The expensive ‘Italian’ shoes made for a pittance in east European sweatshops

August 21st, 2016

The expensive ‘Italian’ shoes made for a pittance in east European sweatshops

A troubling study claims that workers producing UK high street brands are enduring low pay and poor conditions

Shoes on display in a UK high street. Under European rules, shoes can be assembled and “made” in different countries
Shoes on display in a UK high street. Under European rules, shoes can be assembled and “made” in different countries. Photograph: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg

Campaigners claim millions of shoppers are being led to believe the expensive shoes they buy in high-street stores are made in Germany and Italy – when many are actually made by workers on poverty wages in eastern European sweatshops.

The scandal is exposed in a damning investigation into the European shoe industry, which details illegal wages and shocking working conditions in factories turning out footwear for the UK market.

The investigation claims some big brands appear to be using a legal loophole, stamping their products with “Made in Italy” or “Made in Germany” to suggest they are high quality, when they have actually been made by poverty-stricken eastern European workers. The investigation found that footwear workers in Albania were earning as little as 49p an hour including overtime – which is an illegal rate even in such a poor country.

Workers in Macedonia, where the hourly wage was as low as 64p, described being taken to hospital in wheelbarrows after fainting in freezing factories where they had to work with strong chemicals. “If the employer needs to complete, let’s say, an order of 9,000 pairs of shoes, he will put 90 pairs on the belt and even if you want to die, you have to finish it,” a worker told researchers compiling the report, entitled Labour on a Shoestring.

It alleges that one Macedonian factory, which produced Geox shoes, was paying illegally low wages of €131 (£113) a month, with overtime. The legal minimum is €145 before overtime.

Geox shoes are available in the UK through John Lewis and House of Fraser, among other retailers. Geox did not respond to requests for comment.

Manufacturers are able to take advantage of an obscure European loophole known as the outward processing trade (OPT) scheme. Under the rules, companies cut parts for the shoes in one country before exporting them to a low-wage economy where they are assembled and sewn. They are then imported back to the original country, duty free. The finished shoes can then be labelled as being made in the original country.

The report, compiled by researchers from several European rights groups, is based on interviews with 179 workers in 12 factories. It condemns OPT as “a dead-end scheme for workers, national economies and businesses” and describes it as “an economic and social road to ruin”.

Researchers found that the factories produced shoes for brands including Zara, Lowa, Deichmann, Ara, Geox, Bata and Leder & Schuh AG and subsidiaries of CCC Shoes & Bags in Poland and Rieker and Gabor in Slovakia.

Bata did not address the allegations directly but welcomed the report, which it said had provided “interesting insights in the generally under-reported working conditions in eastern Europe”. The company said it expected its suppliers to comply with local laws.

The report looked at production in six low-wage European countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. One in three of the Albanian workers questioned were paid less than the legal minimum wage of £121 a month, even with overtime and bonuses. The report indicated that women were generally worse off. Albanian workers reported having to work on up to 60 pairs of shoes a day.

Female workers in Romania said their husbands had to find low-paid seasonal work in the west to be able to afford wood to burn for heating during the winter. One man said: “Both my wife and I work in this factory. We are glad we could find work, but cannot imagine raising children on two factory wages. Our parents and relatives cannot support us, so we depend on this miserable wage. We wanted to move from the village to the city for a better life, but cannot afford to pay city rent from our salaries.”……….

Anna McMullen, from Labour Behind the Label, a UK-based workers’ rights group involved in the report, said consumers needed to be told the truth about where their shoes come from. “The clever ruse of shipping shoe parts out to low-wage countries to the east of Europe for assembly and glueing, before returning shoes for labelling as ‘made in Europe’, is duping consumers into thinking their products are made with dignity,” she said.

“In fact, we now know that workers in Albania and Macedonia are being paid wages so low that they cannot feed their families – so much so that the gap between the minimum and living wage is greater than in China. These out-sourcing methods used by some brands are turning mass profits on the back of worker poverty.”

Der Top Gangster „Fatmir Kuci“ wurde in Himari verhaftet, nachdem er einen Touristen zu Tode gefahren hat.

August 4th, 2016

Verbindungen in höchste Kosovo und Albanische Politik Gangster Kreise, welche er finanziert und gemeinsam EU und Weltbank Gelder stiehlt.

Peinlich das Rathaus von Himari, welche durch Dummheit und Inkompetenz, ein hoch gefährliches Chaos an den Stränden produzierte. Eine Polizei, die nicht einmal die Boote dort kontrolliert.
Vor den „Livadhi“ Stränden bei Himari, wird ein Tourist von einem Motor Boot getötet

Der Russe: Denis Kaiumov, verstarb mit schwersten Verletzungen (Kopf, Wirbelsäule, einen Arm abgetrennt) nachdem dieser Verrückte Gangster, mit einem illegalen Motorboot über ihn in Strand Nähe gefahren ist. Ein Langzeit Problem der Ziegenhirten, die im Sommer an der Küste auftauchen, aber hier handelt es sich um Verbrecher Grösse, Partner im Betrugs Projekt: Porto Albania ****, ebenso in Kavaje. Denis Kaiumov, aus Petersburg, war mit Frau und Tochter in Himari als Touristen.

Eine der übelsten Gestalten, eng mit dem 100 % korrupten Transport Ministerium verbunden: System Geldwäsche Mann, welche mit anderen Kosovo Gangster 1997 nach Albanien kamen, Drogen Geschäfte Verteil Stellen aufbauten.
Top Mafia aus dem Kosovo: Fatmir Kuci, Langzeit im Drogen, Waffen, Geldwäsche Geschäft und Parteien Financier und von Salih Berisha: DP, LSI

Top Mafia aus dem Kosovo: Fatmir Kuci, Langzeit im Drogen, Waffen, Geldwäsche Geschäft und Parteien Financier und von Salih Berisha: DP, LSI

Wenn jemand schon zu blöde ist sein Boot richtig zuvertäuen, sollte man sich nicht wundern, das 2 Boote beschlagnahmt wurden, darunter das Täter Boot, „“Black Arrow“ mit 3 Moteren a 275 KW, ist also praktisch 1.000 PS was auf ein Super Schmuggler Boot hindeutet. Beide Boote ohne Legale Papiere illegal in Albanien, wobei „Black Arrow“, ein Registrierung in Malta hat. Die Kosovo Verbrecher Banden, kauften sich im Bürgerkrieg 1997 in Albanien ein, finanzieren bis heute die Politik Mafia, die Regierungs Mafia und haben Straffreiheit. Haupt Financier vor allem des Capo der Albaner Mafia: Salih Berisha und der DP, der LSI ebenso und PDK Verbrecher Partei im Kosovo.
Mafia Sport Boot in Himari

Mafia Sport Boot in Himari

Täter Mafia Boot in Himari, 3 Motoren, gefälschte Papiere und illegal in Albanien

Täter Mafia Boot in Himari, 3 Motoren, gefälschte Papiere und illegal in Albanien

Direkt aus der Kosovo Mafia, der übelsten Art, welche mit dem Kosovo Krieg nach Oben kam und mit Victory Investment, ihre Geldwäsche Geschäfte treibt.
Update: ein Berufungs Gericht, liess Fatmir Kuci frei, weil es angeblich keine Beweise gab, das er den Russen zu Tode gefahren hat, plötzlich wurde auch nicht Anklage erhoben, das er mit einem illegalem Boot, Booten inklusive seinem Sohn, ohne jedes Dokument herumfuhr.
Fatmir Kuci, gehört zu den 2. Klassigen Gross Drogen-, Waffen Schmuggler Verbrechern, rund um den Shabani Clan, zu hohen Haft Strafen vor Jahren verurteilt, aber die laufen praktisch heute alle frei herum. Rund um den Visa Skandal der Deutschen Botschaft, der Shabani Clan mit Hekuran Hoxha und Co. *
Heute mit dem Verbrecher Ministerium: Transport Minister Edmond Haxhinasto /Dashamir Xhiakverbunden, zum Zwecke der Geldwäsche, mit manipulierten Strassenbau Aufträge, im endlosen Tunnel der Albaner rund um Elbasan. Aufgebaut, über den Deutschen Visa Skandal, damals vor über 10 Jahren, wurde die Gruppe in Deutschland, Schweiz, Italien.

Fatmir Kuçi was arrested today on manslaughter charges after the day before he hit with a vessel a Russian tourist who was swimming not so far from shore in Livadhi beach, Himara.

04 Gusht 2016 – 09:02 | përditesuar në 13:03
Superbiznesmeni i arrestuar për vrasjen e turistit në Himarë
Fatmir Kuçi biznesmen i ndërtimit, sponsor i PD
Skafisti vrasës po ndërton port jahtesh në Kavajë
Horror në Himarë, skafi godet për vdekje turistin
Kapiteneria Durrës: Skafi i regjistruar në Maltë

Një ditë pas goditjes për vdekje të një turisti rus në plazhin e Livadhit, në Himarë, policia ka arrestuar një 44-vjeçar nga Elbasani. Ai është biznesmeni Fatmir Kuçi, pronar i një kompanie të fuqishme ndërtimit, „Victoria Invest“ me qendër në Elbasan, e cila ka shtrirë aktivitetin e saj në tre shtete, Shqipëri, Kosovë, Maqedoni.

Biznesmeni i fuqishëm dispononte një motorskaf me tre motorë si dhe disa mjete të tjera lundrimi, të cilat u sekuestruan nga policia pasditen e djeshme. Mjetet ishin pa dokumentacionin përkatës.

Fatmir Kuçi njihet dhe për lidhjet e tij me Partinë Demokratike dhe kryetarin e saj, Lulzim Basha, teksa figuron të jetë sponsor i disa fushatave elektorale të demokratëve. .

Fatmir Kuçi u vu në prangat e Policisë së Vlorës, pasi ditën e djeshme rreth orës 11:00 në zonën bregdetare të quajtur „Livadh“ i Himarës, ai ka qenë duke drejtuar mjetin lundrues tip skaf-plastik me mbishkrimin „Black Arrow“.

Dyshohet se Kuçi ka dëmtuar aksidentalisht turistin rus Denis Kaiumov, i cili ka gjetur vdekjen për shkak të plagëve të marra, në spitalin e Himarës.

