben inzwischen eine legendäre Verbindung zur Albaner Mafia und lässt sich unverändert gerne von “Dolmetscherinnen” versorgen.
ARD Aussendungen über Mafia von Jürgen Roth
“Die Mafia ist ein deutsches Problem”
Ante Gotovina war Partner der Ndrangheta und von Neapels Gamorra
Schwerer Schlag gegen die “Sacra Corona Unita”, dem uralt Partner der Albaner 

Telefonat mit Diveroli und Treckica, der auch merkwürdig starb, als wichtigster Zeuge.

13px“>Posted on Monday, 01.03.11


Efraim Diveroli, an arms-dealing wunderkind from Miami Beach who had scored a $300 million munitions contract with the Pentagon, faces up to five years in prison at sentencing in Miami federal court Monday following his 2009 guilty plea to a conspiracy charge.

Diveroli, 25, captured the attention of Congress when he was arrested in 2008 on charges of selling banned Chinese ammunition to the U.S. Army to supply Afghan forces.

Diveroli has been in federal custody since August after he was arrested on a separate charge of possessing firearms and ammunition in Central Florida. He pleaded guilty to that federal charge in November and awaits sentencing later this month.

In the first plea deal, Diveroli admitted he conspired with employees of his Miami Beach company, AEY Inc., to sell the U.S. Army $10.3 million of prohibited Chinese munitions that they tried to disguise as being made in Albania. The Pentagon bought the machine-gun rounds from AEY in 2007 to supply allied forces in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and al Qaeda insurgents.

In return for pleading to one conspiracy count of making false statements to the government, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami agreed to drop 84 other procurement charges and a forfeiture allegation. AEY also pleaded guilty to the same count.

Diveroli’s contract with the Pentagon was only a fraction of his government business. His company agreed to sell about $300 million in weapons and munitions to the Army one year before he and three other men were indicted on conspiracy and procurement offenses in March 2008. The indictment triggered congressional hearings on why the Pentagon was doing business with such a young man.

Two other employees, Alexander Podrizki and David Packouz, pleaded guilty in 2009 and await sentencing later this month.

An AEY investor, Ralph Merrill of Utah, opted for trial and was convicted in December on a variety of charges. His sentencing is set for March.


Verantwortlich für die Zerstörung der Munition ist eine sehr profesionelle Firma aus den USA

The destruction of ammunition at the dump was being carried out by an Albanian company that had been subcontracted by Southern Ammunition Company Inc. of Loris, South Carolina, a U.S. company, Berisha said, adding that there had been no foreign citizens in the area. In the past year, about 6,000-7,000 tons of ammunition had been destroyed.



Die Gerdec Kathastrophe

iran meico albania

MEICO handelte mit Waffen, Sprengstoff, Raketen auch in grossen Mengen mit dem Iran. (Iran, war auch dem CIA in Bosnien behilflich, als Iran – Contra Affäre Nr. 2 auch von Reagon schon genehmigt) Die Serbische Spedition SPEDAL 




Gerdec AEYMehr Info, über das Mafia Waffen Geschäft mit der Albanischen DrogenPolitischen Mafia des CIA und der US Kongreß Untersuchung.

AEY scandal, US Congress to discuss the affair of arms sale

US Congress

aus Balkanblog

Albanian prosecutors question former defence minister over deadly blasts


TIRANA, Albania — Prosecutors on Wednesday (September 10th) began questioning former Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu regarding the March 15th explosions at the Gerdec ammunitions depot. During the questioning, Mediu denied responsibility for the incident and accused the army of building the depot in an inhabited area, media reported. He also said troops failed to employ appropriate safety measures. Parliament stripped Mediu of his immunity in June. The explosions in Gerdec killed 26 people and injured 300. (Top Channel, BalkanWeb, Tvsh, Klan, Balkan Insight – 10/09/0cool

Contratto del 23 Marzo tra MEICO e AEY Inc. –
Contratto MEICO-Edvin-AEY

I documenti della triangolazione per il traffico d’armi tra Pentagono, contractor statunitense e Governo albanese.


Young ammo dealer faces 10 years in Orlando case
August 14, 2011|By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel

Though Efraim Diveroli was just 21 and had less-than-stellar reviews on the few military contracts he had received, the U.S. Army awarded his small Florida business a $298 million contract to provide ammunition to security forces inAfghanistan.

It was a deal that would change Diveroli’s young life. The money went to his head. He engaged in shoddy business deals, shipping faulty or inadequate supplies and munitions to U.S. troops and others overseas.