Policia ka sekuestruar dhe konfiskuar 2 mjete lundruese në përdorim dhe në pronësi të Kuçi-t, mjetin lundrues skaf-plastik me mbishkrimin „Black Arrow“, 11.73 m i gjatë dhe 3.20 m i gjërë, me 3 motorë – 275 KF secili si dhe mjetin lundrues motor-deti me emrin „Viktoria-3“, pa dokumentacion përkatës.

Kapiteneria Durrës: Skafi i regjistruar në Maltë
Ndërkohë, kapiteneria e Durrësit bëri të ditur për se mjeti lundrues skaf, ishte i regjistruar në Maltë dhe i pajisur me flamur maltez.

Çertifikatat janë lëshuar nga administrata detare malteze. Ai (Kuçi) ka lundruar me mjet të huaj. Çdo turist mund të vijë në Shqipëri me mjet të huaj, mjafton të paraqesë dokumentet. Dokumentet nuk janë lëshuar nga administrata jonë, por ajo malteze„, thuhet në reagimin Kapitenerisë Detare, Durrës.–himar–fatmir-ku-i-biznesmen-i-nd-rtimit-sponsor-i-pd–skafisti-vras-s-po-nd-rton-port-jahtesh-n–kavaj—horror-n–himar–skafi-godet-p-r-vdekje-turistin-368973.html

04 Gusht 2016 – 10:11 | përditesuar në 13:10
Skafisti vrasës po ndërton një
port jahtesh në bregun e Kavajës

Kompania e ndërtimit, „Victoria Invest“ me pronar Fatmir Kuçin i arrestuar për vrasjen në det me skaf të një turisti rus, po ndërton një port jahtesh dhe një kompleks turistik gjigant në Kalanë e Turrës, në Kavajë.—8203–e-ndertimit-victoria-invest–368984.html


Dosja e drogës në Shqipëri

Në nëntor të vitit 2011 Arjan Shabani (Xhemali), lindur në Laç dhe banues në Durrës u dënua me 7 vjet e 4 muaj burg, nga 16 vjet që ishte dënuar më parë. Më 11 janar të vitit 2008 Gjykata e Krimeve të Rënda i shpalli fajtorë të tetë të pandehurit për trafik ndërkombëtar narkotikësh. Të pandehurit Muhamed e Blenard Fejzullau, Fatmir Kuçi, Arjan Shabani, Kujtim Popoçi, Arjan Selimi (i ekzekutuar, njihej edhe si Armand Andoni) dhe Petraq Avrami, janë 74 vjet e 6 muaj heqje lirie. Ata u kapën gjatë aksionit “Kompas”, në 2008-ën. Krimet e Rënda argumentuan në vendim, se të pandehurit në bashkëpunim me njëri-tjetrin kishin trafikuar drejt Italisë gjatë viteve 1998-2002 sasi të shumta lëndësh narkotike, ndërsa ishin përgjuar nga autoritetet italiane, të cilët kishin mundur të vinin në pranga pjesën tjetër të grupit që vepronte në këtë shtet. Sipas prokurorisë, të pandehurit në bashkëpunim me njëri-tjetrin trafikonin drejt Italisë sasi të ndryshme narkotikësh, e cila sillej fillimisht nga Turqia në Shqipëri.

**** zu korrupt und dumm, um die notwendigen Genehmigung und Dokumente zubesorgen aber dafür hohe Geldsummen mit noch einem Kosovo Gangster von den Schweizern abkassieren.

Das lächerlichte Projekt in Albanien, welche nie eine Genehmigung bei der Regierung beantragten, und einem Betrugs Projekt, angeblich von einem ehemaligen Zueblin Baufirmen Manager. Betrugs Show, ohne das man Dokumente der Regierung hat in einem korrupten Betrugs Spektakel Port Albania

Schweizer duerfen sich produzieren, ohne das Ihnen 1 qm gehoert, noch eine Baugenehmigung besitzen. Jetzt taucht im Schachtel Imperium auch noch Victory Invest auf, aber kein richtiger Bau Ingenieur fuer Haefen. Staendig werden die Plaene geaendert mit Artan Kraja. Die neue Baufirma, erhaelt Auftraege vom komplett beruechtigten Elbasan Rathaus, was als eines der korruptes mit Durres gilt.

6 Hektar Küsten Land gestohlen, mit gefälschten Dokumenten: Ex-Bürgermeister von Gose / Kavaje: Sinan Shala, Grundstuecks Direktor: Nezir Leçini.

Besonders beliebt sind ja Spektakel fuer die Regierung wie der Fall des vollkommen illegalen gebauten Mafia Hotels des „Pablo Escobar“ Klement Balili zeigt, aber hier erscheint nicht einmal der Praefekt, Minister was besonders auffaellig ist.

In Tirana findet man Erklärungen für die knappe Kommunikation. Das aus dem Druckunternehmer Auer, dem pensionierten Privatbankier Peter Ruckstuhl und dem 80-jährigen Ex-Konzernchef der Züblin Immobilien Gruppe Franz Hidber bestehende Verwaltungsratstrio befürchtete, dass sich ein Investor das Gelände inklusive Hafenkonzession und Projektarbeit vor Baubeginn unter den Nagel reissen könnte.

Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Ort für ein Tourismusentwicklungsprojekt war Auer mit dem in der Schweiz lebenden Albaner Artan Kraja die albanische Küste abgefahren. In einer Bucht, in der ein zugewachsener Kanal und ein Steg von einem einst in Tirana geplanten U-Boot-Stützpunkt der Sowjetunion zeugen, entstand schliesslich die Hafenvision. Seither sind acht Jahre vergangen, und in dieser Zeit wurde eine Menge Beziehungsarbeit geleistet. Als Sohn eines einst hohen Beamten verfügt Artan Kraja in Tirana über beste Kontakte. Nach einem kurzen Telefon empfängt uns die Tourismusministerin Eglantina Gjermeni. Sie hofft auf einen Erfolg des Projekts, das eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur zur Ausbildung von Fachpersonal vorsieht und Albaniens neuer Strategie für qualitativ hochstehenden Ganzjahrestourismus entspricht.

Beim zehngängigen Essen im edlen Fischrestaurant bezeichnet Auer die Zusammenarbeit mit der Regierung als «heiklen Balanceakt». Als im letzten Jahr die Regierung wechselte, habe die Finsec eben auch die Seite gewechselt. Das Händeschütteln und die Einladungen zum Essen begannen von vorne, im August 2014 wurde schliesslich die Baubewilligung für den Hafen erteilt.

«Zu modern»

Porti i Jahteve | Victoria Invest,Finsec Ltd | 2013

Sipërmarrësit zviceranë kanë në plan që të ngrenë një port jahtesh për superlativa në Shqipëri. Por nëse “Porto Albania” është një projekt i shkëlqyer apo një dështim, kjo është për momentin e pasigurt.


Në një gadishull kodrinor, të paprekur nga turizmi, rreth 20 kilometra në jug të qytetit turistik të Durrësit, kompania Finsec AG planifikon që të ndërtojë një port jahtesh për superlativa, me 800 vende parkimi, 150 apartamente dhe një hotel prej 85 milionë euro. Këto janë shifrat, që të prezanton Alexander Auer, president i Finsec. Treshja themeluese, e përbërë nga një kompani shtypshkrimi, e Auer, një bankier në pension, i quajtur Peter Ruckstahl dhe një ish- shef 80- vjeçar i kompanisë Zueblin Immobilien, Franz Hidber, druhet se një investitor tjetër do ua heqë nga duart tokën e dhënë me koncesion për portin.


Në fusht të vitit 2014, është dhënë leja për ndërtimin e portit. Arkitekti spanjoll, Emilio Tunon, që po projekton në zyrën e tij portin thotë se në këtë rast projekti është shumë modern. Madje ai dyshon nëse projekti do bëhet në atë gji të ngushtë. Por Hidber thotë se të gjitha mund të zgjidhen lehtë, me një argjinaturë rreth 100 metra të gjerë. Në ceremoninë e inaugurimit, projekti u prezantua si inovativ, miqësor për ambientin dhe një arkitekturë moderne.

Finsec Port Sh.a.
Adresa: Rruga George W. Bush, Kulla 2, Apt. 11\3, Tirana, Albania


porti i jahteve1

Finsec Ltd nga Zvicra dhe Victoria Invest po ndërtojnë në komunën e Synejit në Kavajë një port jahtesh. Investimi për ndërtimin e portit të jahteve ka kërkuar një fond prej rreth 20 milion eurosh, shumë e cila është investuar nga shoqëria multinacionale me qendër në Zvicër. Krahas portit të jahteve, investimi parashikon edhe ndërtimin e gjithë infrastrukturës për një resort modern turistik. Porti i Jahteve

Porti do të ndërtohet në plazhin pranë kalasë së Turrës, e cila gjendet rreth 12 km larg rrugës nacionale Kavajë-Rrogozhinë. Interesimi i kompanisë shumëkombëshe ka qenë i vjetër, për të investuar në këtë zonë.

porti i jahteve5

Kryetari i komunës së Synejit Përparim Çaça, në deklarata të dhëna, ka bërë të ditur se kompania në fjalë ka marrë të gjitha lejet që kërkohen nga komuna për investimit, ndërkohë që ky investim lehtësohet ndjeshëm për shkak se trualli ku do të kryhet ky investim është tërësisht pronë shtetërore. Po

rporti i jahteve2Kompania ka rënë dakord që, përveç portit të jahteve, të ndërtohet edhe gjithë infrastruktura e domosdoshme turistike, si hotele, bare e restorante, qendër shëndetësore, informacioni etj. Aktualisht zona, ku pritet të nisë investimi, nuk ka një rrugë që ta lidhë atë me qendrën e komunës dhe rrugën nacionale. Nga vendi ku ka mbërritur rruga e asfaltuar, në fshatin Bardhor, deri te kalaja e Turrës duhet ndërtuar edhe një rrugë me gjatësi 1.8 km, e cila me shumë mundësi do të jetë një financim i përbashkët i komunës Synej dhe qeverisë shqiptare.

porti i jahteve4

Kompania ndërtuese ka paraqitur kohë më parë projektin me vlerë 31 milionë euro, dhe ka bërë kërkesën në Ministrinë e Transporteve për marrjen me koncesion për 35 vjet.

porti i jahteve3

Gjatë vitit 2013 në bashkëpunim me FINSEC Zvicer, Victoria Invest ka filluar investimet në ndërtimet për portin turistik të jahteve në Kalanë e Turrës në Kavajë.

Informacione rreth kompanive

Emri: Finsec Ltd.

Adresa: Dammstrasse 20 CH-6301 Zug, Zvicer

Tel: +41 44 445 15 56

Fax: +41 44 440 44 59


Web: (Firefox can’t find the server at

Emri: Victoria Invest

Adresa: Lagja 28 Nentori Rr. 11 Nentori

Elbasan, Albania


Tel: +355 54 24 60 47

Fax:+355 54 24 60 48

Cel: +355 68 20 66 550



Aktuell: 16 Jul 2016

Zona e Porto Albania ku do të ndërtohet një port për jahte.

Zona e Porto Albania ku do të ndërtohet një port për jahte. Foto: Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

Zona e Porto Albania ku do të ndërtohet një port për jahte.

Zona e Porto Albania ku do të ndërtohet një port për jahte. Foto: Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

Plazhi i Kalasë së Turrës.

Plazhi i Kalasë së Turrës. Foto: Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

Durres Promenade als Chaos Produkt der Durres Mafia mit Vangjush Dako: Lefter Koka „Aufforstungs“ Programme

Juli 22nd, 2016

Alles EU finanziert, denn die EU Banden sind Hofschranzen der perversen Inkompetenz und haben im Leben noch nie in einer Firma gearbeitet. Klientel Partei Buch Banden: „Camorra“ identisches auftreten nur noch duemmer und dreister.
Dann machte Nigel Farage (Video) er einen Seitenhieb gegen das vollgefüllte Plenum, denn er sagte: Ich weiss, fast keiner von euch ist je einer anständigen Arbeit im Leben nachgegangen.“ Sie hätten kaum Arbeitsplätze geschaffen oder einen Betrieb geführt.

EU Debakel der korrupten EU Commission, die niemand gewählt hat.
Motor der Banken Betrüger, des kriminellen Enterprises rund um die Deutsche Bank und Sozi natürlich, wo sich damals die Dummheit stapelte. Wolfgang Hetzer (ex-Vize der OLAF Betrugs Ermittlungs Abteilung der EU): Zu den EU – Beamten, der EU Commission und Deutschen – und EU Politikern: aus Polizei News Letters: Wolfgang Hetzer

In solchen Kreisen, wenn Verantwortungslosigkeit Kultstatus genießt, warnt der EU– Korruptionsbekämpfer(Zitate nach „Kontext“), “geht es nicht mehr darum, was du verdienst, sondern darum, was du dir holen kannst, und wie du am einfachsten reich
wirst”. Und das sei soziales Dynamit. Hetzer spricht ausdrücklich von einer sogenannten Finanzkrise, von einer “Systemkriminalität” und von “Systemkorruption”.
Rruga Deshamore - Durres: Illegale Lokale

Rruga Deshamore – Durres: Illegale Lokale

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

illegaler Hochhaus Bau, ohne Beton Ruettler der Peloshi Mafia, steht zum Verkauf

illegaler Hochhaus Bau, ohne Beton Ruettler der Peloshi Mafia, steht zum Verkauf

Noch nie wurde ein Gesetz, oder eine Verorndung rund um Straende und Tourismus umgesetzt, aber Millionen verschwanden im Sumpf der Pseudo Ganster und Touristik Foerderer, ebenso im Sumpf einer dummen Regierung, wo man fragen muss, was die Duemmste Regierung je war. 39,7 % der Straende sind verseucht, 22.000 illegale Bauten, Geldwaesche und Mafia Projekte ueberall.

Die angebliche Umwelt- ebenso Tourismus Task Force hat man Dumm Kriminellen uebergeben, wie es ueberall ueblich ist.
Alkohol Feiern mit mhr wie 4 Personen ist nun verboten, ebenso Abfall wegwerfen, was besonders beliebt ist bei der Albaner Kultur, das man seinen privaten Muell inklusive Windel am Strand entsorgt.

Noch nie wurde ein Gesetz, oder eine Verorndung rund um Straende und Tourismus umgesetzt, aber Millionen verschwanden im Sumpf der Pseudo Gangster und Touristik Foerderer, ebenso im Sumpf einer dummen Regierung, wo man fragen muss, was die Duemmste Regierung je war. 39,7 % der Straende sind verseucht, 22.000 illegale Bauten, Geldwaesche und Mafia Projekte ueberall.

Die angebliche Umwelt- ebenso Tourismus Task Force hat man Dumm Kriminellen uebergeben, wie es ueberall ueblich ist.

Öffentlicher Raum wird privat genutzt

Öffentlicher Raum wird privat genutzt

Alkohol Feiern mit mhr wie 4 Personen ist nun verboten, ebenso Abfall wegwerfen, was besonders beliebt ist bei der Albaner Kultur, das man seinen privaten Muell inklusive Windel am Strand entsorgt.

Publikohet „rregullorja“: Çfarë të mos bëni në plazhin e Durrësit!

Postuar: 20/07/2016 – 19:29

Ndërkohë që pjesa më e madhe ankohen për papastërtinë në plazhin e Durrësit, këto rregulla e bëjnë akoma edhe më të vështirë turizmin atje.

Newsbomb ka publikuar një listë me rregulla që nuk duhet të shkelen në atë plazh, disa prej tyre janë në rregull me të drejtë, por disa të tjera kanë nevrikosur pushuesit.

Bëni kujdes nëse nuk doni që të gjobiteni ose që dikush t’ju shikojë shtrembër.


Idiotie feierte seinen Mega Abtrug in EU finanzierten Aufforstung Programmen und die Deutsche Dumm Ministerin der SPD machte da mit: Babara Hendricks natuerlich SPD Lehrerin, da braucht man keinen Verstand mehr.
Barbara Hendricks - Lefter Koka
Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks Umwelt Minister unter sich: wikileaks: Lefter Koka „most crime family of albania“

Niemand bewaessert die Baeume, welche oft gestohlen wurden, ebenso Pflastersteine und nach einem Jahr ist Alles zerstoert im Strategischen Projekt des Edir Rama und Lefter Koko in einem gigantischen Betrugs Geschaeft. Das nennt sich EU finanzierte Aufforstung, wenn man Haenge rodet, wo kriminelle Idiotie der EU Banden Rekorde feierte.

Dümmer und Krimineller, was jeder weiss und deshalb ebenso auswandert. Über 50.000 Albaner hatten in 2015 allein Asyl in Deutschland beantragt.

Keine Drainage in den euen unnuetzen Beton Waenden, was zur Zerstoerung in wenigen Monaten fuehrte.

Heutige Minister, hier mit der Deutschen Umwelt Ministerin, die identisch Hirnlos ist. siehe wikileaks über Lefter Koka. Verwandte erhielten natürlich als angebliche Experten den Auftrag, aber Experten von was?

Shëtitorja e kodrës së Currilave pa ndërhyrje. Vidhen pllakat e trotuarit, thahen për një pikë ujë pemët (VIDEO)

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49 milionë lekë ishte fondi që u miratua nga Këshilli Bashkiak i Durrësit për  kryerjen e punimeve emergjente nga rrëshqitjet e dherave në Kodër Vilë në mbledhjen e 4 Qershorti të 2016.


Currilla Lefter Koka

Die Lehm angepassten Gräser, Sträucher mit tiefen Wurzeln und Wasser speichernd, wurden entfernt, billiger Grassamen zur Show ausgestreut. Niemand wagt den Namen Lefter Koka, für das Idioten Projekt zunennen, ebenso will niemand sagen, warum gerodet wurde, welchen billigen Schrott an neuen Rasen Grün dort verstreut wurde, der nicht einmal ein Jahr hielt.

Nun im Juli 2016
Lefter Koka - Edi Rama Aufforstung 1 Jahr danach Lefter Koka – Edi Rama Aufforstung 1 Jahr danach: Juli 2016

Schlimmer denn je bei diesem Strategischen Projekt des Lefter Koka und Edi Rama, sehen die Haenge aus. Weitgehend durch die Bagger, Rodung, und den Unfug der neuen Wege zerstoert.

uralte Mafia Familie „Trashaj“: Firma „Alb Garden“ im Aufforstung Betrugs Spektakel des Lefter Koka

Die korrupten EU Kader stahlen schon mit dem Vorgaenger MInister: Fatmir Mediu, vorbestraft in Italien wegen Drogen Hande: 140 Millionen Euro

Betrug und Erpressung dummer Regierungen: Canadische Minen Aktien in Albanien

Juli 20th, 2016

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Bankers Petroleum (Firmen Inhaber eine Firma auf den Cayman Inseln) entzieht man gerade die Öl Lizensen, andere Canadische Minen Firmen zogen sich zurück aus Albanien. 50 Jahre werden an den Börsen Canadische Minen Aktionen angeboten, welche totaler Betrug sind. Ebenso diese Firma, wie immer nach den selben Methoden. Bankers Petroleum, einem Betrugs Projekt des Wesley Clark, verkaufte inzwischen an die Chinesen Bankers Petroleum.

Man sucht Dumme, als neue Aktionäre.


Die Kanadische Minen Gesellschaft “Empire Mining Corporation” zog sich aus Albanien zurück, wegen Geld Erpressung ohne Ende

Arian Resources: „Der Deal des Jahres“

Arian Resources: „Der Deal des Jahres“

“Der Deal des Jahres” so beschreibt Haudegen und Explorationsexperte Bob Moriarty die jüngste Transaktion von Arian Resources (CAD 0,19; CA04036A1075) in Albanien. Anfang des Jahres übernahmen die Kanadier eine ehemalige, hochgradige Kupfer-, Gold– und Silbermine auf der Balkanhalbinsel. Seit Ankündigung der Übernahme hat sich die Aktie verdoppelt. Dennoch ist der Titel immer noch günstig bewertet.

Albanien – warum nicht?