He became the target of multiple federal probes. A congressional committee that investigated the contract called it a „case study“ of what’s wrong with the government’s procurement process. And ultimately, the deal put Diveroli behind bars.

Now, as he sits in the Seminole County Jail and awaits sentencing in an Orlando federal case, even Hollywood is taking note of this young gun dealer’s story. Variety magazine recently reported that „The Hangover“ producer Todd Phillips‘ company optioned feature-film rights to a Rolling Stone magazine article about Diveroli.

Diveroli did not respond to requests to be interviewed, and his attorney would not comment.

But his mother, Ateret Diveroli, said her son’s story is one of a young life that unraveled. His quick wealth fueled drug use, gambling and an alcohol problem.

„It’s like when somebody wins the lottery at a young age … that’s what happened with Efraim,“ she said. „He threw everything away and got nothing in return.“

Diveroli said her son, now 25, grew up in a close-knit Orthodox Jewish family in South Florida that taught him community and religion are what’s important in life. So are dignity and respect.

„I was raised that your word is everything, and you live by the law,“ said Ateret Diveroli, who lives in Miami Beach.

But Efraim Diveroli chose a different lifestyle.

His mother said he started using drugs as a teen, and when he was about 16, she sent him to Los Angeles to work for her brother, who was in the munitions business.

„He’s a very smart boy. He catches on very quickly,“ she said.

And he certainly caught on.

Contract at 18

What follows is Efraim Diveroli’s story, pieced together through federal-court records, a 26-page investigative report from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and interviews with his mother.

In 2004, when Diveroli was just 18, he was awarded his first U.S. government contract.

Diveroli, serving as president of AEY Inc., would eventually receive more than $11 million in contracts for weapons, ammunition or other military equipment. David Packouz, a masseur and aspiring musician, served as vice president of the company.

Diveroli’s uncle, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach — a nationally known author who hosted the „Shalom in the Home“ series on the TLC network — told a federal judge during a sentencing hearing that his nephew was a millionaire by 18. Diveroli’s last reported address is a multimillion-dollar Miami Beach condo.

„No one stopped his excess,“ Boteach said in January, according to a hearing transcript. „He had a rocket strapped to his back with absolutely zero moral guidance.“

But not all was well with AEY’s government contracts.


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  1. Balkansurfer sagt:

    Heutige news

  2. agroni sagt:

    4 Jahre Haft, erhielt der CIA Verbrecher

  3. navara sagt:

    05 Jan 2011 / 11:09

    US Dealer Convicted over Albania Arms Row
    The CEO of Miami-based company AEY, who is suspected of conducting a shady munitions deal with Albanian authorities to ship Chinese-made ammunition to the Afghan army, was sentenced on Tuesday on a conspiracy charge.

    Besar LikmetaTirana
    The dealer, 25-year-old Efraim E. Diveroli, who is often described as a weapons “genius”, admitted that he had arranged the repackaging of millions of old, Chinese made cartridges for assault rifles, and had then certified that they were made in Albania.

    As part of a plea bargain, prosecutors dropped more than 80 other charges of defrauding US federal authorities. Diveroli will serve a four-year prison sentence and will pay a fine of $250,000.

    Two other AEY officials, David Packouz and Alexander Podrizki, have pleaded guilty to a single fraud conspiracy charge and await sentencing. Ralph Merril, an AEY investor, has rejected a plea bargain.

    Diveroli, Packouz, Podrizki and Merrill were indicted by a federal grand jury in Miami on wide-ranging fraud charges in connection to the supply of ammunition to the Afghan army in June 2008.

    “The defendants submitted documents to the [US] Army falsely attesting that the ammunition they provided was manufactured in Albania,………….

    It is alleged that Tirana and AEY used a third company, Cyprus-based Evdin Ltd., subcontracted to Albanian trading giant MEICO, to coordinate the deal between the Albanian military and AEY.

    The New York Times alleged that the head of MEICO, Ylli Pinari, doubled the real price of the munitions and held on to the difference, which was then shared out among Albanian politicians.

    “Such accusations should be used for toilet paper,” Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said when questioned on the allegation in parliament in 2008.

    Salih Berisha und Fatmir Mediu, Gangster Clan in Aktion

  4. vangjush sagt:

    Albanien, lieferte sogar mit Viktor Bout, Waffen direkt an die Taliban, ab 1995, was wir schon immer sagten, wobei sogar direkt Albanian Airlines, involviert war, was dann mit Heroin bezahlt wurde. ein altes CIA Geschäfte.