Vorbei sind die Zeiten kommunistischer Strukturen in der Wirtschaft des Landes. Albanien machte in den letzten Jahre große Fortschritte in Richtung einer marktwirtschaftlich gesteuerten Wirtschaft. Die weltweite Wirtschaftskrise der letzten Jahre steckte das kleine Land nahezu unbeschadet weg und konnte in den letzten Jahren sein BIP kontinuierlich steigern. In 2013 führte Deutschland Waren im Gesamtwert von rund 70 Mio. Euro (ein Plus von 20 Mio. ggü. 2012) aus Albanien ein, 40% davon Mineralien, Erdöl, Brennstoffe und Strom.

Daten und Lizenzen vorhanden

Die von Arian übernommene Perlat-Mine wurde in den 1960ern entdeckt und war bereits bis 1991 in Produktion. Unter kommunistischer Führung wurden über 460 Bohrlöcher niedergebracht und insgesamt Daten über eine Länge von 165.000 Metern gesammelt. Diese liegen Arian vor und würden heutzutage zwischen 30 und 40 Mio. US-Dollar kosten, um diese zu reproduzieren. Noch liegt keine nach kanadischem Börsenstandard konforme 43-101 Ressourcenkalkulation vor, aber es ist allgemeinhin bekannt, dass die Daten aus der Zeit des Kommunismus relativ akkurat waren. Würde man diese in heutige Standards konvertieren, würde man eine Ressource in der „indicated“ Kategorie von 2,57 Mio. t mit einem Kupfergehalt von 2,2% erhalten. Arian veröffentlichte im Januar eine erste Tabelle mit Kupfergehalten von bis 12% über eine Länge von 2,2m oder 8,3% über 11,2m. Der heutige Verkäufer Balkan Resources, eine private Gesellschaft, übernahm das Projekt im Jahr 2006 und bohrte weitere 5.000m in den Jahren 2007 und 2008. Die Ergebnisse sind nahezu deckungsgleich mit den historischen Daten aus den Zeiten des Kommunismus. Balkan konnte als private Gesellschaft nicht mehr das notwendige Kapital aufbringen und entschloss sich daher, das Projekt zu verkaufen. Perlat verfügt übrigens über alle notwendigen Genehmigungen für die nächsten 25 Jahre.

Intelligente Dealstruktur

Für einen Junior-Explorer ist es wichtig, sich anfänglich nicht zu verschulden oder gar Zahlungsvereinbarungen einzugehen, die nur durch eine stark verwässernde Ausgabe neuer Aktien getilgt werden können. Zwar kostet die Perlat-Mine Arian rund 9 Mio. CAD in Bar plus einer Aktienkomponente, allerdings ist die erste Zahlung in Höhe von 2 Mio. CAD erst am 30. Juni 2015 fällig. Weitere 2 Mio. CAD sogar erst Ende Dezember 2016. Arian hat sich jedoch verpflichtet, 2014 rund 470.000 CAD für Explorationstätigkeiten aufzuwenden. Bis August 2015 muss Arian dann insgesamt 3,5 Mio. CAD in das Projekt investiert haben. Um die Explorationsausgaben zu stemmen, schloss das Unternehmen Ende März eine erste Tranche einer Finanzierung über 2,7 Mio. CAD zu 0,15 CAD je Aktie erfolgreich ab.

Produktion für unter 10 Mio. CAD?

Arian hat das Managementteam angeheuert, das bereits das Projekt zu Sowjetzeiten betrieb. Projekt-Know-How ist also ausreichend vorhanden und Rohstoffexperte Moriarty geht davon aus, dass für 10 Mio. US-Dollar bereits ein Teil der Mine wieder in Produktion gebracht werden könnte. Das gewonnene Erz soll hierbei an eine Mühle in der Türkei geliefert werden. Erst muss Arian allerdings die Ergebnisse der Sowjets und von Balkan offiziell bestätigen.

Zogen sich zurück aus dem Balkan:

Der grossen Minen Gesellschaft „Empire Mining Corporation“,aus Kanada,wurden die Lizenzen entzogen! Gemacht haben die sowieso nie etwas, sondern es wurde mittels Spekulation, auch an der Börse, nur Vorkommen und Aktivitäten vorgetäuscht. Das Ganze ist erneut ein grosses Betrugs Geschaeft rund um die Albanische Mafia Regierung, und die Bulqize Mafia, weil man u.a. selbst vom Chrom Diebstahl lebt, mit Hilfe einer kriminellen Polizei Direktion, wie der letzte Diber Distrikt Chef Premci, outet.

Empire Mining Places Bulqiza Chromite Project on Care and Maintenance

At the Demirtepe project ongoing sampling at the newly-identified Southwest Zone, has identified a large and continuous copper-gold anomalous zone located approximately 1 km to the southwest of the Main Zone where drilling has consistently intercepted significant shallow copper-gold-silver and molybdenum skarn mineralization.ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD David Cliff, President & CEOThis release contains forward-looking information and statements, as defined by law including without limitation Canadian securities laws and the “safe harbor” provisions of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 („forward-looking statements“), respecting Empire’s Albanian plans, the possibility of the Albanian government correcting the omissions regarding the exploration licenses, and the possibility of the Albanian government granting the subsequent mining licenses.

Projekte der GIZ mit der UN: UN encourages projects to prevent natural disasters

Juli 2nd, 2016
Der vollkommen inkompetende, Betrugs Apparat der UN, ist ja nicht nur in Albanien peinlich, oder mit dem Skandal Auftritt der UNMIK im Kosovo.
Die GIZ versucht Geld aus dem UN Fund zuerhalten, wo man allein besser arbeiten würde.
Die Deutsche GIZ, hat das erste richtige Küsten Projekt umgesetzt in Himari
Die in viele korrupte Geschäfte verwickelte KfW, ist bis heute enger Geschäftspartner der grossen Deutschen Betrugs Bank: Deutsche Bank, welche die KfW um 10 Milliarden € über die IKB Bank betrogen hat. Wolfgang Schäuble ist KfW Chef, dann versteht man das korrupte Enteprise besser:

Nachrichten IWF: Deutsche Bank ist größte Bedrohung für globales Finanzsystem

Die UN General Sekretäre sind korrupte Ratten, was von Boutros Boutros-Ghali schon gut bekannt war, als der Finanzbuchhalter des Karadic in Polen Asyl erhielt, alle Belege mitnahm, wie man gemeinsam mit der UN, der korrupten US Senatorin Elisabeth Dole (Ehemann Bob Dole), die Hilfen vom Roten Kreuz und Co. stahl.
Neben dem korrputen und inkompetenden Sauhaufen EU, Weltbank, die grössten korruptesten Verbrecher Organisation der Welt.
Albanien hatte ein Vorzeige Kanalisation System mit Wasser, Obst Plantagen, was sogar die Israelis übernahmen. Das System funktionierte, bis die „Westliche Wertegemeinschaft“, mit der „Schock Therapie“ Alles zerstörte. Es gab riessige Gewächs Häuser überall bei Tirana, oder Durres – Shiak, aber Alles wurde mit Vorsatz zerstört. Hoch wertige Obst Plantagen, welche zerstört wurden, durch die Berisha Banden und Pseudo Berater wie Gramoz Pasko, der spurlos bei einem Helikopter Flug verschwand.
und Naturschutz Die Albanische Landwirtschaft -gegenwärtige Situation und Untersuchungen zu Entwicklungschancen des ökologischen Landbaus.
Warum man das mit einem best dokumentierten Schwer Verbrecher und Minister Lefter Koka realisieren will, liegt in der Korruptheit der Deutschen Regierung, wo schon einmal die Botschaft ebenso von der Albaner Mafia übernommen war.
Extreme Betrugs Projekten des Umwelt Ministers, Zerstörung von wertvollsten Biotopen, geduldet durch seine Inspektoren wie Genc Balla, welche sogar verurteilt wurden, das Currilla Projekt, Aufforstungs Betrugs Desaster zeigen Skrupellose Raufgier, mit OK Aktivitäten der GIZ und das ist länger bekannt u.a. durch die Deutsche IEP Kosovo Militär Studie 2007.
Inkompetende Lehrerin, Hirnlos, SPD und Sponserin die Mafia Familie Nr. 1 von Albanien, der 4 Jahre Schule hat = 1 Jahr Schule in Deutschland.
Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks Umwelt Minister unter sich

Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks Umwelt Minister unter sich

Forst- und Umwelt Mafia Minister Lefter Koka, vernichtet die Wälder bei Elbasan: Policia dhe Mjedisorët, pakt me kontrabandistët

Da muss die GIZ mitmachen, mit solchen Verbrecher Kartellen, weil gut geschmiert. Dreistigkeit des Betruges ohne Ende und Kultivierung von Dummheit.
Jetzt will man die alten Systeme überall wieder reaktivieren, was inkompetende Betrugs Berater rund um die UN, Weltbank, Georg Soros zerstört haben mit der Privatisierung und nur kriminelle Strukturen schaffte.
Idioten, inkompetende Kriminelle, wurden plötzlich die Berater der Ministerpräsidenten, identisch wie in Deutschland: Josef Ackermann, Jörg Asmussen, Roland Pofalla, Debilius und praktisch alles Landesbanken Chefs, waren keine gelernten Banker.
Beim Klima Betrug und seinen vielen Konferenzen, war führend ebenso das BMZ, GTZ unter Heidemarie Wieczoreck-Zeul, obwohl Alles primitiver Betrug rund um den Gangster Al Gore und Banken Verbrecher wie Deutsche Bank war, u.a. mit Klima Zertifikaten.
UN encourages projects to prevent natural disasters
UN encourages projects to prevent natural disasters

Albania and the entire Mediterranean region are considered by experts as hot spots for the climate changes, resulting especially with floods.

The massive floods cause each year huge financial damage, which have brought to the signing of a national document for minimizing them as much as possible.

“The draining system is very important. The Albanian agriculture needs to adopt so that seeds and agricultural products are more resistant to the climate change. Another important matter is the management of water basins. Floods are more frequent where rivers are used for inert materials”, said Merita Mansaku Meksi, from GIZ, Germany.

The Global Climate Fund gives 50 million USD each year for feasible projects that can prevent disasters created by climate change. Our country has no access to these funds due to the lack of projects. Minister Koka says they are working to improve the professional capacities in this aspect.

Gehört zu den übelsten Umwelt Zerstören in Albanien, der Gangster Boss: Lefter Koka, seine Freunde, wie die Mord Familie Tragaj, inklusive illegaer Küsten Anlagen, Wald Zerstörung und Abwasser Entsorgung ins und skupelloser Mord.

Aus dem Durres Verbrecher Kartell, wurde Leonhard Tragaj – Bruder des Adrian Tragaj, wegen Mord verhaftet.

Biodiversity day, Minister Koka: Environmental education is a challenge

In the last 10 years, Albania has lost 15% of the green areas and many rare species are not coming back to our country. Official statistics were made public by the Minister of Environment, on May 22, the International Day …

EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

EU Umwelt Behörde warnt vor den Bade Stränden in Albanien: 39,7 % gefährlich verschmutzt


Alex GORKA | 30.06.2016 | WORLD

Calls to Leave United Nations Get Louder in the USA

In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, the issue of its relationship with the UN has come to the fore in the United States.

Sarah Palin, once the governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate, suggested that the United States take similar steps to leave the United Nations. «May UN shackles be next on the chopping block», she said.

400 % Drogen Export Steigerung und Tourismus als Show Modell: die aktuellen PR Nummern des Nichts

Juni 9th, 2016

Schon wieder gibt es was Neues, eine Touristik Task Force, genauso lächerlich wie Alles seit 15 Jahren, wo nur jedes Jahr dummes Geschwätz kommt, einfachste Dinge wie Bau Gesetze, nie umgesetzt wurden.

Vor wenigen Jahren, als man begann im Taliban Stile: Antike Stätten zubetonieren: unter Leitung von Arber Kadiu, Neritan Ceka und den jeweiligen Kultur und Tourismus Ministern.

kryeministri Berisha po lobon per turizmin:
„Welcom turist, we spik beris

97 % aller Bauten an den National Strassen, sind illegal, von kriminellen Clans bebaut, sagt sogar das Transport Ministerium, mit entsprechenden Unfällen und Toden. Man will nun verstärkt Reise Veranstalter suchen, was Alles uralte Schwerpunkte waren vor 15 und mehr Jahren und von Kriminellen Regierungen sabotiert wurde, durch Erpressung und illegale Küsten Grundstücks Bauten, fast immer mit gefälschten Dokumenten.

EU-Umwelt Behörde: 39,7 % der Albanischen Strände sind durch Abwässer illegaler Bauten verseucht: Sarande unter aktiver Beteiligung der jetzigen Bürgermeisterin, einer Puppe der Gross Mafia.

EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

Alte Wirtschafts Erfolge im Verbrechen:

Drogen Ilir Meta

300 % Drogen Export Steigerung unter der Ilir Meta Regierung Ende 1999 bis Anfang 2002, nach Italien. Vor allem durch das Braho – Artur Kuko (NATO Botschafter) Lefter Koka und Lulzim Berisha Mord und Verbrecher Kartell mit Partnerschaft mit der Deutschen Botschaft in Tirana.

erneut 400 % Steigerung im Drogen Export nach Italien, wo man heute feststellt, das bereits 15,7 % der Albaner nur noch im Drogen Geschäft tätig sind, was eine Steigerung von 30 % im Ilir Meta Stile erneut ist.

foreign policy: „have transformed Albania into a Banana Republic“ : Samir Tahiri, Arben Ahmeti, Ilir Meta, PM: Edi Rama

Und immer Politik Verbrecher Banden, wo bei dem illegalen Bauen, der Küsten Vernichtung die korrupten Premier Minister, Ilir Meta, und Kollegen ganz vorne aktiv dabei sind wie der FAll von Ilir Meta Partei ist eine Langzeit Garantie für Idiotie und Inkompetenz in der Adminstration und Arben Ahmeti ist wie Ilir Meta, in der Albaner Mafia versackt, wie man mit Klement Balili und der Einweihung des Hotels “Santa Quaranta” dem Pablo Escobar. Alles illegal gebaut

Jetzt will Ilir Meta, Haupt Verantwortlicher für die Negativ Entwicklungs des Tourismus, Umwandlung in ein kriminelles Enterprise, das die Medien nicht mehr negative Dinge berichten, womit Ilir Meta und Lefter Koka vor allem gemeint ist.

Die aktuelle Mafia Braut inzwischen Bürgermeisterin, der LSI in Sarande: Florjana Koka, wurde direkt von Ilir Meta eingesetzt, betreut direkt die übelsten Verbrecher in Sarande und ihre illegalen Bauten: Qualifiaktion Null, nur Mitgied in einer der übelsten Verbrecher Clans Familien Albaniens und betreut man die bezahlten US Lobbyisten des Ilir Meta.

Ilir Meta, der “Frankenstein” der Albanischen Politik

Über 300 % Export Drogen Steigerung unter der Ilir Meta Regierung und als Edi Rama Bürgermeister von Tirana wurde, denn Geldwäsche, wurde Programm.

die Staatsanwaltschaft von Manhattan, Peter Bharara erklärte, dass „Ilir Meta wissentlich als Sekretär Almir Rrapo gemietet, für den Drogenhandel, Mord, Erpressung und Entführungen wollte.“...

Geistig behinderte Lobbyisten brauchen auch bei den Deutschen immer ein Foto: Ilir Meta bezahlt dafür 30.000 $ pro Monat.

Warum braucht eine Bürgermeisterin in Albanien einen US Lobbyisten?


Mrs. Florjana Koka welcomed in her office Dr. Cary Lee Peterson, US Senate Lobbyist, Director of Congressional Committee of Eurasian Affairs.

Der „Frankenstein“ der Albanischen Politik: Chef der Skrapari Bande, kauft US Politiker, über deren Lobbyisten Consults

Albanian tourism, Assembly Speaker: Media not to report misleading stories

Present at the 25th Assembly of the Alliance of the Mediterranean News Agencies, the Assembly Speaker, Ilir Meta, praised the media’s role in promoting the country and in establishing communication between countries, especially between the countries that have had problems …

Original GIZ Geplapper des Nichts, inklusive teurer Konferenz

Biodiversity day, Minister Koka: Environmental education is a challenge

In the last 10 years, Albania has lost 15% of the green areas and many rare species are not coming back to our country. Official statistics were made public by the Minister of Environment, on May 22, the International Day …

Auron Tare ist wohl in der Versenkung verschwunden, nun durch seinen Direktor Ardit Çollaku vertreten, eine alte Berisha Familie in alle Richtungen inklusive illegalem Bauen mit gefälschten Dokumenten.

Aktiv stehlen diese Leute grosse Grundstücke, bauen illegal überall und dann kommt diese Show mit Null Aktion in Folge.
Justiz Minister Ylli Manjani zur Durres Justiz Mafia: „Ihr stehlt Tausende von Hektar mit gefälschten, falschen Dokumenten als Partner der Mafia“

Sezoni veror, ulet sipërfaqja e stacioneve turistike në 200 m katrorë

  • Eva Hoxha
  • 15 Maj 2016, 21:18
  • Përditësuar 21:18

13241252_1783440641885898_5499484380462591891_nSesoni turistik veror, që, tashmë ka çelur siparin në një pjesë të madhe të territorit në Shqipëri, ishte edhe qëllimi i takimit të zhvilluar dje, në qytetin e Vlorës, me praninë e drejtuesve dhe përfaqësuesve të bashkive bregdetare e bregliqenore të vendit.

Në këtë takim, të organizuar nga Ministria e Zhvillimit Ekonomik, Turizmit, Sipërmarrjes e Tregtisë, u diskutua për shqetësimet me të cilat po përballen njësitë vendore që administrojnë këtë pjesë të territorit, si dhe masat e pritshme.

Ligji i ri “Për Turizmin”, u vlerësua nga drejtuesit vendorë, si një mundësi mjaft efektive, por që ka nevojë për mbështetje me aktet nënligjore përkatëse. Pjesë e tij është edhe projektvendimi që përcakton kriteret e stacioneve të plazhit, që tashmë do të reduktohen në një sipërfaqe respektive prej 200 metra katrorë, 10 herë më pak, krahasuar me çka parashikohej më parë,.si edhe një sërë klauzola të tjera ligjore që mbështesin bizneset e vogla rajonale


Postuar: 15/05/2016 – 10:50


Florjana Koka, Sarande

Florjana Koka, Sarande

Mit der US Mafia und Lobbyisten unterwegs, was nach Ilir Meta erneut riecht: Mrs. Florjana Koka welcomed in her office Dr. Cary Lee Peterson, US Senate Lobbyist, Director of Congressional Committee of Eurasian Affairs.

Man organisiert für die Mafia Discos und Hotels, vollkommen illegale Flüge über Korfu nach den IATA Abkommen: Noch ein Suppen Kaspar der Albaner Mafia ist aktiv dabei: In this meeting was also present Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of the Diplomatic Mission “Peace and Prosperity”.

Illegale Discos, Prostitition, AIDS werden unter dieser Art von Bürgermeisterin Florjana Koka, im Edi Rama und Ilir Meta Verbrecher Kartell in Sarande ausgeweitet, wo jeder macht was er will: aktuelle Medien

Foreign Policy:Sexual favors, bribes and corruption dominate the current Albanian Foreign Ministry“

Mafia Syndikat Edi Rama and Albania: Amidst relentless oligarchy and European Union integration

 Alarmohet Saranda, një vajzë e lokaleve të natës dyshohet me AIDS!

Postuar: 31/05/2016 – 22:14

Policia e Sarandes ka derguar ne urgjencen e Spitalit te Sarandes nje 29-vjeçare e cila punonte ne nje nga lokalet e nates te qytetit.

Corruption and Clientelism: How are broken South of Albania (Himara Region)

Tirana Observer

Some government projects for the „Rebirth of the South Coast“ in Vlora, Saranda and Himara Region, are turning to clientelism and benefit plans
Former Deputy Minister of Defense, Dritan Hila, wrote on his Facebook profile to an act of „donation“ that Minister of Tourism has made the adjustment plan to coast. Hila says the act itself, given that in his opinion, the default studio „Atelier 4“, the owner Alban Eftimiu only for 2015 received by the Albanian state projects worth 8 million dollars.