    Në mars 1995, Bouti dhe francezi Mishel-Viktor Toma (Michel-Victor Thomas) themeluan kompaninë private të transportit ajror „Trans Aviation Netëork Group“ (TAN), thuhet në raportet e OKB-së dhe shërbimeve të fshehta. Në vitet 1995-1997, si bazë e kompanisë operuese shërbeu aeroporti belg i Ostendit, i përmendur shpesh nga grupet e të drejtave të njeriut për pritje kompanish dhe individësh të përfshirë në trafik armësh.

    TAN-i hapi gjithashtu zyra në Sharjah të Emirateve të Bashkuara Arabe. Sipas raporteve të vëzhguesve vendorë, në fillim shumica e dërgesave nga Ostendi synonin Afganistanin. Shumë dërgesa mbërrinin në duart e grupeve anti-talebane. Një avion „Boeing 707“, me ekuipazh zviceran dhe i regjistruar në Republikën Demokratike të Kongos, „u financua pjesërisht nga gjeneralë afganë“, thuhej në raportin e shërbimit sekret belg.

    Korridori ajror

    Në vitin 1995, biznesmeni Viktor Buot, me leje të qeverisë ruse, bëri marrëveshje zyrtare me qeverinë e ligjshme para-talebane të Afganistanit dhe atë shqiptare për transportin e municioneve në drejtim të Afganistanit. Personalisht, Buoti erdhi në Shqipëri për të ndjekur këtë aferë të ligjshme. Për këtë qëllim u vendos një urë ajrore. Shtypi rus tregon:
    Ja si filloi. Në fund të korrikut 1995, ekuipazhin e avionit IL-76 e thirri në zyrën e vet menaxheri i kompanisë:

    -Çuna, na ka dalë në shteg një punë e mirë. Nga Shqipëria duhet çuar një ngarkesë për në Bagram. Shkoni në Athinë, atje furnizohuni me karburant për kthimin. Pastaj në Tiranë për t’u ngarkuar…
    Do të merrnin një ngarkesë me fishekë automatikësh kallashnikov. Kjo ofertë, gjithsesi, nuk shkaktoi atëherë kundërshtime. Kapiteni i mjetit Vladimir Sharpatov e shpjegon këtë gjë me faktin se u kishte takuar të transportonin me rrugë ajrore teknikë dhe municione ushtarake.

    Për më tepër, për furnizimin me fishekë kishte marrëveshje midis Shqipërisë dhe Afganistanit. Kishin kaluar pa incidente dy rrugë. Rejsi i 3 gushtit 1995 ishte i treti. Pritës i ngarkesës ishte ministri i mbrojtjes së Afganistanit Ahmad Shah Masud (Massoud) me nofkën „Luani i Panxhshirit“, faktikisht armiku kryesor i lëvizjes islamike talebane.

    Talebanë në Tiranë?

    Sipas medieve ruse, shërbimi sekret i talebanëve kishte marrë të dhëna për dy rejset dhe përgatitej për të tretin. Gjatë fluturimit mbi territorin e Afganistanit, të kontrolluar nga telebanët, nga toka erdhi komanda që të uleshin për kontrollin e ngarkesës. Flisnin rusisht. Në bishtin e avionit Il-76 ishte vënë nga pas një avion gjuajtës i talebanëve, duke demonstruar kështu se e kishin seriozisht. Inxhinieri i bordit Sergej Butuzov propozoi të fitohej kohë, por hilja nuk piu ujë.


  5. Zogaj Leku sagt:

    Surface cleaning process finishes Gerdec ammunition. But even though the project is already closed, U.S. State Department warns that some areas in Gerdec remain contaminated after several rounds of ammunition after the explosion remained buried deep in the underground. At the request of the Albanian authorities, the United States provided not only financial assistance, but also experts in the field that helped in the cleaning process without exploding artillery shells, mortar shells and other munitions. With the implementation of this program, 85 were removed three thousand tons of unexploded ordnance and 146 thousand 500 pieces of ammunition dangerous. Factory blast that dealt with their dismantling led to the deaths of 26 people and injuring over 300 others, as well as the forced displacement of more than 700 families from their homes. U.S. State Department supported Albania in a program worth 14.5 million dollars for space clearance around the area where the explosion occurred March 15, 2008. According to the U.S. State Department, the tragedy highlights the challenges that old munitions volatile Cold War era, and the need for governments to maintain and properly remove excess weapons inventories.