„Englantina Gjermeni Minister has signed the plan for regulating the coast of southern Albania, it makes a studio called“ Atelier 4 „. Its owner isAlban Eftimiu. This has been an employee of the Municipality of Tirana at the time was chairman Edi Rama. Now is „Private“ in alliance with Koco Kokëdhima PM of Socialist Party and coolaborator of PM Edi Rama. I do not want to settle how they will tear apart the south of Albania. It’s a plan that will describe later, because not in vain placed for mayor of Saranda and Vlora two strangers.

It’s a disgusting plan that has nothing in common with the hope that those hundreds of thousands of Albanians voted left. But I want to say that the studio „Atelier 4“, received by the Albanian state institutions only in 2015 without a tender, neither less nor more, but 8 million for projects city centers. Do not tell me that there is no corruption, „says Hila. Further, Hila notes with irony: „Do not tell me that there is no patronage. Do not tell me this is not the Albanians looting money. That if you tell me this, then everyone chooses revenge ye have done had the collar on the neck that you have made history, „says Hila.

While the newspaper „Tema“ says the five companies that competed in the race for consulting services on „Development of Local General Plan in 26 municipalities, with the subject“ Development of Local General Plan for the municipality of Vlora, Himara, Saranda, Konsipol „Commission evaluated with the most points, the only company that did not have an international partner and that their bbackgrounds from anonymous work, primarily topographic and without any public acceptable performance.

But, According to the „Tema“ Newspaper, the winning company is joining the CEC Group with Erald – G, the first company based in Kucova, with previous work mainly topography road, after which stands Koco Kokëdhima, and the second a company without any public performance from the periphery of the North, after which stands a deputy. Four other companies are true studio and urban architecture with renowned international partners, who have been ignored.

„Theme“ writes further that „it is a project which will have its influence on the future of most beautiful territory of Albania, the Albanian Riviera, from Vlore in Cape Stillo, and that seems to me More attention is made to remain in the hands of Kokëdhimës, than to find a serious company to give her ideas. “
ein selbst ernannter Tourismus Chef, schwafelt etwas von dem besten Service im Durres Tourimus, vor einer Batterie illegaler Bauten, welche ihre Abwässer im Meer entsorgen und nur als Geldwäsche Bauten eine Bedeutung haben. Eine reine Verbrecher Zentrale die Stelle, wo das Interview gegeben wird, wo Legenden von verurteilten Verbrechern, Politikern ihre Heimat haben.
EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

EU Umwelt Behörde 2016

EU Umwelt Behörde warnt vor den Bade Stränden in Albanien: 39,7 % gefährlich verschmutzt
Reagon biznesi dhe pushuesit: Plazhi i Durrësit i pastër, me shërbimet më të mira në vend! (Video)

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Operatorët turistikë në Durrës kanë krijuar një traditë të mirë e cila është forcuar vit pas viti, në drejtim të përmirësimit të shërbimeve dhe të cilësisë në mikpritjen e pushuesve. Kjo traditë e cila nisi 25 vjet më parë ka hedhur edhe themelet e forta të garancisë për të ndërtuar shërbime dhe standarde të krahasueshme me vendet perëndimore, në drejtim të kuzhinës italiane, të akomodimit në hotel, të personelit të kualifikuar etj. Por kjo industri në të cilën janë hedhur miliona e miliarda Euro nga investitorët vendas, përgjatë bregdetit Adriatik, është e pakrahasueshme me pjesën veriore të vendit, dhe në jug.

Operatorët turistikë në Durrës, të cilët njihen në këtë fushë për investime e shërbime të garantuara për pushuesit, deklarojnë se pikërisht ata që nuk plotësojnë kushtet më minimale për pushuesit kërkojnë të prishin edhe imazhin e turizmit në Durrës. Operatorët turistikë në Durrës konkurrojnë Brenda vendit me shërbime cilësore, dhe konkurrencë nuk kanë, as në verë të vendit në Shëngjin e Velipojë e as në jug, ku shërbimi e kuzhina pothuajse mungojnë, ndërsa çmimet janë shumë të larta. Eduart Xhepa kreu i shoqatës shqiptare të Turizmit dega Durrës deklaroi se, prishja e imazhit të turizmit në Durrës, bëhet nga nga qarqe dashakeqë se çdo fillim sezoni turistik. Operatorët turistikë të Durrësit janë lider në vend përsa i përket rritjes së cilësisë e shërbimit ndaj pushuesve.

Edhe pushuesit që kanë mbërritur në Durrës shprehen se plazhi është i pastër, dhe ofrohen shërbime të duhura me çmime të ulëta. Një raport i bërë publik pak ditë më parë në media e konsideronte Durrësin plazh me ujëra të ndotur, por për industrinë e turizmit, ky është një lajm jo i vërtetë, e dashakeqës për të prishur imazhin e industrisë më të madhe fitimprurëse që ka qyteti ynë i Durrësit.



Ermonela Jaho wins „Oscar“ of world opera

Mai 16th, 2016
Ermonela Jaho wins „Oscar“ of world opera
<a href=Ermonela Jaho wins Oscar of world opera“ width=“442″ height=“337″ />

The Albanian Soprano, Ermonela Laho, has won the International Opera Award by public votes. This award which can be considered the “Oscar” of the opera world was given to the Albanian soprano at the Savoy Theater, London.

Jaho won based on the public votes, competing against important names such as Joyce Dinodato, Juan Diego Florez, Dimitri Hvorostovsky and Eva Maria Westbroek.

Jaho said for Top Channel in London that she is thrilled and that she thanks the entire public that follows her around the world.

Bajram Cani – Tropoje Idiots: Behind the murky world of Albanian blood feuds

Mai 10th, 2016

Behind the murky world of Albanian blood feuds

Gjon Mhilli, 34, has been in a 'blood feud' since 1992 after he was stabbed in the gut 

Gjon Mhilli, 34, has been in a ‚blood feud‘ since 1992 after he was stabbed in the gut  Credit: Bevis Fusha for The Telegraph 

They are the so-called “blood feuds” of Albania – dark tales of revenge that spill down from the country’s lawless northern mountains and recall a medieval code of justice that pits clan against clan in cycles of killing without end.

These are stories that should have no place in a modern Albania – complete with its 4G phone network, Nato membership and pending application to join the EU – but in a crumbling office block in the capital Tirana, the revenge stories being told are drawn from today, not yesteryear.

“There have been 35 revenge murders already in 2016,” says Gjin Marku, a former Albanian intelligence officer who now works mediating so-called “blood-feuds”.

Gjin Marku, a former Albanian intelligence officer 

Gjin Marku, a former Albanian intelligence officer  Credit: Bevis Fusha for The Telegraph 

He produces a list of recent killings he contends are the result of feuding families – not just random acts of violence in a country awash with guns, but the result of continued adherence to an ancient Albanian code of justice known as the “kanun”, or canon.

There is a farmer who was killed after cutting down his neighbour’s tree, a lover who shot both his girlfriend’s brothers after being denied her hand in marriage, and a returning migrant worker gunned down after he went back to his village, reigniting a decades-old feud.

Such are the rules of the “kanun”, a tribal code of 1,262 rules laid down by the 15th-century Albanian nobleman Lekë Dukagjini, which ordains that “spilled blood must be met with spilled blood”.

But while the Kanun stories remain part of Albania’s cultural and historical DNA, they are also a source of growing concern for Britain’s asylum tribunals. Since 2012 tens of thousands of Albanians have migrated to Europe, many seeking asylum on the basis that they are afraid for their lives as a result of “blood feuds”.

Number of applicationsNumber of asylum applications of Albanian nationalsSource: Migration Observatory (using Home Office data)Total number of applications (main applicants and dependants)

They are claims which British officials say are almost always bogus – or at the very least, not what they appear to be. Waiting for an appointment outside Mr Marku’s office is a case in point – Bajram Cani, a retired labourer tells how his daughter, Drita, murdered her husband and both her parents-in-law after they tried to force her into “immoral acts”.

She later killed herself too. That was in 1996.

For the last 20 years, Mr Cani, 77, has technically been in a “blood feud”, although he candidly admits that no-one is immediately threatening to kill him and that the family of his former in-laws – most of whom are now dead – are living just a few doors down from his current home.

“I am not afraid for my life, but I am hoping that Gjin Marku can provide me with a paper confirming that I am in a feud situation before I migrate to Germany,” he says. “The paper will help me when I get to Germany. I need to go for my health; it is too hot here for me.”

Bajram Cani, a retired labourer

Bajram Cani, a retired labourer Credit: Bevis Fusha for The Telegraph 

Such blood feud “certificates” have flooded the European asylum system, officials say, to the point where the published Home Office guidance to UK asylum tribunals warns that such or attestation letters “should not in general be regarded as reliable evidence of the existence of a feud”.

Nicholas Cannon,  Britain’s ambassador to Albania, has gone even further, using a 2013 speech to accuse local government officials and NGOs of developing “a business in so-called blood feud certificates” that feeds off the outdated Balkan stereotype of Albania as backward and dangerous.

“There is no reason for any Albanian to seek asylum in any EU country – not for political or security reasons,” Saimir Tahiri, the interior minister in Albanian’s Socialist Party-led government, told The Telegraph.

Despite an Albanian government crackdown, Mr Marku – who was himself investigated by police for selling forged certificates in 2014 before all charges were dropped after he successfully argued the charges were politically motivated – remains in business, and defiant.

Asked about Mr Cannon’s criticisms, he says. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about – in fact, as an ambassador, he couldn’t find the tail on a donkey.”

As for the interior minister, Mr Marku is equally scathing. “The minister just repeats the party line; he says all that stuff because he wants the British ambassador to believe him and because that is what Europe wants to hear – so they can make Albania a member of the EU.”

The difficulty for British asylum tribunals is that in Albania, fact and fiction are often extremely difficult to tell apart.

Bajram Cani (left) with Gjin Marku 

Bajram Cani (left) with Gjin Marku  Credit: Bevis Fusha for The Telegraph 

Home Office guidance warns that most Albanian press reports of feuds should “add little or no evidential weight in considering whether a feud exists”. But like many compelling stories, the blood feud phenomenon lives on because it does have at least a kernel of truth to it. The code, which was actually designed to stabilise society rather than rip it apart, was ruthlessly suppressed during the Communist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.

But after liberation it re-emerged and even today can force entire families into hiding to avoid the threat of reprisal killings. To prove his point, Mr Marku takes us to visit the Mhilli family in their home on the rural outskirts of the ancient of town of Shkodër, 60 miles north of Tirana.

Inside, Gjon Mhilli, 34, tells his story – how five members of a local family set on him in a land dispute in 1992, stabbing him in the gut. He was rescued by his older brother, Pal, who bludgeoned one of the men to death with a hand plough, setting up a blood feud that has lingered ever since.

Gjon Mhilli at his house in Shkoder, northern Albania

Gjon Mhilli at his house in Shkoder, northern Albania Credit: Bevis Fusha for The Telegraph 

“I know I am a dead man walking,” says Mr Mhilli, gesturing at his other son, Klevis, 16 and eight-year-old daughter, Govana.  “I have asked them to free my children from the feud, but they refuse, and the children cannot go to school. What they want is payment in blood.”

It is a powerful story, and one that enables Mr Marku and other NGOs like his to make their case that the Albanian government is down-playing a national tragedy in order to oblige European nations like Britain, who last year still granted 366 out of 1,982 Albanian asylum claims.

Still, whatever the truth of some individual cases, it is clear that there is more than a degree of poetic licence to many of the “blood feud” claims made by Albania’s asylum seekers.

Number of main applicants and dependantsGranted and refused asylum applications of Albaniannationals (initial decisions)Source: Migration Observatory (using Home Office data)

As we drive, we ask Mr Marku about the case of Mr Cani, the old labourer who wants to move to Germany with his wife.

Mr Marku – unaware that Mr Cani has already explained he is not in fear of his life – tells a rather different story to the old man. “Sure he’s frightened for his life. They are hunting him to kill him,” he said, before adding he will give a letter supporting the case.

And so the ancient idea of ‘kanun’ is perpetuated into the present day – more alive, perhaps, in the enduring folk myths of Albania’s darker side than in reality itself.

Digital Camera Auswahl_028

Blood feuds: the rules

The Kanun – or code – is a 500-year-old text that still dictates how blood feuds are carried out in Albania. Here are some of its more extraordinary ‚commandments‘:

  • As soon as a murderer has killed someone, he must inform the family of the victim, in order that there should be no confusion regarding his identity
  • The murderer may move around at night, but at the first light of day he must conceal himself
  • He who decides to ambush must take sufficient food with him to provide for his accomplices
  • An ambusher must fire his gun at men, and not at women, children, livestock, or a house
  • The murderer may not dare to take the victim’s weapon. If he commits such a dishonourable act, he incurs two blood feuds
  • The value of a man’s life is the same, whether he is handsome or ugly

Albanien das gefährlichste Land Europa’s, wo selbst Syrische Kriegs Flüchtlinge das Asyl Angebot verweigern

Mai 7th, 2016

Das ganze kriminelle Substrakt: Nennt sich bekanntlich NATO Land, wo Kriminelle und die absolute Inkompetenz sich Posten in der Regierung und Adminstration kaufen, identisch in der Justiz, wo man Urteile und Grundstücke bei korrupten Mafia Richtern kauft. Vereint die Gangster Edi Rama, Salih Berisha, Ilir Meta



World Risk Report 2016

Albanien: Nr. 37 der gefährlichsten Staaten der Welt

Die Syrischen Migranten und Kriegs Opfer verweigerten das man in Albanien Asyl erhält, denn in Albanien kann es durchaus vorkommen, das 2 betrunkene vor den Augen eine Schiesserei anfangen, oder ein Sprengstoff Anschlag geschieht. Ein Ort ohne Gesetze und Justiz, ohne Kultur, wo Kriminelle sich Politiker nennen: Mekka der Cannabis Anbeter ins Thehti Tal, wo es ebenso immer wieder Morde gibt.

Friday, May 6, 2016


MAY 5, 2016

About 16 Syrian refugees caught by Albania police on Wednesday near the border with Greece, had refused the offer to apply for political asylum in Albania, local media announced.

The refugees, part of the group that was blocked in the border between Greece and Macedonia near the village of Idomeni, apparently aimed to use Albania as a transit point, hopping to bypass Macedonia and to reach Serbia through Kosovo.

Albania formally offers asylum for refugees caught in its territory, but very few are those who accept the offer.

Usually in the past, Albania police issued “voluntarily repatriation orders” for migrants and refugees caught in its territory but this time, it announced that the refugees had to return to Greece, apparently in order to discourage others.

Although it borders Greece, Albania has not been affected by the refugee

Gove: You think the EU is bad? Wait until Albania joins

Britain’s Justice Secretary of State, Michael Gove, has once again used our country as an example in a comment on the issue of ‘Brexit’, Britain’s exit from the European Union, for which he is in favor. Gove says, “You think …

British Minister attacks Albania once again
30/04/2016 15:00
British Minister attacks Albania once again

Albania became once again part of the Brexit debate. The British Minister of Defense used once again the “dangerous Albania” card.

The British minister of Justice, Michael Gove, warns British people of the threats coming from Albania and other Balkan countries if they join the EU.

“Think the EU’s bad now? Wait until Albania joins the EU”, Gove says.

“The Albanian option is not an imagination. It is a diplomatic fact”, the Minister of Justice said.

The Minister insists that until 2020, Britain will spend 20 billion pounds to prepare the Balkan countries for their membership. He underlines that this figure is more than the war against cancer in the NHS, the British National Health Service.

“Indeed, I wonder if the Albanian people are now convinced that Britain’s Foreign Office is full of Norman Wisdom characters, lovable chumps whose generosity and good-heartedness make them easily gulled into accepting all sorts of bad advice”, the British Minister says. He adds that 1 in 20 criminals in Britain are of Albanian origin.

“10% of our prisoners come from Albania”, Michael gove underlines. In this campaign, the British Minister mentions the negative aspects of the accession of other countries, but he mainly focuses on Albania.

The representatives who favor Britain leaving the EU, use more or less the same scare mongering arguments that have been used in the past for Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. They used to say that Britain would go bankrupt due to the immigrants coming from these places.

Der Britische Justiz Minister ist auch so ein Spinner, wie Daily Mail berichtet: Anscheinend überall die selbe Inkompetenz Schule, nur schwätzen können die Leute.

Redet dieser korrupte Idiot einen Unfug. Er soll ganz einfach die komplette Durres Staatsanwaltschaft entlassen, weil das Problem ewig bekannt ist.

Prosecutor General: „Durres organized crime challenged the state“
Prosecutor General: "Durres organized crime challenged the state"

The Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla, said that the murders that took place in Durres are based on drug traffic and illegal property possession. The Prosecutor said there are several criminal groups operating in Durres, now trying to challenge the authority of the state.

Prosecutor Llalla said that they need to reveal the motives of other conflicts with severe consequences.

The Prosecutor General criticized the Prosecutions of Durres, Elbasan and Kavaja, based on the low figures of the financial crime. Llalla said that a good work is being done with the money cleaning procedure, but he said that the Kavaja Prosecution should be more careful with the seaside properties.

Large eaeubtzwrt4w vzhnu8dbajj7lwmiasvfo8r9xlt9vq

Now in its 11th edition, The Global Risks Report 2016 draws attention to ways that global risks could evolve and interact in the next decade.

Der EU finanzierte Bauschrott in Albanien

Albanien normal, bei Regen, als Folge wenn Dumm Kriminelle herumbauen, was es vor 2000 nicht gab. Erst als die Dümmsten und Kriminellsten Premier Minister wurden, dank dem Taxischein Besitzer Joschka Fischer (verkaufte jeden Kriminellen als Reformer, System Lügen Verbreiter bis zum Libyen uns Syrien Kriegs Verbrecher Lügen System), ging es bergab: Ilir Meta Regierungen und Folgen.


Albania, the most dangerous place to live in Europe

Posted on 26 Apr 2016After ranking as the country with the highest level racist for 2013 in Europe (according to the Washington Post) Albania is ranked the first country in Europe for the vulnerability humaneAlbania turns out to be one of the countries most exposed to natural disasters. According to the study World Risk Report, our country has the lowest security not only in the Balkans, but in all of Europe.Organizations that cooperation with the United Nations University and the Institute for Environment and Security, in its latest report on security in the world, providing for by journalist Vincent Triest, ranked Albania 37th place.In this way, Albania lost two places of safety index, 2011.

Bllokohen me makinë nga uji, ja si shpëtohen dy persona (VIDEO)

Screenshot_1Si përherë, mjaftoi vetëm gjysmë ore shi i rrëmbyer që Tirana të pushtohej nga uji.

Në pak minuta rrugët e kryeqytetit u përmbytën, duke shkaktuar probleme në qarkullim.

Por këto minuta me shi gati sa nuk përfunduan në tragjedi në një nga rrugët e Paskuqanit. Dy persona, një djalë dhe një vajzë, mbetën të bllokuar pasi makina e tyre ngeci në mes të rrugës për shkak të ujit.

Fatmirësisht, aty rastisi nja makinë tip fuoristradë e cila u ndal paralelisht me ta. Kjo video e publikuar nga “Jeta osh qef” shfaq momentin ku djali dhe vajza dalin nga xhami i makinës së tyre dhe hipin në automjetin tjetër.

Der Gangster Boss: Edi Rama in New York, weil seine eigenen Adviser und Regierungs Mitglieder zu dumm für Alles sind.

April 13th, 2016

Kostet nur etwas Geld, wenn man einen Foto Termin haben will, was Edi Rama schon in 2013 gemacht hat. Es gibt genügend US Lobby Vereine, welche von der Albaner Mafia Geld erhalten, zuletzt 2,8 Millionen $ bezahlte die Berisha Regierung an die US vermurksten Gestalten des Krieges, des Mordes, der Korruption.

Edi Rama, zu korrupt und dumm für einen Regierungs Chef, hält sich in den USA wieder einmal auf: selbst foreign policy schreibt bereits, das seine Adviser Idioten sind, keine Kompetenz haben. Teilweise lebt die Regierung von Betrug, Erpressung und vor allem Klientel Mafia Politik inklusive Geldwäsche wie in alten Zeiten. Millionen € schwere Bußgelder sprach nun der EU Menschenrechts Hof aus, weil der Gangster Edi Rama, fremde Grundstücke an Mafia Clans illegal gab in Tirana, zur Bebauung. Bekanntlich sind 59 % der Albaner functional illerate, vor allem auch weil die Besten auswandern. 4 aktive Minister wollen die Internationalen verhaften, nachdem Ex-Minister Ksera, weitere 3 Ex-Minister.

Spektakel im Mafiosen Treiben u.a. auch Waffen und Drogen Schmuggel, weil die Amerikaner ein „Schwarzes Loch“ in Europa brauchen, für ihre Terroristen Ausbildung, Drogen und Waffen Schmuggel, denn Albanien lieferte auch die Waffen für die Ruanda Massaker in 1994, mit Original Chinesischen AK-47, ebenso die Gerdec Kathastrope ist eine Legende, durch Kriminelle Banden des US Department of State und des Pentagon:

Kein Staats Besuch, keine Einladung nach Washington zu kommen, kein Arbeits Besuch: Also Spektakel, für „dunkle“ Geschäfte im Hintergrund.

1  Erbärmliche Show, denn was soll das Meeting bringen?

Dumm umgibt sich mit dumm, also landet Edi Rama in New York, denn das Amerikanische Bildungs System ist ebenso schlecht wie das Albanische.

Edi Rama und die US-Albanische Mafia, wo das FBI schon in 2003 in einem Senats Hearing warnte.

einige Ausschnitte jüngst von Foreign Policy: Mr. Rama’s recruitment of inexperienced apprentices and corrupt loyalists „Mr. Edi Rama’s government is incompetent and a prey to a significant influence of Islamic State; it must be emphasized that Albanian National Intelligence Service has been infiltrated by Islamic State agents and its well trained officers ——Mr. Rama’s Government members who constantly pressure foreign investors for huge bribes and expensive vacations abroad.—- came to power thanks to his deep connections with criminal factionsdrug barons, money laundering …

und Edi Rama: Europe’s wealthiest and controversial politician

Mafia Syndikat Edi Rama and Albania: Amidst relentless oligarchy and European Union integration


Die Edi Rama Regierung gibt eine Öl Bohr Lizenz an eine Offshore Firma und der SP Abgeordnete Rakip Suli

DIHA: der System Betrugs Terror gegen Investoren in Albanien und dem Kosovo

More than half of businesses the businesses at the German Association of Trade and Industry DIHA, give a negative evaluation to the economic situation in Albania, compared to one year ago.

Korrupte Gangster: Hillary Clinton und Edi Rama

Korrupte Gangster: Hillary Clinton und Edi Rama

Die Amerikaner stellen ein Ultimatum, für die Verabschiedung der Justiz Reform

Comedy Show der Albaner Mafia: Edi Rama: „We will clean ‚jungle‘ of property titles with 11.000 hectares of fake property titles”. „

Albanien muss nach EU Gerichten 1,3 Millionen € Entschädigung zahlen an die Valio Schiffahrts Gesellschaft und weitere 7,5 Millionen € an Alt-Eigentümer

Albanien: grausame Geschichte, wunderbares Land

Eine Rundreise durch den Süden Albaniens bietet unterschiedliche Kulturen und spannende Landschaften, die mit Auto und zu Fuß leicht erforscht werden können – und eine Geschichte, die viele Narben und noch mehr Schönheit hinterlassen hat



Skandale ohne Ende, wie kriminelle Richter Grundstücke stahlen für viel Geld.
Der Richter Ervin Pollozhani, hat der alten Elbasan Familie: Familja Mukja: 24.000 qm gestohlen und es einer Ortsfremden Familie gegeben, natürlich ohne Gerichts Verhandlung, mit dubiosen Papieren aus Tirana, wie die Richterin Dhurata Bilo in Durres, identisch in einem grossen Grundstücks Raub für Nord Albanischen Berisha Banden tat.

Ja si u grabitën 24 mijë metra katrore tokë me një vendim të paligjshëm gjykate

12884468_927243260707389_453248580_nFamilja Mukja akuzon gjyqtarin Ervin Pollozhani, KLD dhe Ministria Drejtesisë heshtin

Nga Bujar Xhelili

Skandalet me pronat dhe trojet e ish-pronarëve në Elbasan nuk mbarojnë kurrë. Ato kanë të njëjtët autorë, gjyqtarët të cilët me vendime të paligjshme u kanë grabitur troje dhe prona të tjera qytetarëve të Elbasanit, pavarsisht se pronat e tyre kishin edhe tapi të 100 apo 150 viteve më parë. Grabitja e trojeve ka ndodhur duke shkelur ligjet e shtetit, duke shkelur etikën profesionale, dhe duke marrë rryshfete në miliona, duke ngritur në sistem korrupsionin. Një rast i tillë ka ndodhur edhe me familjen e vjetër elbasanase të zotit Alush Mukja, ku pavarsisht se trashegimtarët e tij kishin fituar në të gjitha shkallët e gjyqsorit token prej 24 mijë metrash katrore, dhe pavarsisht se kishin nxjerrë edhe çertifikatën e re të pronësisë nga ZRPP, ka mjaftuar një vendim i paligjshëm i një gjyqtari të korruptuar të quajtur Ervin Pollozhani, që prona e tyre ti kalojë padrejtësisht një personi që nuk dispononte asgjë, asnjë dokument zyrtar dhe ligjor, asnjë provë shkresore dhe materiale, veç milionave që korruptoi gjyqtarin.

Si ka ndodhur ngjarja e turpshme për Gjykatën e Elbasanit

Familja Mukja është një prej qindra familjeve autoktone në Elbasan, që ka trasheguar troje dhe prona te tjera. Ajo trashegonte nga gjyshi i tyre zoti Alush Mukja, veç të tjerave edhe një siperfaqe toke prej 24 mijë metrash katrore e cila ndodhet në aksin rrugor Elbasan-Metalurgjik, dhe pikerisht atje ku sot është ngritur një qender e madhe tregetare, buzë rrugës. Në vitin 1946 ish-qeveria komuniste ja ka marrë pronat edhe zotit Alush Mukja, gjithashtu edhe token në fjalë e cila ishte pjesë e pronave të tij, dhe vetëm pas afro 45 viteve trashegimtarët e tij e rimarrin atë, duke paraqitur në KKKP , Bashki dhe ZRPP, një Tapi Prone të vitit 1917, sipas të cilës, Alush Mukja “ishte pronar i trualli 24 mijë metra katrore, pronë në dalje të qytetit të Elbasanit”. Realisht trashëgimtarët e familjes Mukja, nipërit dhe mbesat e tij, deklaruan për “Bulevard” se “në tapinë e vjetër të vitit 1917, thuhet shprehimisht se “gjyshi ynë Alush Mukja ka kufitarë në këtë prone edhe Haxhi Halilin, Xhemali Qorrin, Met Shengjergji, dhe Isuf Sejdinin, ndërkohë që pasi kemi dorezuar dokumentacionin në Kadaster, Bashki, KKKP, neve na njihet toka, dhe marrim tapinë e parë nga ZRPP, dhe më pas edhe tapinë e re , pas fitimit të proceseve gjyqsore”. Duke vazhduar tregimin e tyre për “Bulevard” trashegimtaret e Alush Mukjes thanë se “pikerisht në këto momente na del në skenë një fare Ligor Boçi, pjestar i familjes së Mihal Boçit, dhe na hedhin ne në gjyq neve, duke pretenduar se “toka eshte e jona”. Një pretendim skandaloz, absurd, i pabazuar në ligj, në dokumente ligjore dhe logjikë njerezore. Por atë që nuk e pranojnë ligji dhe logjika, duket se e pranon korrupsioni gjyqtarëve. Nisin gjyqet dhe ne si trashegimtaret e gjyshit tonë Alush Mukja fitojmë të gjitha gjyqet, në te gjitha shkallët deri tek Gjykata e Larte, pra marrim të drejtën tone, pasi kishim dhe kemi, edhe sot një dosje të madhe me dokumenta ligjore, tapi të vjetra dhe të reja. Ligor Boçi e rihap proçesin gjyqsor ndaj nesh, dhe humbet sërish, duke patur kundër ZRPP, Kadastren, KKKP, Gjykatat, etj. Gjyqi u zhvillua ne Elbasan, pa na njoftuar fare ne trashëgimtarët e zotit Alush Mukja per gjithcka, dhe gjyqtar i çështjes ishte Ervin Pollozhani (sot gjyqtar ne Tirane), i cili mori në shqyrtim padinë e pabazuar ne ligj të shtetasit ligor Boçi, kundër Bashkise Elbasan, KKKP, dhe duke i dhënë të drejtën një njeriu mashtrues, duke na marrë 24 mijë metra katrore toke neve, dhe duke ja dhënë atij”. Skandal të tillë nuk ka parë ndoshta edhe drejtësia e Enver Hoxhës. Trashegimtaret e familjes Mukja deklaruan për “Bulevard” se “ne e kemi denoncuar shkeljen ligjore të paparë ndonjëherë në Shqiperi në 2008, tek KLD, tek Ministria Drejtesise, tek Presidenti asaj kohe zoti Bamir Topi, por gjyqtari i korruptuar nga milionat e marra Ervin Pollozhani, ka marrë nga ekipi kontrollit KLD vetem “Vërejtje” dhe kaq, ndaj ne kerkojmë përmes medias, dhe gazetës dinjitoze “Bulevard” të sensibilizojmë Ministrine e Drejtesisë dhe kreun e saj sot zotin Ylli Manjani , KLD dhe Presidentin aktual Nishani të nisin ndaj gjyqtarit të Gjykates Tiranë Ervin Pollozhani ndjekjen penale dhe të na kthehet vlera e tokës së shitur padrejtesisht……


Ja si u grabitën 24 mijë metra katrore tokë me një vendim të paligjshëm gjykate

Bei der als Verbrecher Organisation bekannten USAID Organisation, welche nicht weiß wohin ihre Gelder gehen, wie Caritas und das Rote Kreuz, taucht Edi Rama natürlich auf.


Rama takon Gayle Smith të USAID:
Mbështesim idenë e fesë në shkolla
USAID pritet që të mbështesë qeverinë shqiptare në zbatimin e projektit për përfshirjen e besimit fetar në shkolla.

Wo Milliarden verschwanden und wo Idioten die Haus Meister und Direktoren der Schulen sind, obwohl 4.000 Lehrer keine Ausbildung haben

Schul Toilette, welche real schon 10 mal bezahlt wurde